How does extreme couponing work? Couponing Tips for beginners

How does extreme couponing work? Couponing Tips for beginners

How does extreme couponing work? Couponing Tips for beginners to save money.

Honest extreme couponers do a full-time job out of collecting coupons, matching the coupons to stores’ sales, and utilizing the individual stores’ coupon policies to get the most out of every coupon they redeem. There is a reason why extreme couponers will buy 30 bottles of face wash at once. They pause for an item to go on sale and then slam the check out counter with their coupons. So if it’s feasible to wait a little while to stock up on canned salmon, do so, and you will see the savings.

Several grocery stores would not permit one person checking out to tie up workers and a register for five hours. You may get away with it once, but a new policy would prevent it from occurring again on your next travel to the store. You may still save a massive amount of money by utilizing coupons for products you and your family use. You can even save enough to donate products to charity.

Reality Couponing

Let us look at what is attainable for most of us when it arrives at saving with coupons and take a few of the “spin” out from the schedule to see how it can benefit us.

  • You may get free products and many of them by using coupons.
  • You may use more than one coupon on one product at some stores.
  • You may put a massive dent in how much you spend on food and personal by-products.
  • You may facilitate your coupons so that you save on products that are healthful and that you and your family will enjoy.
  • You may save with coupons and build a store of food without hoarding.
  • It can evolve into a fun family hobby that enhances math skills and teaches the significance of scrimping to children. A great way to introduce this is to allow the children to spend what they preserved on a new video game or a fabulous pair of new jeans.

Why do stores allow extreme couponing?

Nobody knew what these extreme couponers were doing while they were on the show. They were probably engaging in coupon fraud during their episode, and perhaps even before they appeared on the show. Coupon fraud is a crime, and you will be charged if you don’t make repayments to the retailer within a specific time. These stores were excited to appear on television and were unaware that couponers were ripping them off.

One 17-year-old couponer had to return to the store days later to repay $400 after they looked at his transaction on the show. His mother also had to pay the fees. I believe that 7-10 Extreme Couponers are currently in jail for scamming the stores through coupon frauding. Target and Piggly Wiggly were among those who prosecuted them. Marc was also involved in the investigation of the transaction. The managers would then take the coupon bag and pull out the receipt from the back. They would match it to the items they purchased.

These extreme couponers were ripping off retailers. Coupon layering is the first. To get the item for free, they would use multiple coupons. The fine print of coupons states that one coupon can work per item. You can only use one coupon per item if you buy two. They cannot use multiple coupons for the same item. Another tactic was to do “test transactions” at self-checkouts.

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To prevent the misuse of coupons, some retailers don’t have the staff to upload weekly coupons to the server. Some know which retailers do this, so they will go to self-checkout to scan the coupons on the incorrect item or to check if the expired coupons still work. They will leave the store, report to their clicks that these coupons will work on the items they are interested in, and then return to the store to hammer out the wrong or expired coupons. They will come when the shops are busy, and they’ll go through self-checkouts to make sure nobody notices that they’re scamming. They’ll target any new cashier that isn’t paying attention to the scam or who’s not up to it and try to pull a fast one on them if the self-checkouts are closed at night. Extreme couponers did this to many. 

A buyer said, “I had just moved to the store. I wasn’t new at cashiering, but I was new to the store. She had never seen me before and thought that I was a newbie. So she pulled a quick one on me. There were a lot of expired coupons and coupons for the wrong products that she had. However, it still scans because the register is too dumb to recognize that it was wrong, but it will scan. Although she tried to convince me to scan it, I was forced to admit that I couldn’t because it wasn’t the correct item. It should scan if it does. She kept pushing it. I had to tell her that I would be the one who wrote it up and that she wouldn’t.

Because she was caught, I had to cancel many of her orders. Her buddy was with her, and she did the same thing. She also took off quite a few things. She and her buddy were both caught again a few weeks later. I was the 4th letter to her because she was finally caught. The funny thing was that she called me broke during her trade and said that at least she could afford these things. I laughed and replied that she couldn’t afford them for coupon scamming at her rate and that her friend was doing it too. She was escorted by security.

Later, I discovered that everyone knew she was defrauding the store and even tried to pass it on to other cashiers. Six months later, she was arrested for defrauding a senior lady. People at other stores recognized her. That is when I discovered that she was also coupon-scamming at other locations. She was then thrown out from every one of them. At least she and her family won’t be seeing me for 13 years. I doubt I’ll ever work in retail that long”. 

While retailers make money when they turn in coupons, they must also submit the receipts from each transaction to receive their monies. It is to ensure that the coupon was helpful for the product. They create a security patch to prevent the coupon from being used again for the wrong product if they find a coupon that has been misused, especially if a cashier takes it. If the coupon is still valid and scanned, and the stores discover it, they will put it in the system to stop it from scanning again. Retailers also created the software to prevent coupon layering. They will not be reimbursed if coupons are used in this manner. If they are used for the intended purpose, stores will allow extreme couponing.

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If the couponer uses the coupons for something other than intended, they will charge the couponer. Managers and cashiers can tell when someone is trying to use coupons negatively. Suppose they have multiple 30oz Colgate kinds of toothpaste and have a coupon for the larger 20oz versions. In that case, they will know that they are trying to scam the cashier and hope the cashier doesn’t see the coupon. They might also know the coupon has expired but will still work. If they find a shampoo sale, they’ll buy a lot of shampoos and hand you a million coupons. They will sit with you wanting to argue, and then ask for a manager. They will report the theft to lose prevention and file criminal cases against those who misused the coupons.

Best Extreme Couponing tips for beginners to save money

Shopping isn’t an easy task. You have to make a list and be prepared ahead of time if you don’t want to overspend. However, you can save much money on your grocery bill with the proper knowledge and information concerning coupons. Consider the following helpful tips when shopping.

Go to the website of your favourite grocery store to find out what kind of weekly specials they may have, and then go through your coupon book to see if you can get any extra deals. The coupon websites do not always have everything listed. You might find a great deal on your own.

Use the Internet to your advantage. As couponing has become more popular, more and more websites offer coupons that you can print out at home. Frequent these sites, and check them often. These coupons are free, and snagging them often does not require a significant investment.

When using coupons, use them to maximize your savings to purchase items on sale and at supermarkets that offer double or triple coupon savings. When you buy an item on sale and use a doubled or tripled coupon, you may find that you pay pennies for the item or even get it for free!

Get organized with Coupons

Get organized with your coupons. Use a three-ring binder with baseball card holders to sort them. Separate the coupons into different sections, such as dairy, baking products, frozen, and others. Keep a section open for coupons you plan to use immediately. When you get to the store, you are ready to go.

It is in your best interest to make a shopping list at the beginning of the week and have it revolve around the coupons you have. From this list, you will be able to decide on which stores to shop at and where you can save the most money with each coupon.

Don’t rely on just one paper or website to get coupons from. Try subscribing to several sources if you can. You can even ask friends and family for their unused papers. The more sources you have in your arsenal, the more deals you have access to so that you can save money.

Learn a store’s policy for using coupons. Some stores limit the number and type of coupons you can use. Before you cause a commotion and ask to speak to the manager, learn about your rights as a customer. It can save you a lot of time and trouble if you do a quick overview of store policy.

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Get stacking! Look into your favourite stores’ coupon policies. Many stores, like Target, allow you to combine manufacturer and store coupons on one item. So, you can use two coupons on one item. To figure out which type of coupons you have, look in the box located at the top of the coupon near the expiration date.

Scan magazines at the doctor’s offices if they are new for coupons. Most places will not mind if you tear out a coupon if there are no publications on the other side. A magazine is usually good about only printing coupons on the other side of ads or using tear outs.

To make the most from coupons, you should have a subscription to your local Sunday paper. There are coupons in the newspaper every day of the week. However, the sheer volume and variety of coupons in the Sunday paper will offset the subscription cost.


Oversee yourself when you collect coupons and avoid clipping something because it is a good deal. Just because you can get a large dollar amount off, it does not instantly mean you should use the coupon. If the brand is not one that you would typically buy, you can waste money by using the great coupon you have found.

You can use a good coupon tip to determine whether a store offers what many people know as a “double coupon day”. On this day, consumers will get double the deal they get when they present their coupons. That is an excellent way of saving even more money.

Make sure that you pay close attention to the expiration date on coupons you are interested in using. If you save them for too long, you may miss the opportunity to use them. It is good to set a reminder in your calendar about a week or two before it expires.

Try to stack your coupons. Sometimes stores will allow you to use both a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon for one item. Professional couponers find that this often leads to items that cost only pennies or are at times even free. Always ask if you can stack coupons at the checkout stand to save the most money.

Start your coupon collecting with only one store. Coupons may seem easy to collect and utilize, but many complexities exist. Some coupons have multiple policies. Some stores allow coupons from competitors. Some stores will even accept expired coupons months after the expiration date.

If you can find a store that allows coupon doubling, shop there. Many retailers offer these additional discounts, saving you a ton of money. You can get double coupons and get an item for nothing. Free items are the best. You could also go for products that might not have been in your purchases.

You can use a good coupon tip to sort your coupons by their expiration date. Organizing your coupons this way will make you get the most out of your coupons, and you won’t waste any of them. It will make your shopping get done much smoother.

Now, do you have a better idea of how to approach the coupon world? There is much to consider when doing things the right way. Hopefully, this article has helped you realize what you need to do differently. Remember the tips you’ve read here as you