Fitness 19 | 20 secrets for success/failure of fitness mantra

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Fitness 19

Fitness 19 was founded by fitness industry experts who thought that the conventional health club model was not fulfilling the needs of most people. The result is a straightforward physical fitness club concept — a very affordable, family-friendly facility that provides state-of-the-art cardio, strength, and free weight equipment.

About Fitness 19

Fitness 19 was set in 2003 by fitness industry veterans who believed that the conventional gym version wasn’t fulfilling the requirements of the majority of people. They began Fitness 19 to give customers more of what they truly want from a fitness membership. The outcome is a straightforward physical fitness club concept — an extremely affordable, family-friendly facility that provides innovative aerobic, strength, and free weight equipment.

Their educated, friendly employees and neighborhood management combine to create Fitness 19 the club for families that want a healthy lifestyle without the hefty price.

Fitness 19 classes can be an excellent way to liven up your routine and add some inspiration to your workout.

They offer a variety of classes to help you tone muscle, lose weight, increase endurance and flexibility, and much more! Our courses are taught by enthusiastic trainers and fitness instructors who’d like to assist you in reaching your targets.

Fitness 19

Every team has a particular course program, but here are some of the courses offered:

  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Spin Class
  • Pilates
  • Kickboxing
  • Butts and Guts
  • Boot Camp
  • Body Sculpt
  • Zumba
  • U-Jam
  • Circuit
  • H.I.I.T.
  • Plyos
  • Power Core Yoga
  • Total Tone
  • R.I.P.P.E.D.
  • Senior Core and Freedom
  • Hard Core Boot Camp
  • Abs & Sports Freedom
  • Piloxing Combo
  • Power Dance
  • Senior Strength

Personal Trainers

No matter your fitness targets, Fitness 19 coaches can show you the most effective way to reach them.

The Benefit from the expertise of fitness professionals who have the training and experience will lead you toward victory. It is the best way to stay focused and motivated.

The Personal Trainers supply:

  • — One-on-one instruction
  • — Goal specific program designs
  • — Exciting new exercise trends
  • — Senior and Youth programs available
  • Medical research suggests that working out with weights can provide:
  • — Improved cardiovascular wellness
  • — Weight loss
  • — Lower cholesterol
  • — Reduce blood pressure
  • — Reduce stress
  • — Toning and firming
  • — Build muscle
  • — Increased muscular endurance
  • — Improved flexibility

Affordable price

Fitness 19 provides the highest in convenience and quality in a truly affordable price. They do not need long-term contracts; instead, they think you need to work out since it’s what you want to do.

Low prices paired with a family-friendly surrounding and state-of-the-art equipment combine for a unique and inviting experience. They work to make every member feel welcome and also to create an atmosphere that’s comfortable for our members. To make things much more accessible, a number of our locations also provide corporate memberships that can help boost office productivity and morale. Contact your local club for membership details now!

How to Cancel Fitness 19 membership

Cancel Fitness 19 membership quickly Fitness 19 is a gym series with over 120 fitness clubs across America. The Business offers family-friendly facilities, low prices, as well as monthly obligations. Fitness 19 was set by seasoned industry veterans that have created a unique fitness club concept aimed at helping families reach a much healthier lifestyle.

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To cancel Fitness 19 membership:

We have to write a cancellation letter, which should include all account details. Address the message to the local Fitness 19 place. If your Fitness 19 place utilizes the billing firm A.B.C. Financial, you also have to send a copy of the correspondence to them. A.B.C. Financial will take a faxed copy at 501-992-0802. Send it by email and request acknowledgment. Your letter should include:

  • 1. Reason for cancellation
  • 2. Your Entire name on file with Fitness 19
  • 3. Your email on file with Fitness 19
  • 4. Your address on record with Fitness 19 
  • 5. Your date of birth(D.O.B.)
  • 6. Last four digits of your drivers’ license
  • 7. The ending four digits of your S.S.N. (social security number)
  • 8. Username and password, even if registered online.

Follow up with any questions and make sure about your cancellation procedure. Also, be prepared to pay any additional cancellation fees.

To cancel over the phone, call: -LRB-719-RRB- 591-9100

Fitness 19 locations

To find all the Fitness 19 places, is very straightforward. Going to their website is the easiest way to get this information, and you’ll quickly get to learn your closest Fitness 19 locations on their homepage.

Fitness 19 locations
Fitness 19 locations

All you have to do is hit the locate a club tab on the site to look for the comparative Fitness 19 place. They’ve highlighted each state in which you’ll be able to discover a Fitness 19, so you can search by state, or you could enter your zip code to get a more exact location.

Upon locating the right Fitness 19 place, you can also get contact information and details regarding its opening and closing times, in addition to enabling you to register to your Fitness 19 guest pass for that specific location.

Why people are joining Fitness 19

  • People Wish to improve their health.
  • They Would like to Shed Weight
  • Heading to the gym can help you to lose inches around your waist and lose weight from all over your body.
  • They Would like to look better in their garments (and naked)
  • Exercise may lean and tone your whole body, smoothing out any bulges and which makes you look your best, no matter how much you weigh.
  • Science proved that exercising could boost your general energy (and your libido!). If you are interested in a boost, do not reach for your Red Bull — hit on your Fitness 19 gym membership card.
  • Men Wish to improve their potency.
  • If you frequently carry grocery store, life furniture or lift children, if you would like to improve your strength, you have to visit the gym and get lifting. If you do not fancy lifting weights, you can always take a floor class and use your body resistance and strength to build those muscles.
  • They want to socialize
  • For some folks, the fitness center may be a great spot to relax and unwind with their fellow gym concentrated friends. Chat and gossip while you workout, and then go for a drink or a meal afterward — a perfect way to catch up with old friends, and create new ones along the way.
  • The Wish to improve their psychological clarity
  • It is not just yoga that’s very good for your mental condition; any form of exercise can help slow you down and focus during your entire life. You are going to feel calmer, sleep better, and have more overall peace in everyday scenarios.
fitness 19 Working hours
fitness 19 Working hours

Check out if Fitness resolution is for you.

In an industry that’s continually changing, it is vital to stay up-to-date with the most recent figures and trends surrounding gym memberships. Like most of the membership-based businesses, individuals are at the crux of your enterprise. It is the people, your loved ones, which help lead to success and boost earnings.

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By staying together with the most recent advice, you may use it to underpin business choices and preparation. Learn who’s more inclined to sign up for some gym membership and stay with it and what members are hitting the gym to get. In the following guide, we’ll help you through all of the gym membership numbers you want to understand at the moment.


In 2018, customers saw their gyms over six billion times, rising from the previous year. It is reasonable that as the amount of health clubs and clubs has improved, so has the variety of members.

The fitness industry is continuing to determine growth with a rise in fitness centers, total sector revenue, and customer development. As customers place a great deal of significance on their health and health, they’re investing in gym access and solutions to fulfill their health and fitness objectives. With the growth of boutique gyms, many studios have entirely altered how we consider the conventional fitness center.

They need community and an advanced way of health. Xponential Fitness is among the most progressive companies on the planet in line with the quick Business.

To a lot of folks, the fitness center is all about more than just exercise. Suppose you have ever wondered what people do most in the fitness center or the chances a gym makes it beyond the six-month mark. In that case, we have a look at 10 gym membership numbers and trends so that you can discover more about your members, improve engagement, and improve retention.

You have probably met these individuals, and several people are these individuals. However, how long can they last?

Out of those new January-joining associates, 80 percent will stop in five weeks, and 14% stop until the end of February. According to the study by Coupon Cabin, 56 percent of current members do not like New Year’s resolutions. Despite the best intentions, it appears to have a great deal for members to maintain their new healthier workout regime. 

Nearly all health clubs and fitness centers lose 50 percent of the new members over the initial six months. Annually, a relatively modest quantity of gyms shed less than 30 percent of the own members. It presents fitness center owners and exercise professionals with a substantial chance to associate with more members more purposefully. Regrettably, membership cancellations are a part of the business enterprise. But if you detect you are losing members at an embarrassing speed, it is time to measure in.

One method to pick up on issues that could be inducing the gym to leave you will be a fitness membership analysis. Just take the opportunity to ask members why they’re going. There are clear reasons why a member could quit. However, it may be something in your control. The poll allows you to understand the basis for cancellation. After that, you can repair the issue immediately, so another member does not depart for the same reason. Before you go for membership in Fitness 19, consider all these points.

Fitness Resolution
Fitness Resolution

The Difference Between Women and Men

According to a study from Pureprofile, there’s virtually no gap between women and men in how often they exercise. The business report revealed that females are more inclined to take part in biking and swimming while men are more prone to take part in cycling and other sports.

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Research demonstrates a smartphone plays a considerable part in a workout for both women and men, with 46 percent and 43 percent, respectively, with a smartphone in the fitness center. women and men join the fitness center at about precisely the same pace.

Top Reasons For Quitting the Fitness Center

There are lots of reasons, which explains why someone would stop the gym. Among the principal reasons members stop is because of price. In a report by I.H.R.S.A., 38 percent abandoned a gymnasium since it was too costly. Other best reasons to give up the gym comprise losing inspiration, feeling out of place, no health friend, moving off, rather than seeing results fast enough.

In a study from The Retention People, they discovered that gym members are more inclined to renew their fitness center membership should they engage in-class exercises. Throughout the course, researchers examined 10,000 UK fitness and health members who followed up together over regular periods to quantify their customs and behaviors. 

18 percent of Participants Hit the Gym Consistently

Over 62.5 million fitness members see the fitness center 104 times annually, while 9 million non-members reach the gym an average of 24 times each year. About 18 percent of members go to the gym regularly.

Out of people who knowingly use their fitness center membership, 49.9percent reach the gym at least twice per week. Another 24.2percent make it into the gym at least once every week.

The Typical Fitness Member Earns $75,000 per year.

The average yearly income of a gym is $75,000. Specialty and boutique clubs are among those fastest-growing kinds of the club.

This figure is from the fitness center memberships, health supplements, private trainers, clothes, and meal programs.

Since 2008, gym membership in the States has increased by 37.1 percent. The whole amount of club-goers has additionally climbed by 34 percent. Usually, gyms have a much high number of fitness center memberships when the facility retains a whole lot less. Planet Fitness has approximately 6,500 members per health club, and also the center can hold about 300 people at any one time. Commercial fitness centers need around 10X the members who may fit in their physical fitness facility.

Even though there can be a record amount of individuals with fitness center memberships, they are not hitting the gym regularly. Greater than 50 percent of members visit the fitness center 100 times or even more annually. Interestingly, Colorado is the nation with the maximum gym participation rate, with 21 percent of members visiting the gym regularly.

Spikes in health club membership prices

In 2018, there have been 62.5 million fitness members in America. It includes Fitness 19 members. From 2000 to 2017, health club membership prices have undergone study expansion over the previous several decades. In 2017, you will find 38,477 fitness centers in the U.S. Brazil includes a similarly large number as it is home to 30,000 gym facilities. The fitness industry keeps growing and expand with a rise in gym memberships, amenities, and earnings.

If you are aware that you’re most likely to observe a fall in interest over those months, it is a fantastic chance to run fitness advertising in this period. Gym advertising is an excellent way to raise participation, membership numbers and promote devotion.

Participants Use the Fitness Center to Pick Up Dates

Some individuals use the fitness center to raise their fitness and eliminate weight; many others use it to pick up dates. Fifty percent of gym-goers assert they go to check out the opposite gender. Nearly 30 percent of members say that they do not break into a sweat due to their too busy talking to others. In research by 2,000 individuals by Kettler, 13 percent of people lie about going to the gym. Instead, they move someplace else.

The information proves that fitness centers are a place for individuals to join, meet friends, and also get a date. That is something to take into account when you are making decisions. Can you make it effortless for individuals to join and promote group fitness?

That is 6.3percent of Americans who have a membership they don’t utilize.