Handaxe 5e Cost & Attack Bonus in dnd explained

Handaxe 5e cost and Attack Bonus

Handaxe 5e d&d

The handaxe in 5e dnd is a one-handed melee weapon for military use in the ax weapon category. [PH:218] You can add your proficiency bonus to any attack made with a handaxe if you are proficient with it. A handaxe can be used as an off-hand weapon. The handaxe can attack a character even though someone has another weapon in his other hand. The handaxe can also be thrown heavy, making it a useful weapon for making ranged attacks.

All military melee weapons are available to ardents, avengers, and barbarians. They can also be used by fighters, paladins, rangers, and wardens, and warlords. While proficiency with the handaxe is not a class trait for other classes, any character can acquire it by taking a Weapon Proficiency feat.

Price & weight of Handaxe 5e

The 3lb handaxe costs five gp.

What is the Thrown property? Is 5e handaxe STR or DEX

Thrown. Suppose a weapon has the thrown property. You may throw the weapon to gain a ranged attack. Suppose the weapon is a melee weapon. You use the same ability modifier for that attack roll and damage roll that you use for a melee attack with the weapon. For example, if you throw a handaxe, you use your Strength, but if you throw a dagger, you can use either your Strength or your Dexterity since the dagger has the finesse property.

Let’s first look at “What is attack bonus DND 5e?” to analyze handaxe attack bonus.

The Attack Bonus for the Starter Set Character sheets, Addition to attack rolls(only, not damage. It is calculated by your Proficiency Bonus and your relevant Ability Modifier (usually Strength or Dexterity for melee weapons).

Attack Bonus calculation

Attack Roll = Ability Modifier + Proficiency/Item Bonus + Class Features

Most people won’t have to worry about Proficiency and Ability Modifiers.

Handaxe 5e Attack Bonus & Cost Table

Attack bonus if proficient 2
Weapon die ([W]) 1d6
Type Melee
Range 5/10
Handedness One-handed
Proficiency category Military
Weapon group Axe
Weapon properties It varies from heavy thrown, off hand to  Light, Thrown (range 20/60)
Price / Cost 5 gp
Weight 3 lb.
Damage 1d6 slashing


Similar FAQs

Handaxe +1

This weapon grants you a +1 bonus on Attack and Damage Rolls.

  • melee weapon
  • Categories: Items
  • 1d6 DDamageType of damage Slashing
  • Modifiers: Weapon Attacks +1, Weapon Damage +1
  • Properties: Light, Range, and Thrown
  • Available in the following range: 20/60
  • Weight: 2

Is it possible to make a handaxe come back after being thrown in D&D5E?

You can use the Mage Hand Cantrip to grab the item and bring the item back as long as it’s within 30′. There may be other magical methods to retrieve the ax, but it is best to “Carry more.” You can be an artificer or have one at your party. You can cast the Returning Weapon infusion onto your handaxe. It does exactly what it says on its tin.

Returning Weapon

Item: A simple or martial weapon that has the thrown property. This magic weapon grants an additional +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls. It returns to the wielder immediately after being used for a ranged attack.

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