Artificer infusions 5e Guide & Replicable Magic item list table dnd

Artificer infusions 5e

How do the Artificer infusions 5e from the Infuse Item feature work in d&d?

The Artificer class table lists the maximum number of infused items you can have at any one time. The Infuse Item description describes infusions’ rules (TCoE p. 12-13, ERftLW p. 56, WGtE p.79). After a long rest, you can infuse more than one nonmagical item. The maximum number of objects that can be infused is listed in the Artificer column. If you exceed the maximum number of infusions allowed, the oldest Infusion will immediately end, and the new one will take effect. At the 5th level, you can infuse two items. You can only infuse two items at a time. The Infusion of a third item will stop if you attempt to infuse it. Let us begin our Artificer infusions 5e Guide in DnD.

Artificer infusions 5e Table

Replicable Magic Items (2nd-Level Artificer)

Magic Item Attunement
Alchemy Jug   No
Bag of Holding   No
Cap of Water Breathing   No
Goggles of Night   No
Rope of Climbing   No
Sending Stones   No
Wand of Magic Detection   No
Wand of Secrets   No

Replicable Magic Items (6th-Level Artificer)

Magic Item Attunement
Boots of Elvenkind   No
Cloak of Elvenkind   Yes
Cloak of the Manta Ray   No
Eyes of Charming   Yes
Gloves of Thievery   No
Lantern of Revealing   No
Pipes of Haunting   No
Ring of Water Walking   No
Replicable Magic Items (10th-level artificer)
Magic Item Attunement
Boots of Striding and Springing   Yes
Boots of the Winterlands   Yes
Bracers of Archery   Yes
Brooch of Shielding   Yes
Cloak of Protection   Yes
Eyes of the Eagle   Yes
Gauntlets of Ogre Power   Yes
Gloves of Missile Snaring   Yes
Gloves of Swimming and Climbing   Yes
Hat of Disguise   Yes
Headband of Intellect   Yes
Helm of Telepathy   Yes
Medallion of Thoughts   Yes
Necklace of Adaptation   Yes
Periapt of Wound Closure   Yes
Pipes of the Sewers   Yes
Quiver of Ehlonna   No
Ring of Jumping   Yes
Ring of Mind Shielding   Yes
Slippers of Spider Climbing   Yes
Ventilating Lungs (Eberron: Rising from the Last War)   Yes
Winged Boots   Yes

Replicable Magic Items (14th-level artificer)

Magic Item Attunement
Amulet of Health   Yes
Arcane Propulsion Arm (Eberron: Rising from the Last War)   Yes
Belt of Hill Giant Strength   Yes
Boots of Levitation   Yes
Boots of Speed   Yes
Bracers of Defense   Yes
Cloak of the Bat   Yes
Dimensional Shackles   No
Gem of Seeing   Yes
Horn of Blasting   No
Ring of Free Action   Yes
Ring of Protection   Yes
Ring of the Ram   Yes
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Which infusions are best for artificers?

Artificer Infusions

  • Armor of Magical Strength TCoE: Strength (Athletics) is an excellent way for enemies to fall prone. However, unless an ally or you are going to Grapple them, you won’t have the ability to keep them prone.
  • Enhanced Arcane ConcentrERLW/TCoE: These bonuses to spell attacks can be very difficult to find. However, they are precious.

Are other characters allowed to use artificer-infused items?

Artificer infusions can make magic items. Anybody can use magic items without restrictions. These restrictions are not listed in the descriptions of the infused items.

What is the average duration of artificer infusions?

There are two levels of infusions that can be active at the same time. These infusions can last until you die, in which case they expire after a certain Intelligence Modifier number of days, or you infuse another item.

Are infusions possible to be altered by artificers?

You can increase your power by using magic items. While most Artificers cannot swap out Infusions after leveling up, it wouldn’t surprise me if some DMs and Players allow them to swap one Infusion for another of the same “level” at the end of a long rest.

Are artificer infusions compatible with magic items or not?

An infusion is magical and cannot be placed on a magic item. One Infusion is allowed per item. Because of its mystical item status, it is no longer able to receive an additional infusion.

How many times can an artist duplicate a magic item?

The Infuse Item feature explains that “each of your infusions can only be used in one object at a given time.” That means that you cannot create multiple instances of the same magic item.

Is a replica magic item considered an infused item?

Replicate Magic Items are infusions. You can infuse an item with Infusion, and it becomes a magic item. This item can be used as a focus for spell casting.

Are artificer infusions subject to attunement requirements?

Only after the Infusion is applied, the attunement is required.

Is it possible to make a bag of holding?

The old bag of holding tricks is now easier than ever, thanks to the new artificer UA. Learn how to make a replica of a magic item (bag for holding). After each long rest, summon an alchemical hominis to transform two bags into bags.

Are infused items subject to attunement?

Item: A suit of armor. This armor requires attunement.

Are magic items possible for artificers?

Yes, they could. However, it would be a Legendary magical item, so it won’t likely be possible until much higher levels.

Are magic items made by artificers possible?

Artificer infusions can be made into permanent magic items. It is infusing an item while it is crafted counts as providing exotic materials. It costs only time and gold to prepare the item. However, you will be unable to use one slot for infusions until crafting is complete.

Are Artificers allowed to wear armor?

This armor can be used to enhance the magic of artificers, unleash powerful attacks, and provide a formidable defense. This armor is a bond between the artificer and the armor. They become one with it as they experiment with its magic capabilities and improve it.

Are magic items possible to replicate by artificers?

It is an infusion and follows the same rules that other infusions. You can only use it to replicate certain magic items.

Spell details

Artificer infusions can transform nonmagical objects into magical items quickly. Each subsequent Infusion will describe the object that can be received and whether or not the magic item needs to be attuned.

Some infusions specify a minimum artificer level. That is the minimum level you must be at to learn an infusion.

You can only learn one Infusion at a time unless the description of the Infusion says otherwise.

Arcane Propulsion Armor

Prerequisite: 14th-level artificer

Item: A suit of armor (requires attunement)

The wearer of this armor gains these benefits:

  • The wearer’s walking speed increases by 5 feet.
  • Each gauntlet is a magic melee weapon, which can only be used when the hand is empty. Each gauntlet deals 1d8 force damages on a hit. They also have the thrown property. The range is between 20 and 60 feet. The gauntlet is thrown and detaches, flies at the target of the attack, and returns to the wearer immediately and reattaches.
  • The armor can’t be removed against the wearer’s will.
  • The armor can replace any missing limbs. They function exactly like the body parts that they replace.
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Armor of Magical Strength

Item: A suit of armor (requires attunement)

The armor comes with six charges. These are the ways the wearer can expend the armor:

  • When the wearer makes a Strength check or a Strength saving throw, it can expend one charge to add a bonus to the roll equal to its Intelligence modifier.
  • If the creature would be knocked prone, it can use its reaction to expend one charge to avoid being knocked prone.

The armor regains 1d6 expended charges daily at dawn.

Armor of Tools (UA)

Item: A suit of armor

A creature can use this armor to integrate artisan’s or thieves’ tools. The tools are retained in the armor for eight hours or until the wearer takes the action of removing them. Only one tool can be integrated into the armor at a given time. To any ability checks made with the integrated tool, the wearer can add their Intelligence modifier. The wearer must use the agency with one hand.

Boots of the Winding Path

Prerequisite: 6th-level artificer

Item: A pair of boots (requires attunement)

A creature can teleport to an unoccupied area up to 15 feet while wearing these boots. This creature must have been in that area at some time during the current turn.

Enhanced Arcane Focus

Item: A rod, staff, or wand (requires attunement)

A creature can hold this item to gain a +1 bonus on spell attack rolls. The beast can ignore half of the cover when it makes a spell attack.

The bonus increases to +2 when you reach the 10th level in this class.

Enhanced Defense

Item: A suit of armor or a shield

A creature gains a +1 bonus to Armor Class while wearing (armor) or wielding (shield) the infused item.

The bonus increases to +2 when you reach the 10th level in this class.

Enhanced Weapon

Item: A simple or martial weapon

This magic weapon grants a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it.

The bonus increases to +2 when you reach the 10th level in this class.

Helm of Awareness

Prerequisite: 10th-level artificer

Item: A helmet (requires attunement)

A creature with this helmet has an advantage in initiative rolls. The helmet can also be worn to surprise, as long as it’s not incapacitated.

Homunculus Servant

Item: A gem or crystal worth at least 100 gp

Learn how to create a homunculus for your needs magically. Infusing the item initiates the creature’s heart. The beast then forms its body immediately.

The appearance of the homunculus is up to you. Some artists prefer mechanical-looking birds while others like winged vials and miniature, animate cauldrons.

The homunculus is friendly with you and your companions and obeys your orders. That creature’s game statistics can be found in the Homunculus Servant statblock. It uses your proficiency bonus in many places.

The homunculus can share your initiative count in combat but takes its turn right after yours. You can command it to move or use its reaction independently, but it cannot take action except the Dodge action. It can take one action in its stat block or another action. The homunculus may take any action it chooses, even Dodge if you are disabled.

If the mending spell has been cast, the homunculus will regain the 2d6 hit point. The homunculus vanishes when either you or it dies.

Mind Sharpener

Item: A suit of armor or robes

Infused items can give the wearer a boost to help them refocus. There are four charges for the item. The item has four charges. If the wearer fails to make a Constitution saving throw to keep their concentration on a spell’s purpose, the wearer may use its reaction to spend 1 of the item’s charges instead. Each day at dawn, the item is credited with 1d4 expended charges.

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Radiant Weapon

Prerequisite: 6th-level artificer

Item: A simple or martial weapon (requires attunement)

This magical weapon gives you a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls. The wielder of the magic weapon can perform a bonus action while still in his hand to make it shine brightly for a radius of 30 feet and dim it for an additional 30 feet. As a bonus, the wielder may extinguish it.

There are four charges to the weapon. The wielder may expend one charge immediately after an attack. That will cause the attacker to become blinded until the end of the attacker’s next round unless the attacker makes a Constitution saving throw against your spell save DC. Each day at dawn, the weapon gains 1d4 expended charges.

Repeating Shot

Item: A simple or martial weapon with the ammunition property (requires attunement)

This magic weapon grants a + 1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it when used to create a ranged attack, and it ignores the loading property if it has it.

The weapon will automatically produce its ammunition if you don’t load any ammunition. After hitting or missing a target, the ammunition produced by the weapon disappears.

Replicate Magic Item

This Infusion can be used to create a specific magic item. This Infusion can be learned multiple times. Each time you understand it, pick a magic item you can make with it from the Replicable Items table. The title of a table tells you how high you have to be to select an item from that table. You can also choose the magic item you want from the list of common magic items, which does not include scrolls or potions.

An item’s entry in the tables tells you if it requires attunement. For more information, see the Dungeon Master’s Guide’s item description. That includes the type of object that needs to be made.

Xanathar’s Guide to All Magic Items allows you to choose from a variety of common magic items. You can also pick a magic item that you can duplicate with this Infusion.

Repulsion Shield

Prerequisite: 6th-level artificer

Item: A shield (requires attunement)

A creature gains a +1 bonus to Armor Class while wielding this shield.

There are four charges on the shield. The shield has four charges. While the wielder is holding it, you can use a reaction to be hit with a melee attack immediately to expend 1 of its charges and push the attacker to at least 15 feet away. Each day at dawn, the shield recovers 1d4 of its expended charges.

Resistant Armor

Prerequisite: 6th-level artificer

Item: A suit of armor (requires attunement)

While wearing this armor, a creature has resistance to one of the following damage types, which you choose when you infuse the item: acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, poison, psychic, radiant, or thunder.

Returning Weapon

Item: A simple or martial weapon with the thrown property

This magic weapon grants a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it, and it returns to the wielder’s hand immediately after it is used to create a ranged attack.

Spell-Refueling Ring

Prerequisite: 6th-level artificer

Item: A ring (requires attunement)

The creature can use this ring to recover one of its expended spell slots. The 3rd or lower-level slot can be recovered. The ring cannot be used again after it has been used.

Can an artificer use one of their infusions twice in D&D 5E?

Artificer infusion works as follows

  1. One object can hold one Infusion only
  2. You can cast one Infusion once per long rest

However, the number of infusions you know and several infused items you can have are dependent on the Artificer level.

Example: A level 2 artist can have four infusions and two infused items. If the item is not in use, the artificer can change the Infusion. So, if your question were, Can I have two items with the same Infusion simultaneously in dnd 5e? the answer would be no.

But if your question was, Can I use the same Infusion on two items at different times? The answer would be yes but tricky because an artificer cannot end an infusion at will, and the Infusion remains in the item indefinitely or until the artificer dies.

You would have to use up your infusions (in the above example, infuse two items with two infusions (let us say the used infusions are Inf-1 and Inf-2, with Inf-1 being the oldest)

Next, you will attempt to infuse a brand new object with Inf-3 or 4 of the known infusions. The oldest effect is lost because you have already infused the maximum number of items. Let’s say it is Inf-1 span>

You can then use Inf-1 again on another object. It means that the thing you infused in 2. is no longer magical, but you could use the same Infusion to infuse another object.

Tricky and lengthy but possible.