Flock of familiars 5e dnd spell op Pact of the Chain build

Flock of familiars 5e

Flock of familiars 5e

You briefly muster three familiars in the dnd spell of Flock of familiars in 5e. Spirits that take animal forms of your selection. Each recognizable uses the same rules and choices for a familiar conjured by the Find Familiar spell. Each of the familiars conjured by this spell has to be the same animal type (celestials, fey, or fiends; your own choice). Familiars summoned by this spell can telepathically communicate together personally and share their sensory or visual senses while they are within 1 mile of you. If you cast a spell with a variety of signature, one of those familiars conjured by this spell can deliver the spell as usual. However, you can cast a touch spell through just one familiar per turn.

Higher levels

When you cast Flock of familiars 5e spell utilizing a spell slot of 3rd or higher, you conjure an additional recognizable for every slot level over 2nd.

Flock of familiars 5e dnd spell Pact of the Chain build

Pact of the Chain says:

You understand the Find Familiar spell and can throw it like a ritual. The spell does not count against your amount of Spells known. Besides, when you take the Attack actions, you can forgo your attacks to allow your familiar to create one Attack of its own with its Reaction. You can’t summon Chain familiars through Flock of Familiars in 5e.

Pack of the chain 5e

The Pact of Chain feature 

  • You alter the Pact of this Chain spell when cast — the Find Familiar spell itself is unaltered. When a Pact of this Chain warlock casts 5e Flock of Familiars, Imp, Pseudodragon, Quasit, and Sprite are not.
  • Choices for a familiar conjured from the Find Familiar spell.
  • It is not considering the results of your projecting “Find Familiar,” it considers the shortlist record a “generic” Find Familiar spell uses. In other words, it is using “Find Familiar” as a reference shorthand.
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If the spell had intended to summon extra familiars, it might have stated the following. Each familiar uses the same rules and options as though you had cast the Find Familiar spell. Since 5e ascribes to “what you see is what you get,” you may believe RAW, only you can summon the lesser familiars.

5e Flock of Familiars OP

You’re spending another level spell slot plus concentration to provide an edge of about three attacks per turn. Not to 3 creatures whole turns, three single strikes. Moreover, the owls can’t Assist against a single enemy over once (because all help activities give advantage to another strike, they would get all trigger at once, and advantage does not stack). The spell does not require attention.

Additionally, you can not even select who gets the benefit. You can tactically plan it out to ensure that a specific individual gets it, but that’d require everybody who moves before them that might want to attack that target, switching goals or holding their actions.

Ultimately it is acceptable to allow them to fly. There are many inherent limitations to this strategy and many better uses of another degree immersion and slot. It’s far from OP, and I don’t think forcing the familiar to remain in melee and die necessary.

The Flock of Familiars Chainlock Build

A full set of familiars could only assist or hold actions to assist you and your whole staff whenever you men do anything, a long-lasting benefit. Another potential choice is to give them things to use. Grenades or cubes to drop, vials of acidity, etc. Finally, you can make them in a sort of spy network, keeping tabs on things in which you don’t have to be.

These are all things that you can do with no chain lock abilities. For scouting, it would be amazing. Summon multiple familiars, send them off in various directions, and you can cover much more ground. In terms of activity economy, I believe that you would only have one familiar Attack, not all of them.

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Flock of familiars 5e dnd spell op Pact of the Chain

Other Chainlock ideas

You can do the ‘aid’ action on multiple targets, granting an advantage to more of your celebration. They’d be great at diversion/misdirection, imperceptible flying imps making sounds, vibration bushes, speaking, etc.

If your DM enables harvesting toxin from familiars, this could speed up the collection. An imp can carry 45 lbs at the full move or 90 pounds in a 5′ speed. So, three familiars give you 135 pounds / 270. That could offer some restricted flight. You could have every imp catch a shield / little table / etc. and supply +2 AC through flying cover.

Flock of familiars 5e dnd spell stats

Level  2
School conjuration
Casting Time One Minute
Range Touch
Component S, V
Duration One Hour
Spell List Wizard, Warlock
Reference Lost Laboratory of Kwalish
Page 57