Shocking Grasp 5e vs burning hands dnd spells

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Shocking Grasp 5e or Burning hands?

Shocking Grasp is more potent than magic missile from levels 2-8 in many conditions. It is not too hard to hit with after you get accustomed to it. I can also circle strafe something and hit it 90+percent of the time. Shocking grasp 5e will reach magic missile’s power at level 5 rather than9, and starts better at 2nd level. Now what about Burning hands 5e?

Chill touch 5e is good and so is 5e burning hands. However, fireball 5e may be a better option than burning hands 5e. You will not be going to get electricity improvements, and they have a chance at getting -1 str every hit to boot, so you got the 5e chill touch. Also, electricity splits ooze. Negative energy doesn’t.

Shocking grasp 5e

Shocking Grasp 5e vs burning hands dnd spells Comparison chart.


Shocking Grasp 5e

Burning Hands 5e

Source  Page: 275, Player’s Handbook Page: 220, Player’s Handbook
School Evocation Evocation
Level Cantrip One
Spell List Wizard, Sorcerer, Artificer Wizard, Sorcerer
Casting Time One Action One Action
Range Touch Self within 15 ft cone
Components S, V S, V
Duration Instantaneous Instantaneous
Process From your hands, you deliver a shock of lightning springs to every touched creature. You may produce a melee spell strike to the target. Suppose the target wears metal armor. Then you have an advantage on attack roll. Now you make a hit. Your target will take lightning damage equals 1d8. It can only take reaction on the commencement of its next turn. Suppose you are holding your hands with thumbs touching and fingers spread. Then a thin sheet of flames will shoot forth from the outstretched fingertips. Every creature within a 15-foot cone should make a Dexterity saving throw. Usually, a creature will take a 3d6 fire damage on the failed save.  Else half as much damage on every  successful one. The fire will ignite any flammable things over the area which are not being worn or carried.
Higher Levels  Damage of the spell increases by 1d8. It is  when you reach Level 5 (2d8), Level 11 (3d8), and Level 17 (4d8).  Suppose you cast the spell using the spell slot of Level 2  or higher. Then the damage will increase by 1d6 for every slot level, that is above 1st.
Attack/ Save Melee Dexterity
Damage Lightening Fire
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Suppose you have to choose one. Think about taking burning hands 5e. You can utilize appeal, a crossbow or run away from many other single monsters. Burning hands 5e hurts them. Trying to shocking Grasp 5e, a group of 10 kobolds is insecure and inefficient. It is mainly when hold individual is in drama. You began with burning hands 5e and allure person, then took chill touch 5e at level two.

Can you deliver Shocking Grasp via an iron Weapon?

A sword at your enemy constitutes taking the Attack Action. So you could not do both of those concurrently even if you’re a Fighter with Action Surge. And it needed access to Shocking Grasp from Magic Initiate effort. It may even be multiclassing, or the Eldritch Knight subclass. The 2 Actions would happen one after another, not concurrently. If you tried this, I think it wouldn’t be unreasonable of your DM to say “You have shocked your sword.

Does melee spell attacks work 5e?

Ranged attack suffers drawback if you are within 5 ft of an enemy while a melee attack is not affected. Additionally, a melee spell attack such as a ranged spell assault uses your spell assault modifier (spellcasting ability + proficiency).

What are the advantages of shocking grasp 5e?

For one thing, it eliminates the target’s reactions until the start of the following turn. As a consequence, you may disengage after hitting it—shocking Grasp with benefit to strike and then move away quickly. Usually, you would need to worry about attacks of chance but using their reactions zapped them out. You can waltz back behind the cover of your meat shield without the worry of harm. There are handy things like using a comfortable deliver your signature attack, combining with charms that creatures use reactions to get out of, and so on. And lastly, you will find fewer animals with resistance to Lightning damage, so that is handy as well.

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A saving throw–also known as a rescue –represents an effort to Withstand a spell, a trap, a poison, a disease, or a similar hazard. You don’t usually opt to make a saving throw; you create one because your character or monster is in danger of harm. To make a saving throw, roll a d20 and add the Proper ability modifier. For example, you use your Dexterity modifier for a Dexterity saving throw.

Wall of Stone 5e
Wall of Stone 5e

Saving Throws

Modify a saving throw by a situational bonus or penalty And may be impacted by Advantage and Disadvantage, as determined by the GM. Each course gives proficiency in at least two Saving Throws. The Wizard, for instance, is adept at Intelligence saves. Just likeability Proficiencies, proficiency at a saving throw are helpful.

It allows a personality to add his or her Proficiency Bonus to Saving Throws made utilizing a specific ability score. Some Monsters have saving throw Proficiencies too. It depends on the effect that triggers it. The result of a successful or failed saving throw also detailed. In the development that allows the rescue. Ordinarily, a successful save means a monster suffers no harm, or reduced damage, from an impact.

A character or monster isn’t expending one of their forms of Activities to resist something. They do it. Think about the logical ramifications of needing a personality to Expend a reaction to fight something. Put two spellcasters in an experience your celebration faces. The casters roll initiative, and also the more generous initiative guy chooses to delay until both go together. The first caster throws a fireball. Then, everyone uses reaction to save. The next caster yells fireball, also. You only get one response until your initiative. Nobody may protect against the next fireball.

What are some inventive ways to utilize Shocking Grasp 5e within Its parameters?

Not much you can do with it out its primary purpose, Which is to zap and run away from melee range. I guess it’d be useful for preventing the strong reactions that some creatures have like the shield spell, the psychic harm shenanigans of The Lonely. Without talking to your dm, what are the best you receive out of that? These are things like running into shock and get multiple party members out of the way or deal with creatures that have unique reaction skills.

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It is based upon Your dm though you can do an insane variety of things. Consider it you’re creating power, such as a lot of electricity, call lightning makes real lightning bolts coping a typical 6d10 damage. Whereas an actual lightning bolt is about a thousand horsepower, it is possible to scale that then and get the voltage this produces, with that power you can do a lot.

One cool program would be combining it with the wall of Stone after you may cast 5th level spells. Typically, suppose you attempt to snare somebody with the division of Stone. In that case, they can earn a skill save which could allow them to use their response to escape, however with shocking Grasp. You’ll be able to negate that. To begin with, try to hit with shocking Grasp. And if you succeed you can move out of range without sparking opportunity attacks.

Wall of Stone 5e

You may invest two sorcery points onto quickened spell then throw a wall of Stone around the target. They don’t have any chance of escaping from due to the shortage of responses. They get to make a saving throw to avoid the shock, but it’s not as risky since you’re not gambling a 5th level slot onto it and they are most likely to possess drawback if they wear armor.

You may add at least one instance take a bar of iron a few copper Coil. And make a crazy strong electromagnetic that can probably tear weapons out of peoples hands thought. It would also likely destroy the copper with that much electricity.

Can a wizard deliver Shocking Grasp 5e?

A wizard can deliver it through their recognizable, which can be handy sometimes.

Burning hands 5e
Burning hands 5e

How much damage do you deal with shocking Grasp?

It’s only 1d8 lightning damage, without any modifier. Even though a “melee spell attack” is still a melee Attack, it assumes you create a melee attack with your weapon. Additionally, since the spell has a somatic component, you will need a minimum of one free hand to do it. You don’t add your weapon harm to it deals just as much damage Because its description says, no less, no more. 

You will find charms that include a weapon attack as part of the Casting of the spell, such as the booming blade or green-flame blade cantrips (SCAG, p. 142-143). But if that is the case, its description consistently says this explicitly. As part of the action used to cast this spell, you need to make a Melee attack with a weapon. Another example is that the clerics inflict wounds as a point of comparison. It does not involve a weapon assault. Make a melee spell assault against a monster you can reach. On a Struck, the target takes 3d10 necrotic harm.