First Progress Credit Card Reviews in 2022

First Progress Credit Card Reviews in 2022

First Progress Credit Card Reviews in 2022

The growing number of good credit card issuers with each passing day indicates that a growing number of people are now focusing on getting better credit ratings.

In order to run your finances without any hassle, you need to get the services of a credit card issuer who has the ability to solve all your monetary problems.

Today, we are going to tell you about the most useful details and people’s reviews about one such credit card issuer called First Progress Platinum MasterCard Credit Cards. With the help of this article, you will get valuable information about getting your good credit card plan.

First Progress Platinum Credit Cards

The First Progress Credit Building Program is one of the few newly introduced programs in the credit market.

The First Progress Credit Line is supposed to be instrumental in connecting small creditors to reputable credit bureaus. First Progress Platinum MasterCard’s Credit Progress Information is sent monthly to three well-known credit bureaus and a record is set with them. These three reputable credit bureaus include: TransUnion, Experian & Equifax.

For First Progress Platinum Cards you have to pay a security deposit which establishes your credit line. You can enjoy their services for just $200 initial deposit.

First Progress Platinum Credit Card’s Purchase Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 19.99%, it is also easy to use in many variations.

The annual fee for First Progress Platinum credit cards is $29 per year. The security deposit is used as collateral obligations of your card to help improve the credit line.

Platinum MasterCard Secure Credit Card, introduced by First Progress, is issued to you without any credit score. This credit card is provided to you only on a security deposit of $200 in which you do not have to worry about any credit score.

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First Progress Platinum Credit Card Reviews

For the convenience of our readers, we want to let you know about the reviews of people who have used First Progress Credit Cards and their opinions after using this credit issuer.

After reviewing these comments, you will be able to get a reasonable idea of ​​the service quality of this credit card service.

First Progress Platinum Credit Cards – Pros and Cons

CreditKarma, a website that publishes reviews from credit card users, has 240 reviews about First Progress Credit Platinum card services so far. On the CreditKarma platform First Progress Credit Cards have gained 2.2 out of 5 stars rating on an average basis.

According to users who rated First Progress Credit Cards 5/5, the services of First Progress Cards are extremely robust and extremely easy to use.

Some people also find the First Progress Credit Card services too expensive to charge $10 on a phone call transaction.

Which users should use First Progress Platinum Cards?

Following a detailed analysis, we have come to the conclusion that First Progress Platinum Credit Cards are suitable for use by the following users:

  • People who prefer relaxed credit requirements
  • Users who find Moderate APR better for their needs.


  • Easy to qualify
  • Providing Information to the three reputable credit bureaus
  • Moderate APR


  • Not totally qualified as ‘secure cards’
  • $10 per phone transaction