Cell Phone Tracker List with Best Additions

Cell Phone Tracker List with Best Additions

How to Track Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

When you can’t get in touch with your child or spouse via phone call or text, you need to know if everything is going well with your loved one. A quality cell phone tracker helps you not to be out of the loop and accurately determine their location, among other things. Read below on how to make this solution work for your peace of mind.

Why or Why Not Should You Use a Cell Phone Tracker App?

Phone tracking certainly has many benefits, which you can experience firsthand in just a few minutes. These include:

  • the ability to track cell phone location knowing only the phone number or by installing the program on the target device
  • following the person invisibly and without annoying notifications showing up on their phone screen
  • pinpointing their location in real-time and/or the ability to see in which places the person spent time hours earlier

Besides, probably everyone fell victim to a thief or their carelessness and lost control over the holy of holies – the mobile phone. It’s common for kids to forget their devices and have no clue where to find them. Taught by bitter experience, many users agree that it would be nice to start monitoring the device’s location or get access to the remote control of the gadget in such a discomforting situation. No matter if you set up a password, attackers will take a few minutes to fish out your sensitive information.

That being said, it is essential to explain and agree with the person you will monitor about all the benefits of such a service. After all, the only negative aspect cited by those who do not dare to enlist the support of a cell phone tracker is the violation of a person’s personal boundaries and the risk of going too far. Make sure that the integrity of your intentions is prioritized.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

Don’t let the installation of tracking software scare you away. It’ll all go smoothly if you familiarize yourself with the following steps:

  1. Carefully select an offer that will cover gaps for you with its features and will not hit your wallet.
  2. Free products usually don’t live up to user expectations; instead, paying attention to paid bundles with the ability to subscribe to a free trial is better.
  3. Register an account by providing your email and password. For example, your full trial version of the uMobix phone tracking app will be activated as soon as you enter your card details to debit 1 dollar.
  4. Proceed to your profile and tie up the target device following the instructions you will find in the email.
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How to Track Cell Phone Location for Free (Android and iOS)

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Or a tracking app, in our case. However, let’s see what’s in store before making hasty conclusions.

Google Maps (Android & iOS)

Imagine that it’s late, and you want to ensure all the party guests get home safely. All you need as an iPhone owner is to be logged into your Google account and activate Location Sharing by tapping on your profile picture. Then choose with whom and for how long you wish to continue such access. The service works identically for Android devices; create a link to share your GPS location with non-Google users.

The simplicity of use comes both as the advantage and disadvantage of this free GPS tracker – it will not be difficult for anyone to disable it, intentionally or not.

uMobix – Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission for $1 (Android & iOS)

Cell Phone Tracker List with Best Additions

This cell phone tracker has parental control and spy app tools in plentiful supply. While tracking products are an unexplored gizmo for many users, uMobix offers to try out all its functionality for just $1 to know for sure. Users can log into the account at any time and see the exact phone location once linking the child’s device.

However, this is far from the only feature that can give you a big picture of your child’s life. The app simultaneously monitors their messengers, posts, and media in social networks, websites from the browser history and searches, etc., with the help of a keylogger, and also allows you to see their environment in real-time through streaming. Stealth mode and customer support are also available.

Find My Device (Android)

Having a Google Account means being in touch with the world in many ways. But the opposite is also true – you can determine the cell phone’s location, freeze it or sweep out all the data on it if it is a lost phone using the Find My Device program. To do this, visit android.com/find and log into the Google account associated with the device you want to find.

Please note that a ping notification will pop up on the target device, and you, in turn, will see it on Google maps – the location, however, can be approximate or just display the last place where the device was seen turned on.

location tracker – Spot Someone’s Location for $1 Only (any OS or phone model)

Cell Phone Tracker List with Best Additions


Perhaps this GPS phone tracker is the fastest and most efficient way for remote location tracking. In addition, it will require a minimum of data from the user to start the monitoring process. Get to see how LocationTracker works:

  1. You send a message to the recipient anonymously or reveal your identity, as required by the situation.
  2. The content and the attached file can be changed as you see fit – the user only needs to click on its content.
  3. You do not need to physically access the device or person at all. You just see their location on maps in a few seconds.
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This great interactive solution can be used as a family locator or to GPS track the person, knowing only their phone number. A trial version for $1 is included.

Find My iPhone (iOS)

Find My iPhone is an older version of Find My, a cell phone tracker for monitoring iOS devices, now compatible with iPhones, iPads, watches, Macs, AirPods, and AirTags. This means that it is possible to see all connected devices in one place on the map – this feature comes in handy even if you are wandering the house and can’t find one of your gadgets.

The ability to remotely activate Lost Mode is particularly useful, in which you can block access to data on the gadget and send a message to the person who found your smartphone, say, in a bar. The icing on the cake – Find My service can work as a location tracker if the target device is not connected to the internet.

iCloud Location Tracking (iOS)

iCloud basically means your Apple account storage which stores logins and connections across multiple devices. Therefore, you must be logged into the appropriate Apple ID for Find My to be able to pull up the data from your account. Remember to put a toggle next to the Share My Location option and Find My iPhone if you want to easily and quickly find your GPS phone or track the phone of your loved one.

Take Camera Snapshots Stealthily with Hoverwatch (Android & iOS)

The aforementioned Find My or Find My Device tracking apps, which come bundled with all Android or iOS devices, although free, can only cover phone location tracking, a small part of the monitoring tools available on the market today.

Cell Phone Tracker List with Best Additions

For those interested in learning a lot more, Hoverwatch will do the trick. This comprehensive cell phone tracker offers software activation in a remote format or with direct installation on a target device, depending on what device you will track. In addition to accurate GPS tracking, you’ll see accumulated chat and activity data arriving from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more hidden places.

GEOfinder Anonymous Phone Tracker by Number (any OS or phone model)

If you’re unsure of the phone model you need to see immediately, GEOfinder still performs as a cell phone tracker with a bang. Moreover, having just a phone number will help you learn a lot of interesting information – from Wi-Fi and VPN networks on the target device to their IP address and SIM card provider.

Cell Phone Tracker List with Best Additions

If necessary, send several messages to connect with a loved one through messages in a messenger or SMS that is convenient for you.

SpyBubble – Best Tracking App That Requires No Jailbreak or Rooting (Android & iOS)

Cell Phone Tracker List with Best Additions

The website of this cell phone tracker has more than 40 cool features – this is already a reason to give it a review. SpyBubble is one of those phone tracking apps that suits the universal monitoring needs of customers. And yet, it conceptualizes itself as a tool for clearing things up with partners. As such, it will allow you to:

  • track iPhone and Android phone location
  • view text messages
  • provide reports on deleted data on the partner’s gadget
  • see all their photos and videos, contacts, and web browser history
  • take camera snapshots, start video and audio stream at the right time
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Other Methods to Track Phone Location

Being more or less carefully supervised at home, children and teenagers can vent their emotions where you don’t see it. Therefore, the question of their cell phone tracking always remains open – and it seems that there are some alternative loopholes that will help you.

Carrier Parental Control Apps

The use of a mobile tracker is a viable option within the services of today’s popular carriers. For example, Verizon offers a subscription to SmartFamily, which will create an additional layer of security for your child. How does the app work? Once you connect a target device, you can limit mobile data usage, block content, and websites, and even track their location.

The reins of parental control are also available to users of providers like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint, to name a few. How effective this method is compared to professional tracker apps is up to each individual to decide. But the fact is that the range of features provided by mobile carriers cannot be called exhaustive.

Track Phone Using IMEI for Free

IMEI is a unique identifier assigned to each mobile device and consists of 15 characters. While the IMEI is easy to find (via Settings → About phone), it is used by your carrier’s technical teams to manage your device if needed. Needless to say, an ordinary user does not have even half of these powers. So how far can an ordinary user go with this code, and can it be used as a free phone tracker?

Most resources on the Internet lead to some dubious applications that require access to everything private on your device. Whether to join such a gimmick or not is an individual choice, but is the game worth the candle if only one cell phone tracker tool is at stake?


How can I secretly spot a cell phone location?

You remain completely anonymous if you use GEOfinder. For the phone tracker to start determining a person’s location, it is enough to send them a message that will not differ in any way from those you usually exchange – it uses the exact text and attached file format.

How to stop someone from tracking or spying on my cell phone?

First, deactivate the location services on every modern mobile device – however, keep in mind that it will be more challenging to find your cell phone in case of loss. These include Google Timeline, Location Sharing on iOS, and Find My Device on Android. Also, avoid physical access by unwanted people and installation of phone trackers by locking your screen with a password.

Can I track a phone without installing an app?

Absolutely. There are several options here: use the iCloud login data of the target device owner, turn to a tracker app that monitors phones and tablets by phone number, or connect a pre-installed service such as Google maps to a shared account for location tracking.