Free Spy Apps For iPhone in 2023 To Catch your Cheating Spouse

Free Spy Apps For iPhone in 2023 To Catch your Cheating Spouse

Free Spy Apps For iPhone in 2023

If you are looking for free spy apps for iPhone, there are a number of options that can be helpful. These include Spyera, XNSpy, Mobile Tracker Free, and Mobistealth. These apps are designed to help you monitor cell phone activity without the user’s knowledge. However, there are some limitations. Sometimes freebies are not the best. It comes with hidden cost. Webnews21 team recommends Mspy or Eyezy. Being our Official partner, there is also a 30% Discount using the code EYEZY30 with Eyezy

The other alternatives are as follows.


Spyera is a free iPhone spy app that lets you track the activities of your target phone. The app allows you to spy on the phone’s location and activity online. It also allows you to view screenshots of social media accounts and browser history. It also has a 10-day money-back guarantee. You will need an Apple ID to track your target phone’s activities.

Another great feature of iPhone spy apps is their iCloud monitoring capabilities. By monitoring an iPhone remotely, you can access any data saved on iCloud. If you can access the target phone’s iCloud backup, you can also spy on it remotely. Unlike Android phones, however, there is no free way to spy on an iPhone without physically accessing it.

Spyera is an award-winning spy application that lets you monitor computer and phone activity. It is particularly useful for tracking the location of a smartphone. It also has a variety of other features. Unlike many other spy apps, it is undetectable and works across multiple platforms. It can monitor computer and phone activity in real-time and even record screenshots.

XNSPY is an industry leader when it comes to phone spying apps. This spy app lets you monitor a phone’s GPS location, IM conversations, photos, videos, and web history. It also includes an iPhone keylogger and records live phone calls. In addition, it lets you listen and view VoIP calls.


XNSpy is a free and highly effective iPhone spy app that works with iOS. It allows you to monitor your children’s iPhones from the comfort of your computer without having to physically access the phone. However, it is important to note that XNSpy is only compatible with jailbroken iOS devices. If your child is using an unjailbroken iPhone, you can’t install the app.

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XNSpy is completely undetectable, and it will only collect data that you provide. Moreover, the app is completely legal as long as the person using it has the legal consent to spy on them. Its website has a list of legal prerequisites that must be fulfilled before installing the app on another person’s phone.

This free iPhone spy app allows you to monitor multimedia files saved on the phone, calendar entries, bookmarked pages, exchanged emails, and full web browsing history. This feature can be particularly useful for employers who need to monitor employee’s productivity. Besides, you can issue remote commands to block specific activities.

You can also spy on social networking sites and messaging apps. This app allows you to monitor Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. You can even add specific words to a Watchlist to be notified whenever they are used.

Mobile Tracker Free

This free spy app for iPhone offers a variety of features. It can track GPS locations, call history, web activity, photos, and keylogs. The app works without the target’s knowledge. You can even monitor social media activity and set limits on the speed and WiFi usage.

This app is perfect for parents who want to keep an eye on their children. This app works on the phone’s background and provides real-time updates every 15 minutes. You don’t need to root or disable Play Protect to use this app. You can even access your target phone’s calendar and email.

The app has a flexible pricing plan, and its features can be customized. The free version allows you to monitor up to five calls per day, as well as take screenshots every 2 hours. You can also control the camera and sound on the target phone. It can also monitor multimedia files. And the best part is that it’s invisible. Once installed, it’s easy to use in a matter of minutes.

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Apart from monitoring calls and texts, Mobile Tracker Free allows you to monitor multimedia files and social media accounts on the target device. You can also view and even delete photos from the target device.


If you’re concerned that someone is using your phone, you can use Mobistealth, a free iPhone spy app that tracks cell phone activity. The app works invisibly on the target’s phone and uploads the recorded data to a website. This allows you to check on the phone’s messages and browsing history.

The Mobistealth app is easy to install and uses stealth mode technology to remain undetectable on the target phone. It works in the background of the phone and sends data to an online dashboard. It never works without the target phone. It also provides you with detailed reports on the activity of the target phone.

Mobistealth offers a free 15-day trial, and you can demand a refund if you’re not happy with the product. This app is compatible with iOS 9 or later. You must have an Apple ID and configure iCloud backup for Mobistealth to work. Once installed, you can monitor any activity on the target iPhone, including text messages. Mobistealth is also useful for keeping tabs on children, because it allows you to monitor their activity and prevent them from getting into trouble.

Mobistealth has many great features, including monitoring text messages, pictures, and videos. It also tracks location and allows you to view or record screenshots of social media applications. All of these features make it an excellent iPhone spy app. However, it is not suitable for everyone, and you need to know how to use it properly.


If you want to keep an eye on your children, then FlexiSPY is a great option. This app allows you to view all of the texts sent and received by a targeted phone. It can also record calls and keystrokes. It also lets you monitor the surroundings of the target phone, including its location. There are even settings to limit the time spent on the home screen and geofencing to let you know when your kids are out of your boundaries.

FlexiSPY has been around for a while and is a powerful monitoring app for computers and mobile phones. It comes with mobile viewer apps for iPhone and Android. It can listen to IM conversations, record phone calls, view photos, videos, and more. Moreover, it can monitor websites, emails, and social media.

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FlexiSPY has the advantage of being free. It offers a free trial and refund policy if you’re not satisfied with its service. Moreover, it offers exclusive promotions every month, including a free mobile viewing app. You can also download its demo version for 14 days before you purchase it.

Cocospy is another great choice in the best iPhone spy app competition. This software has been around for a long time and has served hundreds of customers. It comes with a special version for jail-free iPhone devices. Moreover, the interface is easy to use, with a simple dashboard with all the necessary controls and options. It also includes an overview of all iPhone activities and offers social media monitoring options.


Neatspy is an iPhone spy software that allows you to monitor a device from a distance. It works over the Internet and configures itself with the targeted iPhone through its iCloud backup account. The software is designed to keep the target device safe from malware and does not steal any data from the monitored phone. Moreover, the program doesn’t require you to jailbreak the device.

Neatspy is ideal for parents and employers who want to monitor their employees’ activities. Its features are diverse and balanced. Apart from spying on texts and emails, it also lets you monitor social media accounts. It also provides a dashboard that allows you to monitor the overall usage of the device.

Apart from tracking messages and iMessages, Neatspy also allows users to view saved media files. Moreover, the application tracks browsing history, private browsing mode, and website visits. It can also track GPS location and time stamps of calls. Neatspy is legal and safe for use on iPhone and iPads.

The free version of Neatspy lets you track unlimited number of things without jailbreak or requiring your target device. It can be used on smartphones or computers and uploads recorded data to an established account. It can also be uninstalled through the control panel. This application is easy to install and use.