How Bitcoin Technology Can Benefit the Healthcare Industry

How Bitcoin Technology Can Benefit the Healthcare Industry

How Bitcoin Technology Can Benefit the Healthcare Industry

The technology that is used in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has got the potential to bring revolution in any type of industry. Likewise, the health industry as well has been seen getting blazed by this technology. In the very first place, online gambling has been seen getting favoured for this technology but in the queue, we can see many other industries like movies and sports getting inclined towards this. The technology that is typically used in cryptocurrencies is blockchain technology or the distributed ledger technology that has been most appreciated and whose use is being specifically implemented in these different industries. But specifically, the usage of blockchain technology in the health industry has not only been found to be comprehensive but also a lot more impressive. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check how the blockfi bitcoin credit card works . I will mention some very prominent use-cases of this technology in the healthcare industry that are going to fascinate you. Let us discuss them.

What Is This Technology?

Being specific to the content it is not the bitcoin technology but it is the underlying innovation in this technology which is called blockchain technology. This technology is inclusive of the hashing as well as the mining used for any cryptocurrency. But the one that has been most spoken of is blockchain technology. It is a public ledger where some important facts concerning a bitcoin transaction are either navigated or represented. Sustaining the blockchain of bitcoin is the responsibility of the miners as they have to verify them and add them to the blockchains. It is a type of storage that keeps your data intact.

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Its Usage In Health Industry —


To Maintain Supply Chain Of A Product

Our healthcare industry has been flawed when we see drug abuse happening. Certain drugs are manufactured to cure certain types of ailments. But it has been comprehended that certain junkie are found abusing drugs. In such a situation blockchain technology has been found to deal with such flaws since its database is transparent hence it is easier for the companies to update about the production supply on the chain and ultimately if the data is found to be more or less as per the data entered, the quantities increased or decreased will be dealt as products that are counterfeited.

To Keep Clinical Records

Secondly, this technology can also be utilized for maintaining clinical records. Although there can be certain restrictions when providing the patient’s data. But on a larger perspective, to maintain patient records this technology can do wonders.

To Keep Patient’s History

One more impressive feature of this technology has been found in keeping a patient’s record. By utilizing this technique, a whole detailed record of the patient can be referred to as compared to the clinical data where only the medical condition of a patient is provided.


It has been seen that after a mishap of a patient the claim of the insurance becomes a clashed point. Hence utilizing the feature of smart contracts impart direct negotiation of the nominee to the insured sum. Although these contracts are irreversible.

Direct Management

Through this technology, the feature of direct management can be very well performed thereby giving a qualitative performance in its working. This will impart elimination of a lot of go-betweens from the process.


The health sector is one main industry that ought to be equipped with new technologies. Since blockchain as well as a new and revolutionary technology it has been seen that it can benefit a lot if employed in the health sector. In this article, some of the major uses of this technology in the health industry are explained in a clear and precise manner for you.

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