How Can Environmental Awareness Help You in Your Love Relationship?



How Can Environmental Awareness Help You in Your Love Relationship?

Despite the rapid development of technologies that seemingly simplify our lives, loneliness remains the main problem of the 21st century, and it is hard to find a match for yourself and not lose in severe competition. The second-largest concern of our time is the poor state of the environment. It would seem, how can these two issues be related? But recent studies have shown that eco-friendly singles find it much easier to find a soulmate than those who are not at all concerned with the problem of deforestation, the climate crisis, and ocean pollution. Some reasons make sustainable people so much more attractive to relationships.

Eco-consciousness is an Essential Quality of a Potential Partner

In a recent study that surveyed about 2,000 volunteers, it was found that caring for our planet and its inhabitants is crucial for single people who seek relationships. Besides, more than half of the respondents called the careless and even hostile attitude towards the environment completely repulsive when using international online dating services. Moreover, a quarter of the participants called a lack of respect for the environment and questioning climate change

                 the main reasons for breaking up with previous partners.

While not everyone is willing to end a relationship with their partner just because they are not eco-friendly, other studies have shown that caring for the environment is very sexy. According to the survey, almost 70% of respondents say that conscientious consumption and climate concern even turn them on; this is what they would like to have in common with their partners. The desire to change a lifestyle towards green and eco-friendliness excites because this is an indicator that a person is at least not indifferent to critical problems, but as a maximum — is trying to solve them. It is a desire to become better to improve the world around you. And as a rule, it is the best partners that stimulate us to become the best versions of ourselves.

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If You Lack Green Awareness, Turn to Self-education

A fifth of the volunteers surveyed said that at least once in their lives they were condemned and disgraced for their far from green lifestyle and ignorance of how things are going in the world of ecology. They also stated that it served as a powerful impetus for changing their lives towards conscious consumption and eco-friendliness. Self-education helped them in this. They began to read more, become more interested in environmental issues, and, as a result, found more like-minded people.

         There are many reasons why more attention should be paid to such problems as: 

  • deforestation, 
  • ocean pollution, 
  • cruel attitude towards animals, 
  • killing them for their skin and fur, 
  • climate change, 
  • sorting and recycling of garbage, 
  • consumer attitude to goods.

But if you have not yet led a sustainable lifestyle, try changing it at least for the sake of improving your personal life. As you can already understand from the above, this will not only help make our planet better and cleaner but also help to find a like-minded partner who will find you very attractive.