Guides for Lake Tahoe Camping: 8 Places to Go

Guides for Lake Tahoe Camping: 8 Places to Go

Guides for Lake Tahoe Camping: 8 Places to Go

There’s something different about visiting Lake Tahoe. Aside from being an amazing destination for an outdoor adventure, it has a way of putting people in the mod to have an excellent time. Lake Tahoe is along the border of California and Nevada. It’s one of the best locations for water sports and hiking through dramatic cliffs overlooking the lake below. Most campgrounds near Lake Tahoe are family-friendly and large, with full hook-ups, on-site rentals, and RV roundabouts. RVers can also park their RVs or set up tents near Lake Tahoe and enjoy the lake’s pleasantness.

If you are looking for a campground for summer or winter camping, you should consider some of the fantastic spots near Lake Tahoe. This guide has some of the best campsites in Tahoe camping.

Camp Shelley

Camp Shelley is a campsite located a few miles from South Lake Tahoe on highway 89 between Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe. It’s right in the whispering pines with 25 individual campsites accommodating tents, RV, trailers, and motorhomes up to 24 feet. Camping here gets you to enjoy the lake views and other side attractions. While camping near Lake Tahoe, you can take hikes on the Mt. Tallac trailheads during trips. Since Camp Shelley is in a hidden location, there’s more intimacy camping here than at other campgrounds in Lake Tahoe. At Camp Shelley, the amenities include hot showers, picnic tables, drinking water, and a metal fire pit and grill at every campsite. Some outdoor recreational activities are kayaking, boating, wildlife viewing, and rafting.

D.L. Bliss State Park

Guides for Lake Tahoe Camping: 8 Places to Go

On the western shore of Lake Tahoe, just north of Emerald Bay State Park, is the D.L. Bliss, State Park. The campsite has one of the finest beaches as campers can see the crystal clear water. Even though there are about 140 sites here, this campground is one of those that doesn’t allow large RVs. For RVs, the maximum size is 18 feet, while it’s 15 feet for a trailer. Hikers can go on the Rubicon hiking trail, but if you’re camping with kids, they get to play on the sand. Apart from the Rubicon Point Light – the highest elevation lighthouse in the United States, other attractions include the Tallac Historic Site, Emerald Bay viewpoint, and the Eagle Falls trail. Campers can engage in scuba diving, swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding. D.L Bliss State Park has strict dog policy rules as dogs are not allowed on the trails and beaches.

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Sugar Pine Point State Park

Guides for Lake Tahoe Camping: 8 Places to Go

For over 200years, Sugar Pine Point State Park has been a favorite camping destination for Tahoe City visitors. Located on Highway 29 about ten miles south of Tahoe City, Sugar Pine Point State Park lies along the western shores of Lake Tahoe. This park offers incredible views, fall foliage sites, the tallest pine trees in the world, a historic estate, and Full Moon Snowshoe Tours. There’s also a Visitor Center for shopping, Lake Tahoe camping grounds, cross-country skiing experiences, and volunteering activities at the Volunteer Garden Club. Campers have Hot showers, clean toilets, picnic tables, and fire rings on camping trips. Sugar Pine Point State Park operates recreational facilities for skiing and snowshoeing during the winter. You can go swimming, beach activities, fishing, and hiking in summer.

Zephyr Cove Resort

Guides for Lake Tahoe Camping: 8 Places to Go

Zephyr Cove Resort is on Highway 50 on the southeast shore of Lake Tahoe. It’s another resort in the Lake Tahoe RV Campground and a good camping spot to explore the outdoors and participate in numerous fun activities. You should be here if you enjoy participating in volleyball, boating, parasailing, fishing, kayaking, jet-skiing, and stand-up paddle boarding. Zephyr Cove, an award-winning RV Park, offers campers outstanding facilities and a serene environment overlooking Lake Tahoe. There are 150 sites, and 57 are tent-only sites. Large RVs are allowed; each site has access to dump stations, night club, vending machines, tables, toilets, showers, laundry facilities, internet, and more. Lake Tahoe is known as an Outstanding Natural Resource of Water. As a result, charcoal grills are not allowed on the beach.

Fallen Leaf Campground

Guides for Lake Tahoe Camping: 8 Places to Go

With over 200 campgrounds, Fallen Leaf Campground is on the north shore of Fallen Leaf Lake and adjacent to Taylor Creek. Fallen Leaf Lake is less busy and less well-known than Lake Tahoe, making it an excellent base camp for exploring its various attractions and recreation activities. Whatever you decide to camp, Fallen Leaf Campground provides you with multiple choices like yurts, cabins, RVs, tents, and trailers. Camping with pets and campfires, potable water, and picnic tables are allowed. Fallen Leaf Campground is less than a mile away from the south shore of Lake Tahoe. Also, you can go tubing, non-motorized and motorized boating, windsurfing, and waterskiing while visiting.

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Camp Richardson Resort

Guides for Lake Tahoe Camping: 8 Places to Go

If you want to have outdoor fun and enjoy recreational activities at Lake Tahoe, Camp Richardson Resort is the place to visit. The Jameson Beach and Pope Beach are next to Camp Richardson Campground. From the Resort to Lake Tahoe is just twenty minutes. This Resort offers lakeside dining, lodging, cabin, and camping grounds. Camp Richardson Resort has 400 camping, and campers can go hiking, swimming, paddling, fishing, boating, horseback riding, and wildlife watching. Some places close to Camp Richardson Resort are Emerald Bay, Fallen Leaf Lake, and the Taylor Creek Visitor Center.

Meeks Bay Resort and Marina

Guides for Lake Tahoe Camping: 8 Places to Go

Meeks Bay Resort and Marina is 10 miles south of Tahoe City on Lake Tahoe’s West Shore. Due to the Resort’s popularity, you may need to make reservations 12 months in advance. It’s open from mid-May to mid-October. While camping here, there are various activities and numerous places to visit, like the Vikingsholm Mansion and Taylor Creek Visitor Center. You can go paddle boarding and kayaking at Tahoe City Kayak, learn skiing at High Sierra Waterski School at Homewood or Sunnyside Marina, and go on a Lake tour and fishing excursions. Meeks Bay Resort and Marina has modern campsites and comfortable lakefront lodging, with the RV campgrounds having full hookups. The Resort also offers a BBQ area, groceries, fresh coffee, convenience store, drinks & refreshments snack bar, beach toys & accessories, and group picnic areas. However, the Resort allows just a tent on an RV site. The tent campground only has a maximum of two tents. Also, trailers and pets are not allowed.

William Kent Campground

Guides for Lake Tahoe Camping: 8 Places to Go

Located on the west shore of Lake Tahoe is the William Kent Campground. This campground has tent and RV sites, surrounded by cedar and tall pine trees. William Kent Campground is a short walk to Lake Tahoe, with picnic tables, fire rings, a grill, and potable water. Visitors can enjoy sunbathing, boating, swimming, and other water sports activities. Pets are allowed, but only two animals per campground are permitted.

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Before planning your trip, check the campground’s webpage to find information on fees, permits, openings, and closures. While camping in Lake Tahoe campgrounds, some sites have a couple of rules campers should follow. Having Solar panels installed on the trailer allows for off-grid camping. Most of your electronics would run smoothly on the Acevolt Campower 2000 portable power station and stay alive all week without needing electrical power. Get your Acevolt Campower to ensure you enjoy your stay in these Lake Tahoe campsites. Also, book your spot early, read bear safety precautions, and prepare for mountain weather. However, the best time to camp in Lake Tahoe campgrounds is summer, as the weather is the warmest and friendliest.