Can Moonbeam 5e out-right ruin a vampire in dnd spells?

Moonbeam 5e

Moonbeam 5e dnd spells

A silvery ray of light glows down in a 5-foot-radius, 40-foot-high cylinder centred on a point within range. Until the spell finishes, dim light fills the cylinder. Welcome to the d&d spell of Moonbeam 5e. Suppose a monster enters the spell’s area for the first time on a turn or begins there. A mysterious fire engulfs it, which cause excruciating pain. And it has to make a Constitution saving throw. It takes 2d10 luminous damage on a failed to save, or half as much damage on a successful one. If it fails, then it also immediately reverts to its initial form and can not presume a different form until it renders the spell’s light.

Moonbeam 5e dnd spells

Higher Level spell casting: Suppose you cast this spell using a spell slot of Level 3 or higher. Then the damage will increase by 1d10 for each slot level over Level 2.

If you cast 5e Moonbeam, does it cause damage? 

Creatures also take damage if they begin their turn into the Moonbeam 5e’s area of impact. Suppose the beam goes on an animal or has a monster in its AoE when it is the first cast. The beast will take damage if it’s still there if its turn starts.

Does the Moonbeam spell operate inside in D&D 5E?

Just like the Flamestrike produces fire, which doesn’t require a supply of fire, a 5e Moonbeam spell shouldn’t have the restriction of needing to be outdoors. The magical school of evocation brings the combination of the elements and the intricate somatic dexterity of the casters hand and electronic moves followed by the binding verbal spell commands. A ghostly translucent pillar emanates, apparently from through the ceiling of the dark, underground chamber and shines down with a silent, cold shimmer of light.

Squinting in the convulsing Drow, it is facing can half handle a pleading look towards you, as its features melt like candle wax. The dark monster tries desperately to escape and prevent the beam. It is the vocal cry of desperation turns into a vengeful howl, as you follow it’s dire efforts to avoid your evocation. Tracking it has moved until you instruct the Moonbeam 5e to stop within the now collapsed motionless form.

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What are the Attributes of Moonbeam 5e?

The Casting Time is One action and range is 120 feet. The components are V S M. It consists of many seeds of any moonseed plant along with a piece of opalescent feldspar. The duration is Concentration Up to 1 minute. The Class is Druid

Can Moonbeam on a failed save, cause the druid to fall beast shape or is a beast shape not contemplated shape-shifting?

A shape changer isn’t a descriptive term here. It’s a tag that adds up to a creature’s type. Werewolves imitate, and counterparts are shape changers. Make a case to get a druid being a shape changer. Did your DM make this ruling? Still, when we look at a Lizardfolk Shaman as an example, we will observe that druids likely are not shape changers. The Shaman has, on a brief rest recharge, the capability to magically turn into a crocodile for one hour.

This transformation is not precisely equivalent to Wild Shape, but it’s pretty close. The Shaman, however, isn’t labelled as a shape changer, therefore in its crocodile form, it would not endure the additional effects of Moonbeam, as composed. Druids are not shape changers, because nothing in the feature designates them as such.

Can Moonbeam 5e out-right ruin a vampire?

When the vampire hits 0 hp, it would typically trigger the Misty Escape ability. Suppose it drops to 0 hit points out its resting place. The vampire transforms into a cloud of mist (like in the Shape changer attribute. It is instead of falling unconscious, given it isn’t in sunshine or running water. If it can not transform, it’s destroyed.”

Suppose the vampire failed its rescue in Moonbeam. And from the time it brings to 0 hp, it is usually out of Legendary Resistances. Also, it is a drawback on the save. Therefore, it prevents the vampire out of transforming. Thus, it is damage. That seems fairly clear by the book.

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Can Moonbeam 5e out-right ruin a vampire?

Now, you could also use Moonbeam onto a vampire that had already fallen to 0 hit points and gone misty. That is somewhat iffier. For one, the Misty Escape attribute says the vampire can’t revert into humanoid form, as well as also the moonbeam spell states it has to. Again, it doesn’t fall to 0 hp by merely being struck with the beam.

Therefore the first paragraph does not trigger. I’d judge in favour of this Moonbeam here. It seems weird that it might kill a vampire when it hits it before it moves mist, but not afterwards. On the other hand, it would not have a disadvantage on the rescue if struck in mist form, because the benefit it receives on Constitution saves out that.


Spells like moonbeam 5e affects a creature when the creature/monster trespass into the spell’s area of effect. It is when the animal starts its turn there. You’re, therefore, creating a hazard on the battlefield. You may hurl a creature into that area with a spell-like 5e thunderwave. We think that imaginative play. It is not an imbalance. Better hurl away!