Hey You Guys Goonies, We’re Back!

Hey You Guys Goonies, We're Back!

Hey You Guys Goonies, We’re Back!

Fans should support the notion of a “Goonies” sequel even though the Goonies may never say die. Simply put, things aren’t looking good for the movie. But don’t worry; filmmaker Richard Donner is working on a movie with a “Goonies” theme that sounds, to put it mildly, intriguing.

Give up on making “Goonies 2” a reality. It will not take place.

Donner said anything pertaining to “The Goonies” was in the works in a lengthy interview with Yahoo. “Do you know what immersion theatre is? We’re going to perform it off-Broadway. Where there are no chairs, the location is a warehouse where a play is being performed. You enter the warehouse and participate in the performance by moving through it with actors. It’s huge right now.” Donner went on, “One on “The Goonies” is what we’re doing. It won’t happen for another year or so, but it will be fantastic.”

Time for the good news/bad news now:

The narrative of “The Goonies” didn’t start and finish in 1985 (or 1987, if you were a fan of that Nintendo video game). So until this “immersion theatre” project is completed, Donner merely wants us to maintain our composure? How do we go about doing that? But I won’t be the one to dash your hopes if you’re still enthusiastic about the idea of a sequel. Donner did provide a significant detail regarding the unstoppable sequel.

“It takes a long time to get everything correct. It is a disservice to accomplish things quickly, simply, and easily. But if there were to be a sequel, it would take us a long time to get it properly since we’re connected in a lot of history and have a lot of integrity to uphold for what once was and still lives on without being destroyed. Possibly, something is being worked on by the powers that be “Finally, Donner said.

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Therefore, it appears that the “sequel or no sequel” debate has reached a dead end. However, it’s still encouraging to learn that no one has outright objected to the creation of “Goonies 2.”

Sloth’s favorite superhero is Superman.

The Goonies is a 1985 animated comedy film about the titular character, Lotney “Sloth” Fratelli. Sloth is a deformed orphan who helps Chunk find friends and fight against the evil Fratellis. Sloth has a deformed face, which may be a result of being dropped by his mother as an infant. His appearance is also attributed to an injury to Sloth’s brain, which may have been the cause of his deformity.

The film follows Sloth as he travels through the caves with his brother Chunk. They attempt to repair the underground plumbing but end up causing more mayhem on the surface. Sloth saves Stef and Mouth by rescuing them from being pushed overboard by their brothers. Later, they fight each other, and Sloth subdues his brothers. Finally, Sloth saves his mother from drowning by picking her up and throwing her overboard.

Chunk’s favorite superhero is Superman.

Chunk’s favorite superhero is the Man of Steel! Superman is the most iconic superhero in the history of comics. His powers are superhuman strength, the ability to leap over one-eighth of a mile, and invulnerability. Initially, these superpowers were limited, but they soon increased and expanded throughout the Silver Age. During this period, Superman also had the power to fly, and he could cross entire universes, sometimes even solar systems!

The story of Superman’s first encounter with Lex Luthor is a classic. The villains in this story all have alliterative names, and their appearances evoke the early comic books. Superman has a rogue gallery of enemies, including Lex Luthor, the villain from the original “Superman” comics. Superman’s enemies can range from a scientific genius to a corporate CEO.

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Hey You Guys Goonies, We're Back!

Chunk’s favorite song is Superman’s “Hail to the Chief.”

The radio station is titled after the Superman theme song. It was recorded on June 17, 1970, at the Sages East Restaurant in Chicago. The show was rebroadcast on July 11-17, 2015. This song is Chunk’s favorite. The song has been the theme song of many Superman shows, including the recent “Action Comics” series. In addition, it is a favorite of many children and adults alike.