Manicure scissors and manicure set: the history of a favorite tool

Manicure scissors and manicure set: the history of a favorite tool

Manicure scissors and manicure set: the history of a favorite tool

Manicure – taking care of your nails, fingers, sometimes even your hands – is a necessary and important procedure for all women these days. But is it only today? If you dig deep into the history of past centuries, you can see that beautiful and well-groomed nails and hands have been valued at all times and among all peoples. And where a skillful manicure is valued, you can always find suitable devices for inducing beauty, and sometimes special sets with which, as in our days, you could bring beauty to your hands.

In this article, we will talk about:

  • When were the first scissors invented?
  • Who invented the first nail scissors and manicure sets
  • A brief history of nail scissors

It’s no secret to anyone that even the ancient Egyptians (and especially the Egyptians) took care of their appearance and successfully mastered the skills of applying makeup and caring for their hands. People in this country, as in our time, did not neglect the opportunity to paint their nails. Moreover, the chosen color could indicate the social position of a person, thus showing his status. For example, only representatives of the most privileged class had the right to paint their nails with bright colors.

Manicure scissors and manicure set: the history of a favorite tool

A brief history of scissors

Did you use manicure sets at that time? Yes, such devices really existed and, apparently, pleased not only women, but also men, who also carefully watched their hands. It is also likely that specially trained people were engaged in caring for the nails and hands of noble people. In their work, they just used manicure sets found by archaeologists in Egyptian tombs. They were small boxes that contained items necessary for caring for hands, including mirrors, prototype plates of modern nail files, containers for nail polish, various brushes and sticks for even application of varnish, etc. Moreover, the well-known henna often served as nail polish and was even found on the hands of one of the Egyptian mummies. Nowadays, you can easy buy manicure scissors on the website of Zamberg.comThe art of manicure and pedicure was also known in Ancient Greece , where there was such a profession as a cosmetologist – this was a person who helped women emphasize their beauty or hide their flaws with the help of cosmetics and manicure. And in ancient China , as in Egypt , well-groomed nails testified to the status of a person. The rule “the longer the nails, the better” worked especially well in this country. Therefore, the composition of manicure setsof that time included all the same nail files for the correct processing of hands and nails, varnishes of gold, silver, and later black and red, and also, most importantly, special gold or silver tips worn on fingers and creating the illusion of a long shiny nail. Also, the manicure sets included bamboo or gold linings that were worn on the fingers and protected the long nails from breakage. Well, the art of false nails was not a secret for the Chinese, but instead of the nail extension procedure, they used rice paper, from which they cut out pieces of the desired size and volume and glued them on their nails. So the ancient manicure sets were in no way inferior to our collections in terms of the number of instruments and devices used. But in France and other European countries of the Middle Ages, too long nails, especially on the hands of women, were not welcome, as they could lead to suspicions of witchcraft. The history of modern scissors and manicure sets, which is quite logical, experts also lead from the events that took place in France , this country-trendsetter. In 1830 , King Louis Philippe had a hangnail inflamed, and the court physician Sitts took up the removal of this piece of skin , using metal tools and an orangewood stick borrowed from doctors for this purpose. So there was a manicure set that time. In addition to the usual devices for cleaning and polishing nails, the kits included scissors of various sizes, toothpicks, bottles for varnish and perfume, ear sticks, tweezers, mirrors, as well as sewing accessories and even hooks for clothes. Apparently, these were the prototypes of modern travel manicure sets , which included things useful for ladies in any situations that developed on the road.

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When was the first scissors invented?

In the 20th century, the art of manicure and pedicure continued to develop. Additional means and tools for caring for nails and hands are being invented, manicure scissors are being sold, with the help of which any woman can take care of herself without outside help. And for those who like to bring beauty and at the same time exchange news with other ladies, nail salons were created, which modern women often visit. Of course, modern manicure sets , as at all times, give women and men the opportunity to take care of their nails under any conditions. Nail scissors , sticks and nail files, tweezers, cuticle and pedicure nippers , tweezers, mirrors, spatulas, ageless orange tree sticks, a one-sided and two-sided scraper, and so on – these are the manicure tools in all their diversity, without which modern fashionistas and fashionistas no longer manageable.