How CSPO® Course Training can get you better Annual Base CSPO® Salary?

How CSPO® Course Training can get you better Annual Base CSPO® Salary?

Learn How CSPO® Course Training can get you better Annual Base CSPO® Salary

For organizations that use the Agile paradigm, a Certified Scrum Product Owner® is essential.  With more firms embracing the Agile framework, the position of Certified Scrum Product Owner is in high demand. Companies are responding by offering competitive pay as a result of the increased demand. Let’s take a peek at what CSPO® salary trends the industry offers.

Salary Overview of CSPO®

As offered by Scrum Alliance, the Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) certification is one of the most sought-after qualifications in the Scrum community. Because the Product Owner’s function is so important to the Scrum team’s success, companies search for people who have the expertise and abilities to contribute the most value to the product.

In today’s situation, when we are amid a pandemic and an employment crisis looms big, the worth of a CSPO® certification would be a question that would bother most of us. Is the CSPO® salary worth the time and money it takes to get CSPO® certified?

In this article, we will aim to throw light on the typical pay that you can expect to earn after earning the CSPO® certification, depending on a variety of factors such as experience, country, and designation.

CSPO® Salary – Experience Based

As per the Salary survey done by the Scrum Alliance, Scrum practitioners’ average yearly base income has shown a rise with a rise in their expertise. In general, the average base CSPO® salary for someone just starting in Scrum has increased much as compared to the growth seen in 2017. This table depicts the increase in CSPO® salary that may be expected as years of experience increase.

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Years of Experience Per Annum Salary (in USD)
<1 65,000 – 75,000
1 – 4 76,000 – 90,000
5 – 9 91,000 – 104,000
10 – 19 104,000 – 108,000
20+ >108,000


CSPO® Salary – Country Wise

According to the corporations, the salary offered to a Certified Scrum Product Owner® differs from nation to country. The average salary for CSPO® practitioners in various countries is listed below:

Country Currency Salary
United States USD 86,000 – 130,000
India INR 996,000 – 2,500,000
Canada CAD 76,000 – 129,000
United Kingdom GBP 48,000 – 68,500
Australia AUD 80,000 – 192,503


CSPO® Salary – Designation based

Scrum learners who begin their career as entry-level professionals might progress to project management or executive director jobs as they obtain more advanced qualifications over time.

Based on their accreditation, below is an estimate of the average compensation made by CSPO® certified professionals.

Job Role Per Annum Salary (in USD)
Product Owner $57,000 – $120,000
Product Manager, Software $63,000 – $131,000
Senior Product Manager $86,000 – $156,000
Agile Coach $86,000 – $161,000
Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) $60,000 – $122,000
Sr. Product Manager, Software $91,000 – $162,000
Senior Business Analyst $62,000 – $113,000


What is the typical CSPO® Salary?

According to Scrum Alliance Survey, a professional’s age, experience, and several credentials all have a role in their pay. A CSPO’s annual salary is roughly around USD 105,521 on average.

Companies That Hire CSPO® Practitioners

A few top companies hire practitioners who have the CSPO® credential. The following are the salaries offered by some of the companies:

Company Salary Range in USD
Capital One Financial Corp. $64k – $156k $102k – $159k
Fidelity Investments $63k – $112k
General Electric Co (GE) $89k – $150k
Walt Disney Company $64k – $151k


Which CSPO job title pays the best?

You can have the following designations as a CSPO®:

  • Business Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Chief Executive Officer
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According to Scrum Alliance Salary Survey, the CSPO® salary has shown a rise by around $2,000 in terms of Scrum experience and by $12,500 for PO experience. Scrum is still a developing area, and hundreds of firms across the world are searching for Certified Scrum Product Owners who can contribute their knowledge and help them succeed. Thus, it can be said that acquiring a CSPO® certification can be an excellent moment for every practitioner to start a successful career.