Fire mage talents | The ultimate guide with 101 tricks.

Fire Mage Talents
Fire Mage Talents

Fire mage talents

The Basics for Fire Mage talents for beginners

Fire is a well-rounded specialization that mostly relies on intending windows of burst in advance. Generally, it isn’t very keybind taxing. However, the number of actions executed in short succession can quickly overwhelm less seasoned players. In this section, we will be focusing on a setup which minimizes the number of buttons and reactivity required without unduly compromising overall damage output.

Fire mage talents

If you are entirely new to Fire mage talents and want more information please read it till the end.

Fire Mage Talents

Talent Choice for Fire Mage

These options are optimized for ease of use. Although some talents might offer slightly higher gains when played flawlessly, these very same talents often result in harm losses when employed by many gamers. The abilities recommended here intended to provide the best setup that has very little punishment for unfamiliarity or errors.

Level 25: Shimmer Icon Shimmer Level 45: Conflagration Icon Conflagration or Living Bomb Icon Living Bomb on enormous groups of enemies

If you are looking for the best talents for Fire, that does not compromise performance for simplicity of use. It is possible to locate a more detailed analysis on our complete talents page.

Fire Mage Talents and Builds Page

Azerite Traits Choice for a Fire Mage

There are multiple good Azerite Traits you can choose as a Fire Mage. Below we’ve listed a number of the top choices.

Blaster Master Icon: Blaster Master

Wildfire Icon Wildfire

Thinking about the major impact Azerite Traits have on your damage? And some traits are good in specific scenarios. We strongly advise reading the full Azerite page below to find out more about what traits to use when.

Fire Mage Talents: Azerite Page

 Azerite Essence Choices for a Fire Mage

Below, We’ve listed the optimal character option for most situations:

Important: Memory of Lucid Dreams Icon Memory of Lucid Dreams

Minor 1: Breath of the Dying Icon Breath of the Dying

Plenty of essences could be better or worse depending on circumstance, and the aforementioned recommended essences should function well in many situations. But if you’re interested in learning about the optimal character for each situation, we suggest reading the page below.

Stat Alternative for Fire Mage Talents

You will want to prioritize stats as follows for single-target:

Haste; Versatility; Mastery; Critical Attack; Intellect.

You May Want to prioritize stats as follows for multiple targets:

  • Mastery
  • Haste
  • Versatility
  • Critical Strike
  • Intellect.

We recommend you prioritize thing levels over specific stats, as they’re all close in value.

While the stat priority for courses is normally the same for both the Easy Mode webpage and our full guide, subtle differences may nevertheless happen. If you want to see the full explanation of this stat priority, as well as the complete top choices for your priority, visit our full stats page below.

Fire Mage talents

Suppose you are interested in finding out about the specific best in slot things from the current tier or want more info on the best way best to equipment. In that case, we suggest reading the complete gearing page below.

Below we’ve outlined a basic priority listing for Fire Mage talents.

Utilize Memory of Lucid Dreams Icon: Memory of Lucid Dreams when accessible, right before activating Combustion Icon Combustion.

Utilize Combustion Icon: Combustion when available. When Combustion is near being ready, save your Fire Blast Icon Fire Blasts to alternate between Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast and Fire Blast for most of Combustion.

During Combustion

 Icon Combustion, utilize Fire Blast Icon Fire Blasts to convert Heating Icon. Heat Up to Hot Streak Icon Hot Streak till you are out of Fire Blasts.  After which you should utilize Phoenix Flames Icon Phoenix Flames to convert Heat Up to Hot Streak.

Cast Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast when you have Sexy Streak Icon Hot Streak. Cast Flamestrike Icon Flamestrike rather if you can find 5+ targets stacked.

Use Living Bomb Icon residing Bomb if there are 3+ targets present.

Cast Fireball Icon

Fireball as a filler to Create Heating Icon Heating Up. After the enemy reaches 30 per cent Health or lower, replace Fireball with Scorch Icon Scorch (due to Searing Touch Icon Searing Touch).

If you’re a newcomer to Fire Mage talents, it’s recommended you start here. When you have achieved a degree of relaxation playing with this spec at a suitable environment, it is advised you skip this section and continue to the remainder of the guide.

Keep in mind. Some spells might be a lot easier to use via macros, or are more easily utilized in conjunction with other spells. Visit the macro page below to get a fantastic idea of these macros.

Fire Mage Talents
Fire Mage Talents

Unlocking Abilities

Notice that this page only lists all the various skills, assuming you’re at maximum level. If you are levelling, check out our dedicated Mage Leveling page, that has detailed information on when you unlock each these skills.

Mage Leveling Guide in Fire Mage Talents

Mana is the principal sources, though it’s little to no impact on your main rotation. It isn’t possible to operate out of Mana without excessive use of Spellsteal Icon:  Spellsteal. So you do not need to worry about your Mana amounts as a rule of thumb.

All direct-damage Due to Fireball Icon Fireball, Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast

Fire Blast Icon

Fire Blast, Scorch Icon Scorch, Meteor Icon Meteor, and Flamestrike Icon Flamestrike (see Basic Abilities to learn more about these charms ) will make your target to burn for a fraction of the damage over 9 seconds. 

Hitting a target with Ignite already active will add the new Ignite harm to the existing Ignite and then disperse itself over 10 minutes.

Fundamental Abilities for Fire Mage talents

These abilities are available regardless of what talents you picked and form the bread and butter in the specialization.

Fireball Icon: Fireball is your main filler spell. You will be casting it a lot to fish to Heating Up Icon Heating Up procs.

Fire Blast Icon:

Fire Blast has two charges (3 with Flame On Icon Flame On talented), and always seriously strikes when used. This capacity isn’t on the Global Cooldown and may cast while casting other abilities. It has a 12-second recharge. This ability is to make an automatic Critical Strike after Heating Icon Heating Up. Proccing off one of your charm critical strikes, immediately forcing Hot Streak Icon Hot Streak.

It’s a long throw period, so use as a pre-cast before the struggle or if Hot Streak Icon.

Phoenix Flames Icon

Phoenix Flames is the only way to get a Fire Mage to disperse its Mastery: Ignite Icon Mastery: Ignite. When using the Phoenix Flames, the Ignite is your principal target will spread to 8 neighbouring targets. Furthermore, Phoenix Flames always crits and contributes to Heat Up Icon Heat Up and Hot Streak Icon Hot Streak. It also does decent damage to the primary target and a little bit of AoE damage.

It’s a long cast time. Therefore use as a pre-cast before the fight or when Hot Streak Icon Hot Streak is busy.

Dragon’s Breath Icon:

The dragon’s Breath is an instant cast spell which does moderate damage and disorients targets in a cone up to 12 yards away from the caster. Dragon’s Breath Icon Dragon’s Breath is on 6targets, or for its disorient effect.

Scorch Icon Scorch is an extremely weak spell which can cast while moving.

Fire Mage talents has a lot of important procs which are very important to the regular rotation. These procs are your actual “primary resource”.

Heating Icon: Heating Up is a passive which can proc any time your direct-damage charms score a Critical Strike.

Hot Streak Icon:

Hot Streak is a passive that procs after you score another vital strike in a row following Heating Icon Heating upward. We will nearly always use this proc on Pyroblast Icon Pyroblast (see Fundamental Abilities). However, it can help with Flamestrike Icon Flamestrike.

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Also, some talents like Pyroclasm Icon Pyroclasm provide a Fire Mage talents additional procs. See the abilities and build a segment for in-depth explanations.

DPS Cooldowns for Fire Mage talents

It lasts 10 seconds and increases your Mastery. (the bonus damage generated by Mastery. Ignite Icon Mastery: Ignite) With 50 per cent of your Critical Strike rating in addition to raising our Critical Attack by 100%. 

This capacity is off of the Global Cooldown, and cast while you’re casting other spells. That ability drastically increases our damage output via Ignite. And it permits us to chain a lot of instant cast spells. Because of providing 100% Critical Strike (and thus always proccing Heat Up Icon Heating Up) it’s extremely strong in the single target and AoE situations.

Time Warp Icon: Time Warp raises Haste by 30% for 40 seconds for many parties and raid members.

Defensive and Utility Abilities for Fire Mage talents

Below are listed some of the very impactful defensive and utility abilities a Fire Mage must provide to a raid or dungeon group.

Ice Block Icon

 Ice Block is one of the best defensive tools in the sport. It causes you to be entirely resistant to any form of harm, debuffs, or otherwise negative effects. It may be employed to save yourself from dying to incoming harm. Still, frequently, it may also solo raid mechanics which need multiple people.

Cauterize Icon 

Cauterize provides Fire Mages with a safety net from mistakes. Any hit that would kill you will instead proc Cauterize. It will recover you and then burning most of the wellbeing it cured you more than 6 seconds later, once per 5 minutes. Please take out the debuff through Ice Block Icon. 

Ice Block, but simply out healing it’s likewise feasible. Additionally, casting Blazing Barrier Icon Blazing Barrier right after Cauterize procs will even absorb the majority of the harm from Cauterize, allowing you to live. 

Suppose the hit that would normally kill you will more than 200 per cent of your overall wellbeing.  Cauterize will proc; however, you will still die immediately, so it will not save you from all.

Arcane Intellect Icon

Arcane Intellect buffs the whole raid, providing them with longer Intellect. Mages are the only class that give this enthusiast. Therefore most raids will need at least 1 Mage, to ensure the cassette has this buff.

Remove Curse Icon Remove Curse may be used to eliminate Curses from your raid or party.

Alter Time Icon 

Alter Time is both a defensive and a mobility tool. Ten minutes after casting this skill, or after pressing it a second time, you go back to a place and health from when you cast it. One common usage is to activate it directly before a big hit, and then re-activating it following the huge hit to heal back to full health instantly.

Mirror Image Icon

Mirror Image spawns three copies neighbouring which will attack your enemies. Even though you have at least one backup alive, you may take 20 per cent less harm. Any direct harm is you going to choose will create one of these copies to be removed. These duplicates are uncontrollable, but they do have a gym and can die. Even though the copies do a little harm, it is primarily a defensive skill, as the harm they do is quite low.

Talented DPS Abilities of Fire Mage talents

Apart from the basic toolkit, you will come across new abilities via your Talents, based on the ones that you choose. We’ll outline the busy abilities here.

Blast Wave Icon: Blast Wave prices a very low amount of damage around yourself, knocking them back and slowing them by 70%. Although this ability harms, it is not a DPS tool, but only a crowd-control / defensive instrument, due to how little damage it does.

Focus Magic Icon: Focus Magic can be used to place a buff onto a friendly player which will cause that player to have 5% increased critical strike chance. Whenever they seriously strike, your very own critical strike will also be raised by 5% for 10 seconds.

Fire Mage Talents
Fire Mage Talents

Rune of Power Icon

Rune of Power places a little zone on the floor, which increases the damage you do by 40% for 10 minutes. This ability includes a 40-second cooldown. Furthermore, it also drops when you throw Combustion Icon Combustion. The size of the damage buff is a bit larger than the circle beneath your character. And maybe identified by the glow around the rune.

Ring of Frost Icon:

Ring of Frost allows you to spawn a relatively big Ring of Frost at a targeted location, which will incapacitate enemies to get 10 minutes. Only enemies in the authentic outer section of the ring get incapacitated.

Living Bomb Icon:

Living Bomb places damage over time effect on the primary goal, exploding as it times out. When it explodes, it spreads to all enemies. This spreading effect can’t spread further than once. Since living Bomb spreads to nearby targets, and all goals burst dealing damage to all targets.  Living Bomb scales exceptionally well into high target points but is generally weak on low target counts.

Meteor Icon 

Meteor calls down a meteor that after a short delay will land in the targeted location, dealing initial damage and leaving a pool of flame on the ground that deals damage over time. The initial hit splits damage between all goals it hits, but the damage over time effect does full damage to every target.

Overview of Fire Mage Talents for beginners

Mage is among the most well-rounded Classes in WoW Classic. He affirms fantastic utility and survivability toolkits and packs a good punch. Spells, such as Polymorph, Cone of Cold, Blizzard, and Frost Nova, make him proficient at controlling and kiting adds during experiences, making him a must-have advantage in any grouping. Tools, such as Blink and Ice Block, allow him to escape danger and avoid passing in situations in which most other Courses would simply perish.

On top of that, Mage deals solid damage right from the start. Arcane Power Mages put out quite solid DPS amounts during the early stages. Thanks to some wonderful Talents that boost their harm and Sustain. Whilst Fire Mages scale well into late phases, easily overtaking other ranged damage dealers in Naxxramas.

Tools in Fire Mage Talents

If this doesn’t seem good enough, Mage comes with some wonderful tools of convenience. He can conjure food and drinks for himself and his team, which turns him into a vending machine in Raids, which permits him to save up a great deal of Gold and also make some friends.

Moreover, he can teleport and create portals to significant cities. It saves him a lot of time and effort whilst travelling. And it is helpful to make some extra profit (idle people love to purchase portals).
Time for several cons as a magic-user, Mage conveys light Cloth armour and has a very low wellness pool. It follows that mistakes made during experiences can certainly end his lifetime, especially if his survivability tools are already on Cooldown.

Mage is one of the most mana-hungry Classes

Moreover, despite several good mana efficiency-related Talents, Mage is one of the most mana-hungry Classes from the game. Appropriate resource management is paramount for a Raiding Mage, and regular mana breaks are unavoidable during levelling.

Great utility Very squishy, particularly when taken by surprise or later making a mistake
Regarded as the top Ranged DPS in Classic Has mana efficiency Issues.
One of the most well-rounded Classes. It has answers for virtually whatever the game can throw One of the most popular Classes; finding a Good Guild May Be a problem Due to the strong competition.

Ability to teleport between major cities End-Game rotations are rather dull (but that is rather common in Vintage )

High skill ceiling

The Best Race Choice
Note: Here, we will point you towards the ideal PvE DPS Mage Hurry.


Gnome is a clear winner on the Alliance side. His Intellect Racial is quite strong as it provides additional Mana and Spell Critical Strike Chance. Escape Artist, although considered as a PvP Racial, finds unbelievably many applications in the PvE environment as well. On top of this, Engineering Specialization is much better than you may think because Engi is your go-to End-Game PvE profession. If you can’t stand Gnomes for some reason, select a Human, the distinction isn’t so large; you will still be aggressive (and much taller).


Horde: When it comes to Horde, Troll is the sole Rush which has magic DPS-boosting Racial. His Berserking provides him with a Haste buff that immediately raises DPS for a short while. It makes him the greatest at bursting down Targets (however, the difference is quite negligible unless you’re aiming for the very top).

Beast Slaying is useful during some encounters, but it is quite situational. Overall, Troll is the very best for PvE. However, should you fancy some PvP in addition to your regular Raid nights? Then you might want to select Undead rather because his racial are great for PvP.

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The Best Professions Choice (Fire Mage Talents)

There are two careers which produce a real influence in Raids. They are Engineering and Tailoring. Alchemy is also a good option. But also you can buy Flasks, Elixirs, and Potions from some other players. Engineering gives you access to powerful explosives that increase your AoE and Single-Target DPS.

Moreover, Engi gadgets come in handy in many back-to-the-wall situations. The fact that Engineering is also considered the best PvP profession is an added advantage to its power in the PvE environment. Tailoring, a seemingly mediocre PvE profession, gives you access to some potent Bind on Pickup Robe.

Robe of the Archmage which is Greatest in Slot for the whole Phase 1 and stays competitive until AQ. Getting it will surely increase the energy level of your personality during the first few Phases of Classic.

Engineering Skill( Fire Mage Talents)

At the start, you should pick Mining to supplement your Engineering Skill. It would be best if you also stocked up on Cloths instead of vendoring/selling them. After you max out Engi, you should switch Mining to Tailor, as it can be easily (and cheaply) levelled without a supporting profession.

Statistics Priority

Spell Hit Chance – Increases your chance to hit with all your offensive Spells. You require a total of 16% Attain Rating, and you get some of it from Talents. Getting Hit-Capped should be your top priority.
Spell Critical Chance – provides you with a chance to do extra (Critical) Damage with your offensive Spells. This statistic has more significance for Fire Mages, but Arcane Power Mages benefit from it as well.
Spell Damage – Increases your Damage done with Spells. The damage bonus from Spell Damage is calculated differently for various Spells and their Ranks. Still, generally, this stat is among the best for Mages.

Intellect – Increases your total Mana Pool and provides you with added Spell Critical Chance (59,5 Int = 1 per cent Spell Vital Strike Chance). Your Mana will regenerate in battle if you don’t cast any spells for 5 minutes (the 5-second rule). Arcane Meditation Talent increases the worth of Spirit with a little bit.

Mage’s Sustain is rather great, and various consumables used to regenerate Mana, so Spirit should no longer be your priority.

Statistic Priority for different Mage Builds:

Fire Mage: Spell Hit Cap ⇒ Crit Chance ⇒ Spell Damage ⇒ Intellect ⇒ Spirit
The Very Best Talent Builds
Proper Talent allocation is essential for maximizing Damage output. Here, we’ll describe the most optimal spec and lead you through the Talent Trees level-by-level to explain some choices.
There are two avenues to choose – Arcane Power Build that’s the very best at the beginning. Fire Build that becomes workable after Blackwing Lair since there are very many Fireproof Bosses at Molten Core, BWL and Onyxia’s Lair. Additionally, Fire construct strongly synergizes with Vital Strike Chance, making it scale with gear better than the Arcane Power variant.


Mages are masters of passion, arcane and frost. Their main role is damaging. Even though they’ve just fabric armour, they’re extremely strong in management abilities to survive. When there is a very efficient mage in a dungeon group, tanks have to perform their job well not to lose mobs annoyed because of heaps of Mage’s damage. Mage as a course is ideal for those who adore casters.
Frost charms slow and suspends the target, letting Mage keep distance to cast spells and be safe from”Ice Block”.

Choosing the right talent design to capacitate these abilities, increasing range control and prevent damage. Fire spells are also demanding. But arcane spells and talents are mostly an addition. Supplying protection as”Blink” or”Mana shield” or useful abilities as portals, creating water and food, raising Intellect (mana incentive ), “Detect Magic” or”Decursive”. Important town teleports, and portals save lots of time as well.

A mage is simpler than other courses.

You always have the option to make people happy offering them conjured food/water or portals and get a few gold coins as a tip.
To level, a mage is simpler than other courses. Although they don’t reach level 60 fast as predators or druids, their arcane skills, command and frost damage make the levelling process pretty slight.

Nearly all of the players doing quests and AOE (area of effect) grinding to make good progress. The idea is to get up to mobs as possible together, using AOE frost combination to slow their motion whilst killing them. This AOE possible is the main way to become rich. There are several good places to farm mobs in dungeons or open world. You get loads of items to sell at Auction House or to sellers.
Occasionally it may seem somewhat boring and too easy what to do as a mage, such as in raids there is the restriction in a range of using abilities. Killing a boss they generally utilize same spell spinning. Frostball, Fireball and Scorch, based on boss’ resistances. Sometimes you need to remove debuffs, interrupt spell-casting and AOE packs of dinosaurs.

In any case, other courses always expect to find free water and food conjured by mages. You might have to respect for a particular raid because of boss resistance to Fire or Ice magic. It will waste your golden and time in the raid to restore Mana.


Mages must choose between Ice and Fire. Fire PVP talent builds let you hit hard and burn out fast. It relies on blending cooldowns with serious damage to kill the target as quickly as possible but do not rely on self-survival.

Frost PVP talent builds have a high survival rate and serious damage, relying upon numerous spells for defence and control, and slow or immobilize the opponent.
Horde mages should be conscious of paladins.
‘”Blessing of Freedom”, which provides complete resistance to frost-control skills even though it is not a reason to choose Alliance side.

Only Human or Gnome races for Alliance, and Troll or Undead on Horde. There’s no”one right” choice; each race has its advantages to consider.
Gnomes get 5% Intellect Bonus passive capacity, it increases their Mana and critical charm strike. They also get”Escape Artist” ability.

It eliminates any movement impairing effects.
People have”Perception”, which raises the player’s chance to detect Rogues or even Druids in Stealth. Another passive ability is”Diplomacy” giving 10% extra to standing with any faction.
Both parties have their benefits in PVE and PVP. Gnomes are better in PVE, but for PVP sometimes you win spotting a stealthed rogue first.


About Horde Troll is favoured for PVE due to their”Berserking” capacity, increasing casting speed from 10 to 30% (depends on how low is your wellbeing amount). Passive capacity is 5 per cent bonus damage versus beasts. It eliminates any control impacts (anxiety, sleep etc.) and makes you immune — perfect for PVP.

Picking the profession might be more complicated than just racial choice. For mages Tailoring is the ideal choice, you receive Bloodvine Set, Robes of the Archmage and plenty of good items (bags in the beginning ) while trimming. Unfortunately, Bloodvine Set requires Tailoring ability to equip so you can’t use items differently. Using Tailoring with Enchanting, you can disenchant crafted items to acquire reagents as well as AOE dropped blues and greens.

Engineering ( Fire Mage Talents)

Engineering is crucial for PVP; you get a lot of useful devices and explosives. This profession is not that expensive.
Herbalism and Alchemy are perfect to create decent cash crafting consumables and sell them in Auction House. Moreover, you constantly have your potions, flasks, elixirs for PVP and PVE.
Mirror Images damage greatly reduced, Frostbolt added to all Mirror Images. If your images are active, damage taken is reduced by 20%. Taking direct harm will cause you of your pictures to dissipate.

Developers’ notes ( Fire Mage Talents)

Developers’ notes: The aim is to push Mirror Images away from a DPS cooldown and give it a defensive component. Now, only taking direct harm will lead to an image to dissipate, and there is an ICD of 2 seconds to ensure at least a 6-minute up time after taking damage.
Rune of Power reworked to throw at your location if you use one of either Combustion, Arcane Power, or Icy Veins, depending upon your spec.
Developers’ notes: This change is to help with the cast time and GCD use at the start of an encounter while remaining viable on your opener as a high burst window.


The following Arcane changes are to reduce ramp uptime, as well as to open up more gift options dependent on the content you are running.
Arcane Power cooldown reduced to 2 minutes (was 3 minutes).
Touch of the Magi now generates 4 Arcane Charges on a throw. Alter Time resets the Cooldown of Blink if you return to your original site.
Alter Time has been moved to Level 24 to get Arcane mages.
Resonance damage per goal hit with Arcane Barrage increased to 15% (was 10%).
Charged Up removed.

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Programmers’ notes: Touch of the Magi will generate four fees baseline. It opens up the Level 35 grade for much more workable options which focus heavily on coping AoE damage.
New Level 35 Talent: Arcane Echo — Immediate damage you deal with enemies impacted by Touch of the Magi, triggers an explosion which deals [0.15xSP] Arcane damage to 8 nearby enemies.

Time Anomaly now grants Time Warp for 6 seconds.
Developers’ notes:
A very simple change, but this ought to make Time Anomaly feel more satisfying as a gift. Since obtaining Time Warp is almost always a good thing, but gaining Arcane Charges is not something you’d always necessarily want.
Fire upgrades centres around the shift that watched Phoenix Flames baseline as the Ignite disperse.
Phoenix Flames harm improved and recharge period decreased, but no more guarantees critical hits.

Programmers’ notes: Phoenix Flames

Phoenix Flames still interacts with Hot Streak so that it can benefit over the Combustion window. Still, out of that, it will mostly function as a means to spread your Ignite.
Alexstrasza’s Fury — Dragon’s Breath currently also gains a 50% increased critical strike damage bonus.
New talent: From the Ashes — Increases Mastery by 2% for every charge of Phoenix Flames away Cooldown, and your direct-damage crucial strikes reduce its Cooldown by 1 minute.


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Mage ( Fire Mage Talents)

Shimmer charge count increased to two.
Shimmer cooldown Increased to 25 seconds (was 20 minutes ).
Developers’ notes: After listening to comments and more playtesting, we are returning both fees of Shimmer in a slightly higher cooldown cost. Our aim with the change was to bring it more in line with other abilities on the row, but in doing so, Shimmer lost lots of its own identity.

In case the other abilities on the grade continue to underperform, we’ll examine ways we can improve them to be more attractive options while upward against Shimmer.
Focus Magic now also grants the caster 1% Intellect, stacking up to 8 times when their Focus Magic target critically strikes.

Programmers’ notes: We’d like for Focus Magic to reward the caster a bit more for carrying an ally friendly talent.
Frost and Fire Ward removed from all specs.
Developers’ notes: Compared to some of the other skills, these two landed a little flat and overlapped somewhat too much with every one of the Barriers.

Fire Specialization

Alexstrasza’s Fury now also makes your next Pyroblast or Flamestrike deal 35% increased harm.
Programmers’ notes: We’re looking to create this more competitive with the Flame On and the future Phoenix Flames replacement.

Welcome to the Fire Mage talents DPS manual for Wow Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a. Within this guide, you will learn about enjoying with a Fire Mage at a raid. The Manual includes Talents, Glyphs, Gems, Enchantments, BiS Gear, Add-ons, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips.

Talent Tree

The first construct uses Frostfire Bolt spell as a main source of damage. It’s more acceptable for new players using lower equipment degree.
The next build Fireball as the main damaging spell. It is more acceptable for players with greater gear degree. Torment the Weak is a great ability to boost your harm. But the gift requires only the debuff to be present on the target to work.
Both can redistribute 1 stage from Master of Elements into Blast Wave for increased utility.


Important Glyphs
Glyph of Living
Glyph of Frostfire or Glyph of all Fireball
The previous glyph is by the construct you use.
Minor Glyphs
Glyph of Frost Ward
Glyph of Slow Fall
Gems are situational and rely on the build and gear. They’re used to reach the required stat caps.

Meta: Use Chaotic Skyflare Diamond in both builds

Choice 1: low-level gear, stable DPS:
Yellow: Potent Ametrine
Option 2: high-tech equipment, enough spell harm to Bring some crits:
Red: Potent Ametrine
Yellow: Potent Ametrine
Blue: Misty Eye of Zul
Shoulder — Greater Inscription of the Storm
Chest — Enchant Chest – Strong Stats
Bracers — Enchant Bracers – Superior Spellpower
Gloves — Enchant Gloves – Exceptional Spellpower
Waist — Eternal Belt Buckle
Legs — Brilliant Spellthread
→ Living Bomb → spam Fireball or Frostfire Bolt → Pyroblast
Scorch — each 30 seconds
Living Bomb — every 12 seconds after the explosion
Pyroblast — following every Hot Streak proc.

Stat Priority

Hit -> Spell Power & Crit -> Haste -> Spirit -> Intellect
It’s worth mentioning that Fire specs have higher stat requirements than Arcane regarding hammer and Crits ratings.
Fire Mage talents require 17% of Hit (446 ratings) to hit the goal. Precision reduces the necessity by 3 per cent, leaving 14 per cent (368 ratings). You will get the previous 14 per cent of Hit through equipment, buffs, and debuffs on the goal. [1% Attain = 26.23 score ]
Goal debuffs like Improved Faerie Fire (Moonkin) and Misery (Shadow Priest) increases the opportunity to hit with spells by 3%

Heroic Presence is a Draenei racial aura which just affects the group and increases the hit chance by 1 per cent.
Spell Power and Critical Attack Rating are the Main stats for this particular spec. As a Fire Mage talents, the other crits you’re doing, the more consistent the DPS is. The spec heavily relies on Hot Streak ability, so it just makes sense to have regular and strong crits. This spec requires a minimum quantity of 45% crit to be viable.

Seventy-one per cent of Crit is needed to have a 50% chance to proc Hot Streak later casting a Fireball. Boost Haste with equipment upgrades, since it’s a secondary stat with this particular build. Spirit is another useful stat for this build. Molten Armor converts Spirit to Essential Strike Rating:


Standard Molten Armor converts 35 percent.
Glyphed Molten Armor converts 55%
Glyphed & 2t9 set bonus (Khadgar’s RegaliaKhadgar’s Regalia) converts 70 percent.
Tip: You can use the 2t9 setup bonus to buff an improved Molten Armor, and then switch to your everyday items while still preserving the improved effect.
Last on the list is Intellect, which can also be useful in the beginning to reduce the potential mana problems.
Cloak — Cloak of Burning Dusk
Chest — Robe of the Waking Nightmare
Bracers — Bracers of Fiery Night
Gloves — Sanctified Bloodmage Gloves
Boots — Plague Scientist’s Boots
Neck — Blood Queen’s Crimson Choker
Rings — Ashen Band of Endless Destruction Ring of Quick Ascent
Main-hand — Bloodsurge, Kel’Thuzad’s Blade of Agony

Tips for Fire Mage Talents

Burst harm is key here, in addition to timing! Work out a fantastic blend of strikes so that the struggles flow and you can make use of your cooldown abilities.
Suppose your time is not quite right yet, clinic.

Practice your spell mixes and time.

PvP combat can be both enjoyable and frustrating. It helps to find a fantastic group.
Look for a good combination of +damage (fire or all), +crit and +stat gear. You do not harm when lifeless, and a little extra health is better than modest additional Mana in PVP.
Killing Melee courses, 1. Wait for them to open when a warrior fees frost nova and blink throughout him, pally’s, rogues, and ferals stun such a trinket.

And replicate nova-blink, DK’s death grip you silence and rescue your nova for following attack or puppy.
Keep your LB (alive Bomb) them up. Run in a circle at maximum range and scorch. Wait to get an HS (Hot streak = instant pyro) then LB-Combustion, silence-blast tide and keep scorch. If they’re still alive, nova-ring of frost over the surface and casts a pyro whenever they don’t trinket the ring.

All through this maintain LB up after you let it drop off and utilize effect once it procs. (keep in mind effect will spread dots into another enemy within about 5-10 yards. So if you have 3-4 dots on your target and impact procs you may see huge amounts:
RRB-, if they get to shut use your dragons’ breath to stun them stop casting and get distance, you can add a cone of cold into this rotation (I do not ).

It requires patience to kill a good melee course not speed, remember you are a Mage = most control in the game in my opinion so use it and maintain control of your self and you will win more frequently:-RRB-===For PvE===

Focus on continuous and efficient damage in Fire Mage Talents.

Large spikes in damage may look fine, but if you draw too much attention, your life may be in danger.
Try to find a fantastic mixture of gear including +to Attain, +Spell Crucial, +Damage, -to Resists, and +to Int/Mana. An excellent blend will allow you to hit consistently, with good damage, and allow you to endure the experiences. Plus Intel improves a mage’s crit rating in addition to providing them more”fuel” by which to do damage.

Warnings in Fire Mage Talents

Suppose you find that a Priest, prepare for a tough struggle. You’ll need to do a huge burst of harm and moment a counterspell to stop them from healing.
If you see a Warlock, prepare for a very difficult fight. You will need some luck for a fire mage to bring down a warlock. Unless it’s Bhoot. or flay
Suppose you see that a Druid, prepare for a difficult battle. Use your burst damage and a nicely placed counterspell to down them.

If you Find a Rogue, KILL!
If you find a hunter, don’t utilize casting spells. And do not try and polymorph their pet because it won’t work on anybody’s pet, then shut in on the hunter and utilize immediate cast spells, or only run. NOTE: Hunters have a more compact dead-zone, or area in which they can’t use melee or ranged attacks.

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