Galder’s speedy courier background 5e & tower

Galder's speedy courier background 5e & tower

Galder’s speedy courier & Galder’s tower

Lost Laboratory of Kwalish searches an alternate excursion into the Barrier Peaks. The customary creator disappeared in the heights eons ago as it turns out, getting a crashed planar ship and considering the technology to fire his own experiments—barely now, Kwalish’s lost research is seriously needed! For characters 5th-10th level. The primary 3 spells are Galder’s speedy courier, Galder’s tower and Flock of familiars.

Galder’s speedy courier

You summon a Small air elemental into a spot within a range. The air elemental is formless, nearly transparent, immune to all wickedness, and cannot interact with other creatures or items. It includes an open, empty torso whose interior dimensions are 3 feet on each side. While the spell lasts, you can deposit as many items inside the torso as will fit. You may then name a residence creature you have seen and met at least once before or any animal for which you possess a body part, lock of hair, cutting out of a nail, or comparable section of the animal’s body.

Galder's speedy courier

The moment the chest’s lid is closed, then the elemental and the chest vanish, then reappear next to the target creature. If the target monstrosity is on another plane, or if it’s proofed against magical detection or place, the contents of the torso reappear on the ground at your feet.

The creature

The target creature is made conscious of the chest’s contents before choosing whether or not to start it and understands how much of the spell’s duration remains in which it can retrieve them. No other animal can open the chest and recover its contents. When the spell expires or if all the torso contents have been eliminated, the elemental and the torso vanish. The elemental also disappears if the target creature orders it to return the items to you.

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 If the nautical disappears, any items not taken out of the chest reappear on the floor at your feet. When you cast this spell using an 8th-level spell slot, you can send the torso to a monster on another plane of existence from you. The Magic Keys charms count as bard spells for you, so once you level up, you can swap it out, but just for a different Bard spell. If you desire to homebrew that MS spells can be swapped out, you would probably be best off homebrewing a copy of the charm and making it selectable by bards.

 What’s the definition of “mineral goods” for the substantial part of the Galder’s Speedy Courier spell?

The term isn’t defined in-game, so it takes its ordinary meaning. Quartz, feldspar, diamond, even sandstone (although you would need a whole lot to be worth 25gp) are minerals, even if they are subsequently worked cut or polished. Gold, copper, and iron ore are minerals, but iron and steel aren’t because they don’t happen naturally. Gold and aluminum metals might be minerals since the pure alloy does happen naturally. Rock salt is a mineral, but sea salt is not because it occurs naturally, but the latter involves human intervention – though that might be needlessly hair-splitting. I believe that some salt occurs naturally, enables us to think about all salt for a mineral. Seashells are curly ones (even non-curly seashells) – they are robust, inorganic, and naturally occurring – so they’re probably in.


Galder’s tower

You conjure a wrought iron made from wood, stone, or similar appropriately sturdy materials. The tower can be square or round in shape. Each level of this tower is 10 feet tall and contains an area of up to 100 square feet. Access between amounts is made up of a very simple ladder and hatch. Each level takes you of the following kinds, chosen by you when you throw the spell:

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Galder's Tower

  • A bedroom with a bed, chairs, chest, and magical fireplace
  • A dining room with a dining table, seats, magical fireplace, containers, and cooking utensils
  • A lounge with couches, armchairs, side tables, and footstools
  • A bath with bathrooms, washtubs, a bewitching brazier, and sauna seats
  • An observatory with a telescope and maps of the nighttime skies
  • An unfurnished, empty room

The inside of the tower is warm and dry, regardless of the conditions outside. Any furnishings or equipment conjured with the tower dissipate into smoke is eliminated from it. At the end of the spell’s duration, all animals and objects within the tower which were not generated from the spell seem safe outside on the floor, and all traces of the tower and its furnishings disappear.

Galder’s Tower in Higher levels

You can cast this spell again while it is active to keep the tower’s existence for another 24 hours. You can create a permanent tower. It by casting this spell simultaneously and with the same configuration daily for one year. At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell utilizing a spell slot of 4th or higher, the tower can have one additional story for each slot degree past 3rd.

Flock of familiars
Flock of familiars

Galder’s speedy courier vs Galder’s tower

Attributes Galder’s speedy courier Galder’s Tower
Reference Lost Laboratory of Kwalish page 57 Lost Laboratory of Kwalish page 57
Level 4 3
School conjuration conjuration
Casting Time One action 10 mins
Range 10 ft 30 ft
Component V, S, M (25  pieces of gold, or mineral goods that have equivalent value, which this spell consumes) V, S, M (the fragment of stone, wood, or any other building material)
Duration 10 mins 24 hours
Spell Warlock, Wizard Wizard
Subclass Arcane Trickster Rogue, Eldritch Knight Fighter Arcane Trickster Rogue, Eldritch Knight Fighter