How Can We Stop Child sexual Abuse

How Can We Stop Child abuse

How Can We Stop Child Abuse

Any sexual assault in which a minor is involved is child abuse is serious. The word child means any minor who is below the age of 18. Child abuse is unlawful in many countries. Moreover, it has negative impacts on both the child’s mental health and the society. Therefore, preventive measures must be taken to stop child abuse. For further explanation, you can see Zamani.

What is Child Abuse

Child abusing is molesting the child and taking pictures or videos. It could be a sound recording as well. The child might be wearing less clothes or no clothes. Sometimes, it can also be virtual or simulated child videos when a computer or a person draws the images and the child in the picture is not real. The consent of the child in this regard does not matter. If such an act happens with the minor’s consent, it is still against the law. This issue has been identified as a serious concern in the recent past, and governments are taking action now. 

Why Stopping Child Abuse is Necessary

Stopping child abuse is necessary because it is not good in many ways. The health of the child is being affected. Moreover, the mental trauma a child faces due to all this is unavoidable. It adversely affects the whole society and the mindset of every individual. Other than this, such acts in childhood affect the child’s whole life. The damage caused due to this is harmful. Therefore, it is necessary to stop child pornography.

Preventive Measures

Here preventive measures are given which can help in stopping child abuse.

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Keep an Eye on Your Child’s Activities

Guardians must take care of the child. They have to keep an eye on the activities of the child. A child has to adopt the company according to his age. It is not suitable for a child to spend time with people with a clear age difference with him. The guardians must ensure that the company of their child is good and he is not uncomfortable with the company. If the child is not interested in his usual tasks, it means there is something wrong with him. Thus, the parents need to identify the cause of disinterest. If it is something related to the exploitation of the child, they should save their child.

Make Laws and Implement Them

Legislation can play an important role in stopping child abuse. When there are proper laws and sanctions upon such acts, no one tries to commit crimes. If the criminal is not punished, it will encourage other people to commit the same crime instead of stopping them. An important step in this regard is to implement the laws. Nowadays, countries are making new laws to address this sensitive issue. Such laws will provide safety to the children who cannot defend themselves. Therefore, it is mandatory to make laws regarding child sexual abuse and serious sanctions must be imposed on the criminals.

Motivate the Victims to Complaint

If the criminal is not identified, the crime cannot be stopped. This is because the source of the problem is very necessary to resolve it. We need to motivate the children to speak openly if they are uncomfortable with someone. Moreover, they should openly and unhesitatingly speak against such criminals. This will help the law regulating agency and the guardians protect the children. The victims can be saved from the criminals when the criminals would not be able to approach them. Thus, the identification of criminals is most important and the victims must be encouraged and supported in identifying the criminals.

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Ensure Security

Another important step to ensure the safety of the children is by placing tight security. A child is not physically strong enough to protect himself from the mighty criminals. They often get exploited just because they do not have enough power to stand against the offenders. To ensure security, guards must be placed in public places. The teachers have to ensure that no such activity happens in schools and their surroundings. Moreover, if anyone finds a hint of child abuse videos being shooted, report it to the relevant authorities and put their part in protecting the crime and prevailing the rule of law.

Final Thoughts

To protect children from mental trauma, physical harm, and societal pressure, we need to destroy all the sources of child sexual abuse. In this regard, proper laws and sanctions must be implemented. Moreover, to save the children from the harms of abuse, the law regulating agencies must protect the child and ensure security for the children.