How do you know if someone changed their phone number in iMessage?

How do you know if someone changed their phone number in iMessage

How do you know if someone changed their phone number in iMessage?

Suppose you want to find out if someone has changed their iMessage and if they still do have iMessage or not. There are a few tricks that can help you find out the answer. iMessage is a messaging service that Apple only offers for their devices. If the sender and receiver both have iPhones, only then you can communicate via iMessage.

Can you still message them?

On their new number? Yes. On their old number? Maybe. The best is to use their Apple ID email address if you know it or try messaging them on any email address you have for them. I have many email addresses attached to my iMessage profile which I use as iMessage contacts for people who don’t need my number.

However, suppose they have just swapped sim cards and not deactivated iMessage properly. In that case, their old number may still be tied to their iMessage profile. It’s generally seen to be a flaw in iMessage and has caused problems for many people who switch to Android or change numbers.

Messaging them can provide clues about whether or not a person blocked you. However, it’s a more reliable method for iOS. On iOS, after you send a text, you’ll usually get one of two notifications right underneath your message: “Delivered” or “Read.” The former means that your text message went through, but the recipient hasn’t read it yet.

However, if a person has blocked you, you won’t see either notification. Instead, there will be a blank space beneath your text. It’s worth noting that being blocked is not the only reason you might not see a notification.

If a user has their phone on Do Not Disturb mode, you won’t get any notification until they turn that option off. However, suppose it’s been a few days, and you still don’t see anything. In that case, you can consider blocking the most likely explanation.

If you and your intended recipient have Android phones, though, the process is much less straightforward. Some Android phones have this functionality; some don’t. Some message receipts work perfectly with iOS; some don’t. If you’ve got an Android phone, your best bet is just sending a text and hoping you get a response.

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How do you know if someone changed their phone number in iMessage
How do you know if someone changed their phone number in iMessage

Call them

  • If the call rings several times, then heads to voicemail, your number hasn’t been officially blocked. This is a sign someone is simply choosing not to take your calls instead of letting it naturally go to voicemail. 
  • There’s a bit of a hack to this, though. Some users have Do Not Disturb enabled on their iPhones, which won’t alert them to your calls. They might have iPhone’s “Repeated Calls” feature enabled, which lets you bypass Do Not Disturb when you call twice within three minutes, alerting the other person you’ve called.
  • Finally, it could be their carrier. Some calls ring on your end, but never alert the other party you’re calling.

Are you Blocked?

The answer is, “maybe.” If you’re looking for a definitive way to discover whether someone’s blocked your phone number, the bad news is that there isn’t one. The good news (well, as much as any news about this situation can be good) is that there are a 

few trial-and-error methods you can use to hazard a reasonably good guess.

Call from another phone

Sometimes, the simplest solution is the best one. If you think you’ve been blocked, try calling the person’s number from another phone. Use your work phone, borrow a friend’s phone; it doesn’t matter. The point is if you can’t reach a person on your phone but can reach them on another phone. There’s a chance you’ve been blocked.

Try this sequence:

  1. Pick a time when it’s likely the person you’re calling will be free.
  2. Call on your phone.
  3. See what happens.
  4. Call on another phone immediately after that.
  5. Remember: You don’t need to reach the person; you need to see how long it takes to go to voicemail.

Best-case scenario: You’ll be able to talk to the person and find out why they don’t want to accept your calls. (If they hang up on you immediately, that’s telling as well.) Worst-case scenario: You’ll live forever with the mystery of whether or not you’ve been blocked.

And yet, it’s not the worst mystery in the world when you get right down to it. Whether a person is screening your calls indefinitely or has blocked you outright, the result is the same: They don’t want to talk to you. Your best bet is usually to respect that and maybe try again in a few months to see if things have calmed down.

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Do they still have iMessage?

If the Contact’s Name and the Send button are green, they don’t have iMessage available, and you’ll send them an SMS (or MMS). If the Contact’s Name and the Send button are blue, they have iMessage available, and you’ll use that. This trick can indicate if someone has changed their iMessage or not. 

iMessage constantly shuffles the ‘delivered’ or ‘read’ badge to the last message in the conversation that was delivered successfully. Any messages sent after you’d been if the number is changed, it would show up in the chat, but never see the ‘delivered’ badge. Those messages would appear in the chat below a ‘delivered’ or ‘read’ badge.

If the number were active, the other person would continue receiving messages. Messages are not showing as delivered know if your number is blocked, but not always reliable. The other person could be out of their cellular coverage area and not connected to WiFi; that can cause messages to remain undelivered.

Software Bugs

If you think that someone has changed their iMessage number, it can be a software issue in your phone that does not let you send or receive iMessages to your contact.

Check-in your iPhone’s Settings app that various messaging options are turned on so that your phone can dispatch texts if iMessage fails. Turning your iPhone off and back on again can usually refresh the software and restore better signal connections, enabling your messages to be sent once again.

There can be a chance that the person you sent the message to doesn’t have an Apple device. iMessage is turned off on your device or your recipient’s device. To check if iMessage is turned on for your device, go to Settings > Messages > iMessage. iMessage is temporarily unavailable on your device or your recipient’s device.

Turn off Caller ID

If you still doubt that they’ve changed their iMessage phone number, try to call the blocker while hiding your number. To make an anonymous call on your iPhone, add *67 before the ten digits number, then hit the call button.

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You could also go to Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID. Then, toggle off the button next to “Show My Caller ID” to hide your number when making phone calls. Depending on your carrier, you may not have this option. So, you’d have to use *64 each time you want to hide your number.

If the phone rings two or more times, they’ve blocked you. The receiving device will see “No Caller ID.” The blocker may not pick up the call. After all, most people don’t pick up anonymous calls nowadays.

Try Facetime

To this point, you have already tried sending iMessage, and it does not verify the contact blocked or it has changed the phone number. Now it’s checked using a Facetime call.

  • Call on the recipient’s contact number.
  • If voicemail service starts after a short ringing, you are either blocked, or the number has been changed.

Some other methods to find out:

  • Social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat – all have bespoke chat functions you can use to message someone to see if they’re alright. Even if they block your number, it won’t affect these other services.
  • Email. If someone has blocked you, the emails associated with your contact in their iPhone will also be blocked from the Mail app. Try emailing from a different email address.
  • Call from a different number. Calls heading straight to voicemail? Try a different number unknown to the person; if the calls still go straight to voicemail, you’ll know it’s probably not a blocking issue. If it rings more than a few times, it’s an indicator your number is blocked
  • Try a video chat. Services like Skype and Zoom are popular options many of us have on our phones and computers and may provide a way to connect with someone. Skype shows you when someone is active, too, and can be a good way to verify someone is well.


We discussed how to know if someone has changed their number on iMessage. There are various ways you can find out. It is also possible that the user might have blocked you for some reason. To find it out you can call them on their old phone number and check if they still answer you. If yes, they have not changed their number but have blocked you.