Let us compare Ymir’s Jaw Titan vs. Falco | Attack on titan flying

Jaw titan Falco

Why could Falco’s Jaw Titan fly, but other users couldn’t?

It’s not a Jaw titan. Falco was transformed using Zeke’s spine fluid into a pure titan. His titan form took traits of the Beast Titan, a titan that takes on the state of various beasts from different animal kingdoms. We aren’t quite sure why but that is not the question being asked.

Falco’s Beast titan’s spinal fluid is responsible for Falco’s Titan becoming a bird, rather than having a more similar appearance as previous Jaw titans. It seems that the Beast titan SF has taken over the Jaw titan SF/Blood and given Falco a bird-like appearance.

There are plot reasons as well as the fact that he is named Falco. But that’s not what the question’s asking. His titan form looks very different in his second transformation, but that could be the angle.

Due to his titan powers, he can choose whether to transform into a full-fledged bird or just a little bird.

Fun bonus: Although I’m not able to share it yet, if we look at Season 4’s end credits, where Falco is flying above the birds, you can see Falco’s bird titan form transporting people on its back.

It’s around 0:48, and a few people are flying along.

Let me sum it all before I get off-topic. The presence of Zeke’s spinal fluid within Falco gives Falco’s Jaw titan the appearance and strength of a bird. Falco’s Jaw titan is now a second beast titan.


Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series that Hajime Isayama has illustrated and written. Kodansha publishes it in the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

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The manga was first serialized on September 9, 2009, and published in 30 tankobon formats.

Attack on Titan follows humanity as they try to defend themselves against the three terrifying titans following them.

Eren Yeager, a young boy, believes that a caged existence is like that of cattle. He aspires one day to escape the walls, just like his heroes from the Survey Corps. The emergence of a dangerous Titan unleashes chaos.

The Jaw Titan’s current holder, Porco Galliard, is in episode 5 in Attack on Titan: The Final Season. Since episode 1 of The Final Season, he has been the Jaw Titan holder.

In episode 2, it is revealed that Porco ate a female holder to steal the Jaw. This female holder is called Ymir and was given the Jaw by Marcel Galliard, Porco’s older brother.

Falco Grice, however, is now the Jaw Titan holder as per the latest chapter (Chapter 136) of the manga. Fans saw Falco transform into the Jaw Titan flying to rescue Annie, Gabi, and the Survey Corps Squad!

 The Jaw Titan’s Strength and Weaknesses

The Jaw Titan’s form varies from one owner to the next. When Ymir was the Jaw Titan’s owner, she was a tiny maskless titan with sharp teeth.

Porco and Marcel were transformed into Jaw by full-on claws, face shields, and a distinct difference in their hair color. Falco activated Jaw with a large beak and talons!

It’s not only their physical appearances that can change, but their skills, abilities, and techniques will also vary depending on the holder. Let’s take a look at each of these individually to see their strengths and weaknesses.

Falco Grice

Falco is the youngest Jaw Titan owner, so fans shouldn’t underestimate him! He was able to show tenacity, stamina, and strength at such an early age while posing the Jaw Titan!

His Jaw Titan’s greatest strength was its ability to fly. He is the only one who can do it. He did it brilliantly to rescue the Survey Corps Squad from Chapter 135’s dire circumstances.

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Many hints point to Falco becoming a flying Titan. The “falcon bird” is the reason for his name. More importantly, Falco also drank some of Zeke’s Beast Titan’s spinal fluid.

That is why Falco’s Jaw Titan looks muscular and different from his predecessors. It is also why Falco’s Jaw Titan’s beak has an enhanced white armor that protects his Jaw’s nose, mouth, and chin.

Who is the New Jaw Titan, anyway? Falco or the New Jaw Titan?

Falco is also a bird lover, which is why he became a flying giant!

In episode 1, Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Falco lies on a deserted island looking up at the sky.

He’s exhausted and tells the birds to flee from war zones.

Falco’s Jaw Titan has some unique physical characteristics. His Jaw looks like a large beak due to the hardened armor created by the Beast Titan’s spine fluid.

Its inner Jaw is shaped like a human’s mouth and teeth. Falco’s Jaw Titan form, Falco, can also regenerate and fly fast across the sky because of the Jaw’s agility base power. Fly Falco Protect Gabi and fly!

 Porco and Marcel Galliard

Porco and Marcel Galliard’s Jaw Titan look great and are similar because they are brothers, and b. they both took the Beast’s Titan spinal fluid.

Because they took Zeke’s spinal fluid, their Jaw Titans have white armors that show hardening capabilities. The Jaws of the brothers also have tremendous biting power.

This powerful biting force could even crush anti-Titan artilleries like canons! The brothers’ Jaws are known for their ability to eat solid and durable materials.

It could be because their Jaws were activated in their teens (Porco was in his late teens, and Marcel was in his teens) that their strengths are so remarkable!

Marcel and Porco have many traits in common: speed, agility, regeneration, and shared love for their Jaw Titans. There are some differences, however. Porco’s Jaw is 5 meters longer than Marcel’s Jaw.

Porco’s Jaw is faster than his brother’s. He can leap from great distances, and he can even make surprise attacks! Marcel is capable of performing the same feats and techniques.

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It’s difficult to compare, as Marcel died (was eaten by Ymir), even though he was demonstrating his talents during the Paradis Island Operation.

What happened to Ymir’s Jaw Titan?

Ymir is Zeke’s only Jaw Titan Shifter that didn’t consume Zeke’s spinal fluid. Her Jaw does not have the same hardened armor ability as Marcel, Falco, and Porco.

Ymir, a Pure Titan, traveled the desert of Paradis for sixty years. That was something that I noticed while watching the anime.

She ate Marcel during her travels and reached The Path to view the starry night sky after that.

Who is the New Jaw Titan, anyway? Falco or the New Jaw Titan?

Marcel’s Jaw Titan powers were acquired by Ymir the moment she ate him. It was a very moving moment for Ymir. She promised that she would never lie to herself again from that point forward!

She entered the King Fritz’ Walls cities, joined the Survey Corps, and helped Historia get into the Top 10 Survey Corps (because of her love for her).

She made her shining moment on Season 2 of Attack on Titan when she was the Jaw Titan. (This is also the first chance that fans get to see a Jaw Titan!)

Ymir’s Jaw is a mixture of a Pure Titan, an Intelligent Titan. It is not pure enough to be classified as an abnormal one.

Ymir’s Jaw, however, is intelligent because she can both understand basic fighting principles and can demonstrate efficient combat movements.

Ymir is also able to regenerate her limbs, as was demonstrated during the Utgard Castle Battle!

Her Jaw’s small size also allows her to do the following: a. climb walls and trees; b quickly. Subdue Pure Titans while biting their napes with her Jaw Titan.

The truth is, Ymir’s Jaw has a lower strength and speed than her predecessors. Her Jaw is witty enough to be able to start battles because of her intelligence.