Fighter Barbarian 5e similarities and differences in d&d

Fighter Barbarian 5e
Fighter Barbarian 5e

Fighter Barbarian 5e | Who is stronger?

Barbarians excel at melee bursts. Fighters have more consistent effects and are better at them. Let us explore in detail the similarities and differences between 5e Barbarian, Fighter. Barbarian 5e are limited to medium armor and don’t often use shields. Their AC is usually low, and they are often hit quite often. They are usually limited in their ability to reduce damage by relying on a daily rage ability. You also have limitations on what you can do with Rage (you must take damage or attack to keep it going), its duration, and how exhausted it is when it ends.


Hitpoints. Due to their d12, barbarians have more hit points and are required to be in melee. Fighters have more non-melee options and can use heavy armour to reduce damage.

Versatility. Barbarians are almost entirely dependent on their strength. It isn’t easy to be a skilled archer or a finesse-based warrior. Many fighting styles are available to fighters, including dex-based, sword and shield, archers, swords and shield, and thrown weapons. Fighters are more likely to have sub-classes that offer a more comprehensive range of skills and styles.

There are downsides. There are usually no downsides to fighter abilities. They are permanent, or you don’t have to pay any penalty. Barbarians are more likely to receive a bonus or to have more situational abilities.

Ability scores. The ability score of barbarians is often lower than the average. Because they have limited armor, barbarians need to be strong in attacks and Constitution for hit points. Fighters usually only require strength or dexterity, and not both ).

Multi-classing. Multi-classing is easier for fighters because they have more armor and fundamental abilities (including fighting style) than other classes. Spellcasting combinations are often not optimal due to barbarian Rage. Barbarians are also more difficult to multiclass due to their ability scores.

Skill. There are many skill options available to the classes, with barbarians having a slightly higher outdoor proficiency. That may limit the backgrounds, starting areas, and character concepts that can be used for roleplaying.

However, both (when the Fighter is a melee-type) tend to be front-line characters and serve a similar role in combat.

Barbarians rely on strength Fighters are skilled and dedicated warriors who can use different fighting styles and weapons. You can choose to use a smaller weapon as a shield or a two-handed weapon such as a greatsword and large axe. Or you could even dual-wield.

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Is fighter/ Barbarian 5e a good multiclass?

Indomitable is only available to fighters as a class feature. This class is excellent for multiclassing because it’s very front-loaded. The Barbarian class is powerful and has very few levels. Rage will give you an infinitely greater tank, more skill at grappling, and more damage.

Why the Barbarian Is Superior to the Fighter

Barbarian is the best choice for first-time Dungeons & Dragons players who want things to be as simple as possible. Although the fighter class is not challenging, there are many options. It is especially true if you choose battlemaster as your Martial archetype.

Barbarians attack, Rage and attack, Rage and attack, Rage again, and sometimes attack again. That is how they operate at first, but it’s not what they do so well.

Only the barbarian class has a hit die that they can roll during level-ups. It means that there is a 25% chance of fighters getting maximum hit points, or more, each level up.

The Barbarian is genuinely unique if your DM follows the “full hitpoints on level up” house rule, which is very popular in many D&D campaigns. Your spellcasters will have 15 total hit points at level 3. Before you can get Constitution bonuses, you have 36.

Sometimes It’s Good to Be a Savage

If you choose to go with the Bear Totem in your early levels, you only take half the damage for every type of damage, except psychic. It is something you seldom encounter. It effectively doubles the hit points. Imagine being able to absorb 75 points damage at level 3. Yeah, the right barbarian build can do just that.

Barbarians can do more damage and are popular because of this. Fighting tends to do more damage using their skills, so four hits are better than one.

Barbarians are the ones who use the “If I cut you in half, you can’t hit back” mentality for fighting.

Are you raging or calm?

 Based on your level, your attack takes extra damage from the Rage Table. Do you want to ensure that you hit? You can be reckless and give yourself an advantage in your final melee attack. You are still at a disadvantage, so don’t be surprised if your opponent attacks you. You are built for this.

You can add an extra die to make critical hits even more severe at the 9th Level. A 4 point boost increases your maximum strength bonus from +5 – +7 if you climb to level 20. Con is also increased to a maximum of +7, giving you 40 additional hit points. These boosts can be extended to all previous levels.

That’s a pretty epic boost.

Hit Points, Protected Hit Points, and So Many Hit Points

Barbarians are a dangerous breed, taking damage like nobody’s business. Their melee attacks can be just as brutal. The expansions to the base Player’s Handbook introduce some new sub-classes. However, the Totem path in the base book is the best way to go.

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Especially when competing with a fighter.

If you go to level 20 with maxed out Constitution and add the Tough feat, even the nastiest DM is going to have a hard time cutting through a barbarian’s vast pool of hit points.


  • The d12 is the highest HP die in the game
  • Since Constitution is one of your main two stats, you tend to get more HP every Level up from the CON bonus.
  • The Tough feat is an excellent ad since you’re not sacrificing everything.
  • You take 1/2 damage to most types of damage, effectively DOUBLING your already massive Level of hit points.

Surprising Number of Role-Playing Options for fighter barbarian 5e

Although barbarians may invoke an image and keep you within certain limits, there are many things you can do within these parameters. You can also play the classic Conan the Barbarian character. Tarzan is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something a little wilder.

History has the Vikings and the Scottish Highlanders and the Germans of Teutonic Forests and Boudica of Celts. There are also the “horse barbarians”, such as the Mongols and the Huns. You can find barbarians from many backgrounds, including the Zulus and various Native American tribes. While they share some common traits, their playstyles are very different. Within the barbarian family, there are many roles you can choose to play.

Why Is Barbarian 5e Better than Fighter at level 3?

  • D12 hit dice are amazing
  • Bear Totem at 3rd Level is pretty insane, especially if you’re tanking
  • Primal Champion is an excellent Level 20 bonus
  • Easy built-in roleplaying aspects
  • RAGE! 

Barbarians can take severe damage with their Rage feature, but Rage can only be used a few times per day. They will become vulnerable if they engage in multiple combats at once without being able to rest. Barbarians cannot, by default, wear heavy armour. Fighters wear heavy armor. Their defensive strategies are not limited, and they can run long marathons. Fighters are also specialists. They learn a few techniques and become proficient at them. Barbarians are more open-minded in combat.

What is the average number of attacks per round for a 5th Level multiclass Barbarian or Fighter 5e? What happens when you take an Extra attack?

The Extra Attack class feature is available to fighters, barbarians, rangers, and even druids. This class feature is available to specific builds (e.g. War domain clerics, Valor, and Swords bard). Still, it is available to all four classes. You can gain three to four attacks by using this class feature, provided that you reach the appropriate levels of the class granting it. That is how it works:

Extra Attack

Beginning at 5th Level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on Your Turn. When you reach 11th-level in this class, attacks go up to three and four, respectively. 

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Action Surge

You can take a break from your routine starting at the 2nd Level. You can take additional Action during Your Turn. This Action may also be a Bonus Action.

You must complete a long or short rest before you can use this feature again. You can only use this feature twice, starting at the 17th Level. However, it cannot be used in the same turn. Source: Action Surge class feature, Fighter (Roll20)

Therefore, your Action Surging multiclass barbarian 5e /fighter 5e has an Extra Attack but can only make two attacks, then action surge to get two more attacks.

Both classes get the Extra Attack feature, but these do not stack, so the multiclass doesn’t give you any more than the 5th Level from the first: 2 attacks per Action.

If you chose the Berserker sub-class of Barbarian, use two-weapon fighting, take the Pe Arm Master feat or Great Weapon Master feat (and get a critical or a kill the same turn), you have a way to get a3rd attack as a bonus action (and, if you have more than one method, you can only use once of these).

If an ally casts Haste at that level, you can choose to get one more attack for that turn.

Action Surge gives you an add on. That would give you two additional attacks, assuming that you choose to attack as your extra Action. It does not grant you an extra bonus action. You would then have four attacks each turn. 5 if there is a way to get bonus attacks or are Hasted. 6 if you had both Haste and bonus attacks.

Fighter/ Barbarian 5e, Which One Gets Your Vote?

There are similarities between Barbarian and Fighter as well. These are two of the tankiest classes. Which one will you play in dnd 5e- Fighter/ Barbarian?

Reasons to Play a Barbarian:

  • You love a hard-hitting beasty bruiser
  • You’re a Newbie: Great class for beginners
  • Tanky as heck
  • It can take A LOT of damage
  • RAGE
  • Furry underpants (optional)

Barbarians are more focused than fighters. They focus on the Rage and build on their first combative character. They can do a lot of damage and take a lot of hits from the bad guys. Was there Rage?

A Barbarian might be the right choice for you if you like the idea of a spiritually tuned character who is covered in animal skins and who has a love for furry underpants. These characters are easy to create and have many creative beastly traits.

Reasons to Play a Fighter:

  • Super customizable
  • Great to dip into as a multiclass
  • Lots of ability score and feats
  • Action Surge
  • Tons of Attacks

Fighters, on the other side, are highly customizable and offer many options for customizing your character. It is primarily a person who does damage with a weapon and wears armor. They are also at the forefront of any battle. Each Fighter is unique because there are so many possible attacks.

Both Fighter and Barbarian in 5e are important. It depends on your game plan.