Fenway Health | Relief for LGBTQIA+ community in 2021

Fenway Health | Relief for LGBTQIA+ community in 2021 – Webnews21

Fenway Health

Since 1971, Fenway Health has been working to make life better for the people in our neighborhood. The neighborhood where we live with the LGBTQIA+ community, HIV/AIDS infected people, and the wider population.

Fenway was set in 1971 as part of the free clinic movement by students who believed that” health care should be a right, not a privilege.” In its early days, Fenway was a drop-in clinic providing free blood pressure checks and STD screenings. 

Two decades later, Fenway obtained permanent space and integrated it as a freestanding health center. They started with a staff of a single volunteer doctor, one nurse, and an intake worker. Today, Fenway Health has a budget of $131 million, a team of over 600 along with a patient base of over 30,000. What an outstanding achievement.

Fenway Institute & Fenway Health Center

In 2001, Fenway started The Fenway Institute, an interdisciplinary center for research, training, and education. They also established themselves as a leader in policy development, focusing on national and global health issues. 

In 2009, Fenway Health moved into the Ansin Building at 1340 Boylston Street in Boston’s West Fens area. It is the largest LGBTQIA+ in healthcare, education, and research facility in the country. Fenway Health Center became part of Fenway Health in 2010.

 The Borum serves at-risk childhood, including LGBTQIA+ young people, homeless teens, and young adults, those struggling with substance abuse, involved with gangs, or doing sex work. Fenway Health entered a historic partnership with the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts in 2013. The AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts has allowed the two associations to work closely together. Their primary job is to improve the delivery of services and care to individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

Fenway Health

Fenway: The “Health Sherpa” of the USA

 In 2017, that connection grew to officially unite AIDS Action and Fenway Health as a robust association. They emerged as one of the health Sherpa in the USA. 

In 2016, Fenway included Family Medicine, supplying services to patients of each age category. That same year, the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission called Fenway as the pioneer health Sherpa for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Affinity health plan of Fenway

The affinity health plan is next to no one. Fenway’s Ansin Building Practice attained PRIME Certification in 2017. In 2020, the Health Sherpa welcomed Ellen LaPointe as their new CEO as the COVID-19 pandemic gathered across the globe. 

Fenway Health Center pivoted to react, moving the majority of their behavioral and medical health appointments to telehealth. They were analyzing applications from Boston and Everett, and sparking several research studies, including COVID-19 vaccine trials

Their statistics in the American Health network

 The American health network is one of the best health networks in the globe. The American health network shared statistics of Fenway health, the “Health Sherpa” of the US.

  • One thousand four hundred seventy-five patients visited their affinity health plan facility.
  • Around 2,287 visited their Financial Assistance department. 
  • Approximately $1.2 million in the discounted and free drug was given to patients in need by the Fenway pharmacy’s two divisions.

Fenway Pharmacy: The People’s Pharmacy

 The Fenway Pharmacy also offers a free home delivery service for homebound patients and others not able to pick up their medication. Together, they deliver over 500 prescriptions every day. Fenway pharmacy is gaining popularity. Local people and regular visitors nicknamed it as people’s pharmacy.

More statistics from the American Health network

As per the American Health Network, more than 600 babies born through Fenway’s Choice Insemination (AI) Program since its start in 1983. American Health network claims it is the first of its type in the United States.

 In the financial year 2020, the AI program saw 17 new pregnancies and 26 births. In addition to insemination, the AI Program delivers social and psychological support for LGBTQIA+ parents and prospective parents via a variety of workshops and classes. Fenway Health hired the best mental health technicians from all over the country. They have kept the hiring standards of mental health technician so high that only the best can fit into Fenway Health.

Four thousand four hundred twenty-three transgender patients currently receive care at Fenway Health Center. It is a rise of over 3,500 patients from 2007. The Transgender Health Program continues to expand comprehensively. It is to address the demands of their quickly growing transgender and sex non-conforming individual base. Paul, one of their specialist mental health technician says, 

It is a pride to work in Fenway health center. The security health plan, the interactive health approaches, modern technology and fellow workers are the greatest assets of the institution. People seeking health advice are welcome. Fenway Pharmacy ( People’s pharmacy ) is also coping up with the growing demand for medicines. We have a very well-coordinated health facility. This well-coordinated health facility is the key to their success.

Substance Abuse Treatment is key to its superior health plan.

American Health Network
American Health Network

Two hundred fifty-seven patients got treatment through Fenway’s Substance Abuse Treatment Plan. This superior health plan treats those struggling with substances such as alcohol, cocaine, and crystal methamphetamine. There are 4,339 appointments made so far. 

Fenway Health never turns anyone away for lack of ability to pay. I think that is the reason why people call them “Health Sherpa”. Violence Recovery Program (VRP) in Fenway Health helped three hundred forty-four survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, hate violence, and police misconduct. They request new clients to take prior appointments.

For those who want to interrupt the cycle of drug or alcohol abuse, Fenway offers acupuncture detoxification services on a daily walk-in basis during therapy center hours.

Community Health Choice

The VRP offers group and individual counseling to LGBTQIA+ lands. They are a community health choice by default.

VRP staff also conducts outreach and instructional sessions for community groups and professional groups. It is about LGBTQIA+ violence problems on a local, national, and state level.

The community health center provides technical aid and training to the Boston Police Department, District Attorney’s offices. They also give lectures in hospitals, other community health centers, social service agencies and community, and school teams. They are one of the best community health choices for many individuals.

Health Sherpa
Health Sherpa

Health advocate

Fenway’s Trans Health Patient Advocate is available for walk-in 20-minute appointments to help you find information, learn about sources, and figure out the next steps. The health advocate gives the right information regarding insurance claims, abuses, and controls. Anyone who needs to know the legal information can visit the health advocate.

Other services of Fenway Health

HIV testing is also available as part of a health visit by appointment. It depends on the counselor’s availability. 617.267.0159 is the number to reach a counselor who can arrange for one to get tested.

They offer confidential counseling that will assist you in dealing with the problems that surround your decision. Documentation of evaluation results is available at your request. If the matter requires any court settlement, the health advocate is available for free consultancy.

Fenway also offers STD testing during the week. In case you have a known exposure to an STD, or if you have symptoms, call your doctor right away, or call 617.267.0159 for counseling, information and to schedule an appointment.


Fenway’s Women’s Health Program seeks to meet the health needs of all women. It includes lesbians, bisexual and transgender women; and individuals about the transmasculine spectrum. Our obstetrical services care program partners with Beth Israel Lahey Health to provide health care for individuals in all stages of pregnancy. The Program also offers comprehensive birth control and emergency contraception services.

Health Advocate
Health Advocate


Fenway Health has helped pioneer a philosophy of integrated care that looks at every individual as a whole person, and their team works like a staff to fit the needs of everybody who comes through our doors.