Haste 5e extra attack, cantrip, spell casting, and Action dnd

Haste 5e extra attack
Haste 5e extra attack

Is Extra Attack compatible with Haste in 5e Dnd ?

Haste is an additional action that can be useful for an attack action that is only one Attack. You can also use your action to cast Haste, and the hasted action makes one Attack. That is a neat trick. Haste allows players to perform additional attacks.

Haste is stated explicitly in its description.

This [additional] action is only for the Attack (one weapon attack only), Dash (PHB 255)

‘Now you are hasted. You Attack with your action, and Extra Attack allows for two attacks. You can now take another full action, which is granted by Haste. Choose Attack. This Attack cannot be combined with an Extra Attack. You can only use it to make one weapon attack. That is three attacks all in all.’

Extra Attack. You can make up to three attacks with the ATTACK ACTION if you are a high-level fighter.

HASTE: “it gains an extra action on every one of its turns. This action is only available to attack (one weapon attack), dash, disengage, hide, or use an object action.

If you use the “Cast A Spell” Action to cast a spell, you will be left with Haste that grants you ONE attack.

Can you cast Cantrips with Haste 5e?

Haste doesn’t include the “Cast a Spell” action (and the Attack action comes with the caveat of it being able to perform more than one Attack, as allowed by the Extra Attack trait). Therefore, a caster under Haste cannot use that extra action to cast a spell.

The Haste 5e dnd Spell allows you to cast a second weapon attack that affects cantrip (such as Greenflame Blade).

PHB pg. 250 refers to the spell “Haste gains a bonus action on each turn. This action cannot be used to take the Attack (one weapon attack only), Dash or Disengage, Hide, and Use an Object Action.

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PHB pg. Refer to PHB pg.192 for Actions in Combat. Attack: “With this action, you make one melee attack or ranged attack.”

While some spells can be considered attacks, they don’t fall under the “Attack” classification in Actions in Combat despite being required to make an attack roll. A separate section is available under Actions in Combat (PHB page. 192) refers to spellcasting, Cast A Spell. That is because spells aren’t technically considered actions because each spell has its own casting time, which specifies whether the caste must take action, react, or wait …”.

Combat Actions clearly outline what can be done during combat.

  • -Attack (melee, ranged, but no magic)
  • -Cast a spell
  • -Dash
  • -Disengage
  • -Dodge
  • Help
  • -Hide
  • -Ready
  • Search
  • -Use an object

Haste clearly states that the action it allows to the target cannot be used for anything other than:

  • -Attack (melee, ranged; only one weapon attack, no additional attack or weapon surges).
  • -Dash
  • -Disengage
  • -Hide
  • -Use an object
  • Haste excludes “Cast a Spell” in the Actions in Combat section at PHB Pg.192.

Is the Witch Bolt spell over when you perform an action granted by D&D 5E’s Haste spell?

Someone Hasted the warlock, huh? It’s not the best idea, but we can look at what’s available:

If you fail a concentration test, are incapacitated, or have your spell dispelled (e.g., When you decide to end concentration or cast another spell that demands your concentration.

The “Attack (one weapon attack only), Dash Disengage, Hide or Use an Object” actions can be performed using a Hasted action.

Witch Bolt ends when your actions are used to “do something else.”

A Hasted action is different from a regular or main action. As such, you must use your main action to use the spell. If you don’t use your immediate action, you can still concentrate, provided all other requirements are met.

The Hasted action isn’t your primary action. It’s an additional case that falls within separate rules. For instance, you can not use it to cast spells.

In truth, I believe the better question is, “Why would you ever want to keep your concentration on Witch Bolt?” Although you can front-load some damage, most cantrips are more effective. It’s not useful for an upcast. At level 1, there are many better damaging spells, such as Burning Hands and Arms of Hadar. You’ll choose to use one d12 over two d8 or two d10.

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Is a creature affected by the Haste spell able to fly when it ends?

No. Fly ends when Haste ceases. Although Haste doesn’t give you flight, it doesn’t mean that your flying creature doesn’t require it. However, such a condition must be mentioned explicitly, or it would not apply.

Is Haste a good spell in D&D because of this?

Haste 5e dnd spell is potent and one of the most sought-after, primarily when used by a Sorcerer.

Throwing it on one of your frontline fighters will result in another attack. They can finish fights quickly and efficiently, especially if they have higher AC to avoid being hit.

That gives you Dex save benefits. Dex saves are standard and can be used to prevent any dex save attacks.

This spell allows a sorcerer to twin spell it, allowing him to cast it on two people. Your team now has two players who have higher AC, and Dex save. They can also take any action they want.

Shield of Faith is better than Haste. Shield of Faith is a bonus action used at the first level, but it only grants 2 AC. As a third level, Haste gives players not only 2 AC but also Dex saves and more movement speed. I prefer Haste to Shield of Faith. A Sorcerer who uses meta magic to affect two people simultaneously can cause DM’s battle plans to be halted.

Haste is still available to casters. Haste grants them an action, not just a weapon attack. Casters can use Haste to take the action of the dash, disengage or use an item.

Although it may seem like a concentration spell, it is well worth it when used in a vital boss fight. It is evident, especially if one has War Caster feat, which gives you an advantage over holding concentration.

A fight should not last more than one minute in-game, or 12 rounds unless it’s a brutal fight in which the negative consequences of Haste kick in.

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It is suitable for what it does to others, even more than for the caster. It was available in pre-version three editions and affected multiple allies. You got doubled attack and movement speed and, if I recall correctly, a +2 AC bonus. It was great for fighters who had a lot more attacks.

3.0/3.5, but it was about the same except that you could not cast two spells with it in turn, and you only got one Attack instead of your regular attacks.

The spell has been nerfed quite a bit by 5e. You can only use it on one creature. It doubles the speed and gives you +2 AC. That means you can’t use any extra spells or abilities (that would generally require an action), nor can you activate any additional magic items. To top it all, it requires concentration. It means that you can’t use it together with other buffs and other concentration effects as you could in older versions.

In previous versions, this was very useful because it could affect your entire party. What is 5e? It’s not that great, except as a running technique or a way of increasing AC. It is only because of previous versions that it feels so great. The 3rd-level spells are more powerful. It should have been possible to add creatures per level. But they didn’t.


Level 3 transmutation

  • Casting Time: 1 Action
  • Distance: 30 feet
  • V S M (a shaving of licorice roots) Components
  • Concentration: Maximum 1 minute
  • Classes: Sorcerer, Wizard

You are not to be taken advantage of

It would be best if you chose a willing creature you can see within your range. The target’s speed increases by 2 points until the spell ends. It also gains a +2 bonus on AC and an advantage on Dexterity saving rolls. This action cannot be used to take the Attack (one weapon attack only), Dash Disengage, Hide or Use an Object action.

When Haste Falls:

The spell ends, and the target is unable to move or take action until the next turn. A wave of lethargy then sweeps over the target.

Grabber haste is a must-have for Wizards and Sorcerers. It’s a powerful utility spell that can end fights, keep a teammate alive, and make it possible to use higher-level characters more easily. It shouldn’t be downgraded because of the 3e-5e changes.