How a social security disability attorney may assist you

How a social security disability attorney may assist you

How a social security disability attorney may assist you

Many disability applicants who decide to hire an attorney to handle the Social Security Disability Insurance stand a better chance of getting approved than those who handle it themselves. Remember that you can file a claim for SSDI when you are no longer working because you have a disability or you have a severe medical condition. 

Unfortunately, the truth is that many disability claims are usually denied for many reasons. A denial can mean that you can still file an appeal with the hope that the Social Security Administration may reverse its decision. Whether it’s the first time filing for a disability claim or you intend to file an appeal, you need to find an attorney to work on your behalf. This post discusses how a social security disability attorney may assist you. 

What a Social Security Disability can do for you?

It’s worth noting that lawyers usually handle different law fields. This means it’s important to get a social security disability attorney when you decide to file for a disability claim. A social security disability attorney can help you in the following ways:

Social security disability attorneys know the required medical evidence

One of the key factors that can help your claim is to gather the proper medical evidence. There are many disability applicants who usually don’t know the specific details to offer the Social Security Administration. As a result, they tend to submit either too much irrelevant information or too little important information. 

But the disability applicants with legal representation have good chances of winning because disability lawyers know how to gather evidence required to get approval for the medical conditions of their clients. If you have a good disability lawyer working on your behalf, they can review your file to figure out whether there is any need for additional medical records or tests. 

The attorney can work with you to gather the required medical records and send them to the Social Security Administration timely. They can also make sure that there is not irrelevant information in your application. This is especially important when your claim reaches the hearing level. You should know that most administrative judges don’t like to go through a lot of paperwork that has irrelevant records.

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They have great communication skills

A disability claim needs to have supportive evidence from your doctor. But there are some doctors who can sometimes refuse to help disability applicants. They have good reasons why these doctors can be unwilling to help you. For example, some doctors are not sure how this disability process works or they can simply be too busy to handle all the required forms. There are also other doctors who can have personal opinions regarding the social security benefits to make them not ready to help. Besides, your doctor may even think that you are not disabled.

But most doctors tend to respond favorably to another expert, such as a disability lawyer compared to their patients. A Social Security Disability Lawyer in Dade City, FL has the right experience working with medical professionals, so they can easily handle their concerns or questions. Because of this expertise, most doctors are usually ready to help. 

They know the hearing process

When you have an attorney representing you, there are also good chances that you can win on appeal. This is because many disability lawyers have the right experience when it comes to the appeal hearing process. The attorneys also need to have this experience to handle the process properly so that there are few extra challenges.

Another good thing is that disability lawyers also know the administrative judges in their jurisdiction. This is crucial because your lawyer can know how each administrative judge may like a hearing to be done. They also also understand how a particular judge feels about certain medical conditions. Therefore, this knowledge can help your lawyer to prepare correctly for the hearing according to the judge assigned to hear your case.

It’s quite normal for your medical records to have some information that can harm your case. Lawyers call these bad facts that can come when your doctor’s opinion states that you are not disables or even suggesting that you are exaggerating your symptoms.

Quite often, it can either be that you have not seen your doctor for a couple of years or you have been inconsistent when it comes to following your treatment plan. Either of these two scenarios can damage your chances. Whatever the specifics of these bad facts, you need to have a disability lawyer on your side so that they can handle it and even discuss the issue with the administrative judge to minimize the damage to your case.

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It’s also worth noting that there are vocational experts that the Social Security Administration hires. These experts are required to testify at hearings about the specific work that they believe you can do considering your medical condition. Therefore, at the hearing, the administrative judge can ask several questions to the vocational experts. Remember that these questions are based on your documented symptoms to figure out the types of work that you can do.

If the vocational expert suggests that you can still work, then the administrative judge can deny your claim. This is the reason why you should get a disability lawyer as they are trained to handle negative testimony given by vocational experts and ask for supportive opinions. As you can see, this skill needs someone with the understanding of various jobs, and the skills required to perform them.

Also, the administrative judge can ask you multiple questions during the hearing process to get more information. Your disability lawyer is also allowed to ask you a few questions. This is crucial because your attorney tries to correct the weak areas or clarify your testimony by asking these questions. Therefore, an attorney can also ask you questions to help you to explain some issues properly. In this way, the administrative judge can understand how the medical condition affects you.

There are many arguments that your lawyer can use to win your disability claim. A lawyer can know the right arguments that may work well because they understand the rules and regulations of Social Security.

When your lawyer chooses the best argument, they can figure out how they can meet the requirements of Social Security, especially when it comes to their rules and regulations. This can also mean that your lawyer can expect some weaknesses in your case, so they can choose the right way to handle them. Keep in mind that these arguments can sometimes be hard to understand for someone not familiar with the disability law.

There are many other things an attorney can do for your case

It can be hard to know exactly what a disability attorney can do for you. But many people out there are not sure if it’s worth it to hire them. The truth is that you need to find a disability lawyer to get the disability benefits that you deserve. A good lawyer can guide you through the Social Security Disability process. Here are some reasons for hiring a disability attorney:

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Preparation of the initial claim

An attorney can begin your claim process by filing it on your behalf. A good attorney knows that your application has all the information needed to maximize the amount of money you expect to receive and reduces the wait time.

Also, your lawyer understands the documentation and information the Social Security requires. This means that there is the right communication that makes the claim process smoother. With the right attorney, you can rest assured that your claim can be filed correctly.

Filing of appeals

Many people who have filed for disability claims and are not receiving the disability benefits, some of them may tell you that it’s crucial to consider the appeal process. Remember that most of the applications are usually denied at the first attempt, so it’s a good idea to prepare for appeals. This is where your lawyer can help you because many Social Security cases can usually involve multiple appeals.

Aside from this, you should also note that there are strict deadlines when it comes to these appeals. Therefore, you need to get a lawyer on your side to make sure that you meet these deadlines. After all, most disability lawyers tend to have some procedures to allow them to meet these deadlines.

Managing evidence

Your lawyer can ensure that Social Security gets the evidence it requires to give you disability evidence. They need to offer detailed information about your physicians and hospitalizations so that they can get the right medical records. Also, your lawyer can also get in touch with your physicians  to give the other documents that may support your case.

In some cases, it can be necessary to present witnesses during the hearing process or get evidence from the former employer. An attorney can know the type of evidence that may assist your case. They can even create a plan that they can present to the decision maker at the Social Security.