Tabaxi 5e rogue builds pros and cons

Tabaxi 5e Rogue
Tabaxi 5e Rogue

Tabaxi 5e rogue build

Pros: In 5e, the Tabaxi seem custom-made to get a rogue. +2 Dexterity is by default an excellent bonus for rogues. The agility is the critical ability score. It retains Rogues as one of the greatest damage-dealers out there. Place a Finesse weapon at your hands. Or use a decent ranged one. And you’re able to Sneak Attack with the finest of these. The boost to Charisma is significant. Rogues that can Persuade and Deceive others are incredibly potent for out-of-combat situations. These are perfect ability scores that create the Tabaxi fit inside.

Best Selling RPGs - Available Now @ DriveThruRPG.comBut that is not even near all! Darkvision is a compelling capability for stealth characters. It was allowing them to view in the dark without having a torch. Surprisingly, it is so much easier to stay concealed when you are not carrying the fire. Additionally, it lets the curious cats search for loot. It was because they are easily able to see hidden items in dark places.

Feline agility is mad good for Rogues. It was letting them move into place for sneak attacks, plan ambushes, and escape out of scenarios. As it continues before the end of your turn, you can use the Cunning Action to use that extra movement speed. It is by far the best course to use this capability. However, other classes appreciate the increase only as much! Cat Claws are great for the very same reasons. Motion is crucial, and efficiently scaling walls without even needing gear or rolls can be quite powerful.

The Cons of the Rogue

All these are too few and far between. You may get overdue your skill proficiencies. Cat’s talent sets you at 7, 6 using a background ability. That’s arguably not very helpful. But it’s still beneficial, letting you pick things up that you might not have in the past. So that’s not saying much. The Tabaxi is the perfect rogue!

Tabaxi 5e
Tabaxi 5e Rogue

The Tabaxi 5e are interested, continually searching for new information or a new thing to fascinate them. Thus perform this to your advantage! Maybe you’re looking for a historical artefact, and your party is there to guard you until you find it. Or perhaps you heard the party’s bard telling stories, and you end up hanging out with them to get advice. Perform into a race’s natural interest in new things, and your rogue will grow to be a party favourite.

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Because of the black market and slave trade that brought them to Faerûn, some tabaxi in 5e made the jungles of Chult their home after escaping captivity. Tabaxis minstrels mostly lived in and around Port Nyanzaru, but hunters roamed the entire peninsula.

More about the 5e rogue

Do be sure to add some of your ideas to your character’s backstory. You might be curious, but you should be oh-so-much more! Did your hometown follow Tabaxi rituals? What made you want to learn more about the entire world? These will all help yourself determine how your personality may act and help the GM determine potential future encounters!

Hailing from a strange and distant land, drifting tabaxis are catlike humanoids. The curiosity to accumulate interesting artefacts is what drives them., gather tales and stories, and put eyes on all of the world’s wonders. Ultimate travellers, the inquisitive tabaxi 5e rarely stay in one location for long. Their innate nature pushes them to depart no keys uncovered, no treasures or legends lost.


Ability score Boost: Your Dexterity score rises by 2, and your Charisma score increases. Tabaxi have lifespans equal to people.

Alignment: Tabaxi tends toward chaotic alignments, as they let impulse and elaborate guide their decisions. They are seldom evil, with the majority of these driven by curiosity as opposed to greed or other dark impulses. Tabaxi is taller on average than individuals and comparatively slender. Your base walking rate is 30 feet.

Darkvision: You’ve got a cat’s keen senses, particularly in the dark. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you like it had been a bright light, and in darkness as though it were dim light. You can not discern colour in shadow, just shades of grey. Your reflexes and agility let you proceed with a burst of speed. When you move in your tum in battle, you can double your rate until the end of the tum. When you use this attribute, you can not use it again until you proceed 0 feet on one of your limitations.

Cat’s Claws: Because of your claws, you’ve got a climbing speed of 20 feet. Besides, your claws are all-natural weapons, which you can utilize to make unarmed strikes. If you hit with them, you cope slashing damage equal to 1d4 + your Strength modifier, somewhat of the bludgeoning damage typical to get an unarmed attack.

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Cat’s Ability. You’ve proficiency in the Perception and Stealth abilities. You can talk, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.

Is Tabaxi a playable race in 5e dnd?

They’re a race of humanoid cat people, somewhat taller and lither than ordinary humans, and therefore are an intriguing translation of feline traits to some tool-using sapient species.

Can Tabaxi breed with humans in 5e?

Mixing the human-like species is justifiable. However, Tabaxi is practically sentient, bipedal cats. They are not just a different species. They are a completely different family. But on the flip side, it seems like only people can successfully associate with other races as a general rule. It depends on the DM.

Can Tabaxi 5e be lions?

Everything under the comprehensive definition of “cat” is ripe for you to play within your character style. Lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, housecats, bobcats, pumas, panthers, or jaguar-Esque characters are at your fingertips.

How is their Personality?

Tabaxi were also reclusive men and women who often avoided interaction with other intelligent races. However, as every 5e Tabaxi possessed a specific feline trait, and some had an inborn curiosity. It compelled them to travel and hunt out stories, artefacts, new experiences and knowledge. They never remained in the same region or obsessing over the same piece of lore for too long.

In 5e dnd spells, Tabaxi didn’t care for wealth. Still, they had an almost obsessive interest in early artefacts, relics and magical things, but not to the items themselves, as far as the stories and secrets they held. Suppose a product had been thoroughly examined and studied and its secrets revealed. It would lose its allure, and the tabaxi would quickly eliminate interest and pass it on.

Some discovered safer ways to satisfy their merry obsessions by getting travelling minstrels and tinkers, frequently accepting exciting objects and stories as payment for their services.


Tabaxi were unique hunters in 5e and utilized these skills in battle. Speed and stealth combined with their natural camouflage, supposed them. 5e Tabaxi had the innate talent of surprise attacks. Tabaxi were known to disguise their scent with aromatic herbs. Their hunting abilities and intellect made them powerful tacticians. Groups would frequently drive prey to ambushes. Sometimes they were playing with their doomed foe before murdering them. Tabaxi clans did have berserker warriors within them. They were called blood-stalkers.

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For weapons, they favored bolas, slings, maces, and spears with an atlatl. These weapons were often from wood, stone or bone. Tabaxi were just as likely to use weapons as they were to use their claws and teeth. Their preference for simple weapons was not because of a lack of ability. They were quite effective at adapting to new technology or salvaged weapons. Due to their knowledge of searching, intellect and sense of smell, it was practically impossible to trap a 5e tabaxi.

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How is the Society of Tabaxi 5e?

Tabaxi society was built around clans. Every clan had several Hunts every composed of two to eight individuals. The Hunts patrolled the area around the clan’s lair. 5e tabaxi burrows were sometimes only temporary. They have been living more often in tiny villages of ramadas. The built of each ramada was from wooden rods with gas.

Priests led clans. Approximately half of the time, leaders helped by shamans. Clans tended to avoid each other and did not engage in commerce. Tabaxi considered trade to become demeaning. However, in rare cases would use third party agents to trade for them.

After the Tabaxi started wandering from their homeland of Maztica, rumours followed about strange happenings. Still, the Tabaxi themselves said little about them.

Comprehend Languages 5e

The Tabaxi speech was an early type of the Payit language. Suppose individual talked modern Payit and knew what to listen. They would usually understand about half of the Tabaxi phrases they heard. It was unrelated to the Tabaxi language of the Tabaxi tribe of Chult.


A minority of clans owed their allegiance to a jaguar lord. In this instance, Zaltec was the dominant deity of this tribe. The creator figure in the tabaxi pantheon was the Cat Lord. It is a fickle and tricky entity who bestowed each tabaxi. It was by using a specific feline characteristic. They wander the Earth, watching over them.

Interracial Relations

They had few enemies in 5e dnd. And only the most degenerate clans would assault members of other intelligent species without good reason.


Hunting Tabaxis for their pelts was a common practice. Each pelt may be sold for as many as 50 gp. Hishna shapers could use tabaxi claws and skin to enhance their strength. Young tabaxi could be sold on the black market for around 225 gp.