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Fire genasi in dnd 5e

A fire genasi in dnd 5e can have the bonus of Constitution (+2) or Intelligence (+1). These two attributes would be useful for a caster who uses concentration spells. The bonus to Constitution means that your character will have a high hit point if you roll well.

Picking stats is the second step in building a character. That is where your class choice matters. You would be able to benefit from either melee or ranged combat bonuses.

Your race won’t help you if your race isn’t fighting. It could be a hindrance, depending on how foreign a Genasi to your setting is. It would be quite noticeable that the offspring of genies stand out. They are not compatible with the standard elf-human-dwarf triad of common races. You’ll likely be met resistance wherever you go or have a harder time getting what you need. It is worth noting that a Fire Genasi has a +1 to Intelligence and a +2 to Constitution.

Fire Genasi | 5e Wizard, Artificer, Fighter & Rogue

We can think of Intelligence in terms of optimization as a stat that is only for spellcasting. The following classes use Intelligence to spell cast:

  • Wizard
  • Artificer
  • Fighter (Eldritch Knight Subclass)
  • Rogue (Arcane Trickster).

If you choose one of these four, your character will be optimized. Each of these classes can get Fireball in one way or another. With the fire resistance that this sub-tave grants, you could be ground zero and still suffer from the damage.

The high Constitution will be beneficial to all of them as it will provide better health. However, the Fighter and Rogue need more good abilities, so it’s a good option.

The modifiers that a race gives aren’t important. Any combination of them will work.

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Natives of the Material Plane often find the Elemental Planes inhospitable. The places are dangerous because they have endless skies, searing flames, and crushing earth. However, the powerful genies can navigate into the mortal world without any problems. They can adapt to the Material Plane’s mingled elements and can sometimes visit, either by their will or being compelled by magic. Some genies can travel incognito under mortal disguises.

These visits might lead to a mortal catching a glimpse of a genie’s eyes. Sometimes children are born, friendships blossom, and romance are cultivated. These children are called genasi, which means they have ties to both worlds but belong to neither. Some genasi are the result of mortal-genie unions. Others have two genasi parents. Rarely, however, do they have a genie higher up their family tree that manifests an elemental heritage that has been neglected for generations.

Sometimes, genasi can be caused by an elemental power surge, such as an eruption of the Inner Planes or a planar convergence. Any creature in the area is affected by elemental energy, which can alter their nature and cause them to become genasi.

Who are the Fire Genasi?

A fire genasi (also known as a fire soul Genasi) was a type of genasi that could harness firepower. Fire genasi often inherited traits from the Elemental Plane of Fire, such as fiery eyes, coal-colored skin, and flame-like hair. They are usually a union between a humanoid and an efreet, from two fire-genasi or from humanoid parents who had an efreet in their ascendancy. They can also be caused by exposure to fire elemental energy.


Fire genasi was able to summon nonmagical flame. They were also resistant to fire. They are not vulnerable to cold. Their feelings about cold are negligible. Warm-motivated fire genasi would believe they can’t survive in colder regions, even near freezing.

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Fire genasi were energetic and quick to react. They were quick to act and dressed extravagantly.


Although fire genasi can be found almost anywhere, they are most common in Calimshan and Chult, the Lake of Steam, and Unther. Faerun’s majority of fire genasi were descended from efreet. That includes those who ruled Calimshan.


Fire genasi were able to worship any deity. However, clerics were followers of Gond, Talos, or Kossuth.


You are a fire genasi and have the volatile moods and sharp mind of the efreet. You are impatient and quick to make judgments. You prefer to triumph in your unique appearance than conceal it.

Nearly all fire genasi are as hot as if they were burning in the center. This impression is reinforced by their flaming red, black or ash-gray skin colors. While the more human-looking species have fiery red hair, which writhes under extreme emotion, and more exotic ones sport flames dancing on their heads, they are more human-looking. Their voices sound like crackling flames, and their eyes can flare when they are angry. Some may also have a faint smell of brimstone.

  • Increase your Ability Score. Your Intelligence score increases by 1.
  • Darkvision. In dim light less than 60 feet from you, you can see as brightly as it is in the distance. In the darkness, it appears as dim as it was in the distance. Because of your ties to the Elemental Fire Plane, darkvision is unusual. Everything you see in darkness will be in a shade or red.
  • Fire Resistance. You are immune to fire damage.
  • Reach to Blaze. The Produce Flame cantrip is familiar. When you reach 3rd-level, you can cast Burning Hands once with this trait. After a long rest, you will regain the ability. Constitution is your spellcasting ability.