Hisoka cosplay & costume in Hunter x Hunter facts

Hisoka cosplay & costume in Hunter x Hunter facts

Hisoka cosplay in Hunter x Hunter

Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter is a game with various bizarre characters. Still, none is more strange than Hisoka Morow cosplay and costume. He’s an enigma that nobody knows what his name is pronounced. Is it Morow, Morrow, Morou, or Moro? We aren’t able to give you a definitive answer. However, the confusion is certainly correlated with the persona of the magician. Let is discuss Hisoka cosplay and appearance in this article.

Hisoka’s look is similar to the appearance of a jester or magician. He’s tall and has a light skin tone and a strong physique. His outfits are typically adorned with different suit-related symbols on the front and back of the torso. He has a change of outfit during every story episode. His face paint stars across his cheeks on the right and tears on his left cheek. As with his outfit in the 2011 anime, the face paint often changes colors. In the Greed Island arc, Hisoka is wearing The Greed Island Ring on the left side of his middle finger. And during the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, Hisoka wears a pair of earrings with ornamental hearts. Unknown reasons for this, Hisoka has long, pointed nails that give his hands the appearance of claws which suggests his dark side.


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In his first appearance on the anime series of 1999, Hisoka’s hair was blue. After re-designing the anime, the hair was changed to an almost neon red or pink shade to align with the manga. In the anime of 2011, Hisoka is a red-haired character with eyes that are light amber. The manga depicts him as having light amber eyes. in the Yorknew City episode, Hisoka dyes his hair light green. The dynamic changes in his appearance reveal the complexity of Hisoka’s character.

Hisoka Morow, more often referred to as Hisoka, is the main character from the popular anime and manga show Hunter X Hunter. He’s a complex character, as you never know whether he’s an enemy or a friend. Hisoka is a powerful character who always looks for other powerful characters to take on them in a fight.

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He is brutal and doesn’t be afraid to kill. However, the man is kind to those who might grow stronger shortly so that he can take on them. He is among the most well-known characters in the show.

The Most Amazing Hisoka from Hunter The X Hunter cosplay and costumes

Hisoka’s look will make you think of a jester from the court because Hisoka looks exactly like one. He wears a variety of outfits in manga and anime series. The first adaptation for anime of the character, in 1999, featured him wearing blue hair. In 2011, they changed it to red hair, and His outfit was also altered slightly. This guide will show two of Hisoka’s outfits.

The first is the one he was wearing during The Hunter Exam Arc. It’s a light blue short-sleeved jacket with the clover and spade symbols and matching light blue pants. It also includes a pair of wristbands in pink, ankle wraps in pink, and a pink waistband. The final piece of the ensemble is a yellow belt that can be tied to the waist. The second costume is a sleeveless, dark blue jacket with two diamonds at the front. White pants also accompany the Hisoka costume with an eerie-looking circle at the knees. To complete the look, you will need an armband in white and wristbands. The set that completes the cosplay is a red short spikey wig that mimics Hisoka’s hairstyle and a deck of playing cards, and a Hisoka figurine.


Hisoka is among the most well-known characters due to his strength and the desire to defeat and fight powerful characters. Hisoka joined the Phantom Troupe after killing one of its members. One of his objectives is to defeat his leader. He’s also seen as a self-centered, selfish individual who will do whatever he likes and only observe the instructions of the group when it’s in his best interests.

Although he’s ruthless, however, he enjoys playing with characters that have potential, such as Gon and Killua. As opposed to killing them, the character lets them live so that he can take on for them when they’re capable of giving him a test. His personality and power attracted the show’s fans and made him one of the most popular characters. That is why he’s also among the top cosplay choices. If you look at the Hisoka cosplay pictures, you’ll notice that his jesters’ appearance can inspire admiration and wonder. It’s a great costume for anime conventions.

Other unknown facts about Hisoka

Between his comical bloodlust and his shaky times that he calls “arousal,” most viewers might be overwhelmed by the jester’s antics to go beyond what they see on the screen.

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Hisoka is a treasure trove of mystery and is among the fascinating characters from Hunter x Hunter. His deep character ensures that the fans will never be able to know enough about the character. That list was enriched with some additional information regarding the magician.


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Hisoka’s Hunter Exam Introduction Was Edited Twice

The Hunter x Hunter anime features an intriguing storyline that involves Hisoka and an unnamed persona. The story takes place in the middle of the First Phase of the Hunter Exam. When the camera is focused on the two, we see the arms of the future Hunter morph into petals of flowers. He was smacking into Hisoka without acknowledging his mistake, creating the incident that led to the unfortunate confrontation.

The encounter was not present in the 1999 version. The magician instead locked the examinee up against a wall but then let him go. The initial outcome, as described in the manga as far more violent, the clown responded by brutally cutting off one of the examinee’s arms.

He’s Not The Only Clown In Togashi’s Arsenal

Yoshihiro Togashi was the creator behind the two series Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter. So it’s only natural that there are some resemblances between both. For instance, in Hakusho’s Suzuki sometimes took on the form of a clown and had the appearance of a teardrop and the heart tattooed on his face.

Hisoka Is An Antagonist But Not Entirely Evil

Being one of the primary antagonists of the entire narrative, many viewers often consider Hisoka evil. Certainly, he’s killed individuals whom he believed to require his attention and time. But, Hisoka never harms others to have pleasure.

If someone gets against his path, the character will react in a manner that is appropriate and eliminate the person promptly. Only those he believes are worthy of being smashed will have to suffer the fate of his own hands, for instance, Gon, the protagonist. Gon. In simple terms, Hisoka has a moral character.

Hisoka’s Hair Color Is Inconsistent In The Anime

The Hunter x Hunter version of 1999 differs from the one released in 2011 in numerous ways. Like all characters, There are many variations in the appearance of Hisoka, including his hairstyle. For instance, the 1999 version of the anime showed Hisoka’s locks in blue throughout the entire series.

However, the 2011 version of the anime showed his hair as red at times and magenta in other instances. His eye color showed similar variations across both versions as the hair color because his eyes were blue on the version of 1999 and yellow in the 2011 version.

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Hisoka Has Used Nearly All The Nen Types

Hisoka’s most powerful Nen form is Transmutation. This power is frequently seen when he employs his aura to achieve abilities like Bungee Gum. In addition to Transmutation, Hisoka can also utilize other kinds of Nen like Conjuration, which he employs in his Texture Surprise.

Apart from these two kinds, Hisoka also demonstrated decent skills in Enhancement, Emission, and Manipulation Nen, showing how balanced he is in his fight.

 Killua rivaled Hisoka in consume and cosplay

Hisoka is an individual with many talents. However, He also wears a variety of costumes. The fans who have been watching him are conscious of that for a long time; however, casual or novice viewers may not know that the magician changes his appearance at the start of every story episode. Although his overall appearance remained constant, his colors were frequently altered, and an accessory or two could be added. Hisoka can also let his hair down at times, for instance, in Greed Island.

The only person who can challenge Hisoka in this class can be found in Killua Zoldyck. The assassin’s young teen changed his appearance so frequently that it has become a bit of a meme due to this. Who said that all anime characters had to wear one style?

His Interest In Machi Is More Blatant In The Manga

In the show, Hisoka asked Phantom Troupe member Machi to dine with him following his battle with Kastro. It was out of the left field for a lot of viewers, and they were left wondering what this woman was about and the reason why the magician seemed very fond of her.

In the end, the HxH manga depicted a slightly different story that was later changed for TV. In the original manga, Hisoka had asked Machi to stay the evening with him, abstaining from the invitation to dine and drink.

His Nen Ability Gives A Hint About His Personality

Hisoka’s most important Nen ability is referred to as Bungee Gum and is known as Elastic Love. This name is thought to refer to his personality since, similar to gum which can easily adhere to anything and then be ripped off- Hisoka’s love for someone could be sudden and be gone in a flash. His initial enthusiasm for Kastro is a prime illustration of this because, at first, Hisoka assumed that he was a star. Still, unfortunately, He did not live up to his expectations, which ended Hisoka’s fascination with him.