Why Do Cohabiting Couples Still Need A Wedding Registry?

Why Do Cohabiting Couples Still Need A Wedding Registry?

Why Do Cohabiting Couples Still Need A Wedding Registry?

Conventionally, wedding registries have helped many young couples get started on their lives together. However, times are changing, and as more people are becoming aware, many are opting to live together before getting married. This further implies that most couples are equipped with all the bedding, dishes, and kitchen appliances they need. In addition, people’s perception of formal occasions is also changing, and the conventional wedding registry options are losing their prominence among people. These reasons might seem enough for not justifying that cohabiting couples no longer need wedding registries. However, that might not be entirely true wedding registries are still important for varied reasons. Therefore, let’s check out some of those reasons.

  • Creating A Place You Can Call Home Together: Finding a person you want to spend your life together is not always easy. However, when you find someone like that, you must cherish and celebrate this. The best way to do so is by building the home of your dreams together with your partner. You need to understand that as you enter a new phase in your life, a random assortment of stuff does not shape a home. 

Instead, it is something that you both need to sit down and decide on what exactly you want your home to look and feel like. This is where a wedding registry can come in handy as it gives you a chance to upgrade your old items with something new that suits both of your requirements.

  • Starting A Future Together: Back in the days, wedding registries were all about standard gifts such as dishes, beddings, and stuff like that. However, things have changed since then, and now wedding registries are much more than the standard gifts. Understandably, most couples do not want necessities because they probably have them since they have been living together. 
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But one could always use some intangibles to help them get started with their married life. For instance, you could register for some unique experiences different from conventional wedding registries. Many couples these days go for cooking classes while others hotels for their honeymoons or even gift cards for different airlines. 

  • Some Guests Genuinely Want To Gift You Something: A marriage resembles a newly formed bond between two different families in many cultures. Hence, it is not surprising that certain guests might be close to you and genuinely happy for you and want to gift you something to help you celebrate your special day. 

Since they are going to gift you anyways, it is better if you could guide them a little and make sure you get the gifts you actually want or need. Your loved ones will certainly love seeing you actually using and even enjoying their wedding gift. This is also great, considering you will be reminded of your special day every time you use their gift. 

In Conclusion

As you can see, wedding registries do not always have to be boring and conventional. Therefore, feel free to go forward with your wedding registry because when you weigh the pros and cons, it is evident that the pros outweigh the cons.