Find the Best Foreign Language Blog Sites Accepting Guest Posts 2022

Find the Best Foreign Language Blog Sites Accepting Guest Posts

Find the Best Foreign Language Blog Sites Accepting Guest Posts

The process of writing a guest post on a foreign-language blog is remarkably similar to that of other types of guest posts on this site. You’ll identify a blog in your language, pitch a post, write the article, and promote it after it’s published. To make your guest post a success, there are some tips to remember. If you’re interested in writing for a foreign-language blog, consider these tips.

Write a compelling CTA

You can use a call-to-action in the form of a link within the body of your post to direct readers to take an action. This is important for foreign-language blog sites accepting guest posts because most readers don’t know English well, so you need to write a CTA that will draw them in and keep them reading your post. A written link is not a button, so make sure it is relevant to your business. Right now we have 2 foreign language sites in our portfolio.


You can ask for guest post through this link.

Using a color-coding system in your posts is another way to ensure they are easily identifiable. For social media promotion, it’s important to color code your posts. Use tools like Asana or CoSchedule to track your guest posting commitments. And don’t forget to measure success. You’ll know whether your efforts are paying off. A few guest posts can be published on a foreign-language blog site simultaneously, so you can see how many visitors you have to your site.

If your target audience is predominantly European or Asian, make sure the website accepts guest posts in those languages. This will ensure a higher conversion rate for your guest posts. You’ll also be more likely to land a higher position in search results if the website is popular amongst Europeans. Remember, you can promote your guest posts using the same marketing channels that you use for your own content. Make sure to include your post URL in your email marketing newsletter, use social media as an additional marketing channel, and schedule them to appear on your website. For a more comprehensive list of foreign language blog sites accepting guest posts, you can use Buffer and Missinglettr. These tools are both free and paid.

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A strong CTA is the most important element in a guest post. When writing a guest post, make sure to research the publisher’s guest posting guidelines to determine if you can submit your article. Once you’ve secured the permission of the site owner, you’re ready to begin writing. Once you’ve finished writing your post, be sure to include relevant images and follow the website’s formatting guidelines.

Namedrop other bloggers’ best content

If you’d like to contribute content to a foreign-language blog site, there are some things you should know. If you’re new to foreign-language blogging, it may be hard to know where to start. To help you get started, you can check out a list of blogs that accept guest posts. Depending on the topic, these blogs may focus on business, health and fitness, technology, sports, and/or fashion. If your target blog is focused on business, make sure you check out some of the other bloggers’ work.

You can supplement your work with links and credibility by referencing relevant sources. Make sure your guest post conforms to the blog’s style and format. Some blogs only accept posts under 600 words, while others may only accept articles written by people they already know. Make sure your post is well-written and cites its sources correctly. Be prepared to meet deadlines and keep your status updated. A successful guest post on a foreign language blog site will be published quickly.

To maximize your chances of landing a guest post placement, you should find the email addresses of the blog owners. Many blogs have contact forms, but if you can’t find an email address, you can use tools such as LinkedIn to find emails. If you don’t have access to email addresses, you can also use Keywords Everywhere, a free Chrome extension that enables you to research blogs across the web.

Provide value to readers

Whether you’re writing in English, Spanish, or another language, the best foreign language blog sites accepting guest posts can provide you with a lot of exposure and valuable links. You’ll be able to connect with other bloggers and build relationships with them. Guest posts on other blog sites will also help you secure backlinks and referral traffic. Ultimately, you’ll get exposure for your post and earn money from it.

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Ensure that the site offers value to readers: Most guest posts on well-known blogs come with a high domain authority, which means the site is worth reading. Also, be sure that you understand the language and are comfortable with rewriting. In most cases, guest writers do not use a proofreader or an editor, so rewriting an article is necessary to avoid misinterpretation.

Consider the traffic on the site you’re considering guest posting on. Does their audience match yours? Are the comments low and social shares low? If so, you should choose a site that has higher traffic. Guest posts can also help you increase your authority as a blogger. Ultimately, guest blogging can also increase your web presence and help you build an email list. However, you must take note that you’ll need to convert your referral traffic into actual subscribers to make your efforts worth it.

Make sure you understand the topic of the blog you’re pitching for. Remember, editors are very picky and can spot self-promotional links easily. Use a byline to include a link to your website. Also, avoid writing poorly researched posts. A quality guest article can bring valuable value to a foreign language blog site’s readers. And be sure to check your grammar and spelling before publishing your article.

Before submitting your guest post, you must ensure that the format of your post suits the blog’s style and tone. Typically, these blogs require HTML or Markdown format. If you have an existing relationship with the blogger, you can ask them if you can contribute a guest post. Alternatively, you can introduce yourself to the blogger through mutual connections and see if they’re interested.

Provide a link back to your site

There are two primary reasons to participate in guest blogging: increasing your site’s traffic and building backlinks. While the latter may seem obvious, it is important not to assume that all guest-postingposting opportunities are created equal. There are a few simple things you can do to improve your odds of landing a spot on a great blog. Ensure that your post is relevant to the blog’s audience.

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Use SE Ranking’s Backlink Checker to find out what type of links are coming from your guest-postingposting opportunities. This tool will help you narrow down the number of competing sites by tiny details. You can filter results by Alexa rank, or backlink type, as well as by the domain name. Using SE Ranking’s backlink checker can help you identify opportunities that you might not have otherwise known about.

Don’t submit low-quality guest posts. Many of these articles lack insight or are not associated with the real author. Additionally, most guest posts contain links that go to spammy affiliate sites. While blatant link spam can be detected a mile away, subtle link spam will pass the spam sniff test. It may use keyword-rich links that don’t make sense when viewed out of context. It may also duplicate full articles on the site.

Before applying for a guest-post position, research the topic thoroughly. Analyze the site’s audience, including its comments and social media profiles. Then, find out what kinds of posts are most popular on the site. This will help you tailor your content accordingly. Remember to include a link back to your site in your bio. Ensure your guest post contains a link to your website.

You can measure the impact of your guest posts by adding UTM parameters to Google Analytics. This will help you determine the number of visitors your guest posts have gathered. In addition to increasing traffic, guest posting is also a great way to build your email list. However, it is important to keep in mind that you cannot expect a return on your investment if your guest posts fail to convert your referral traffic into subscribers.