How Far Will a 308 Bullet Travel?

How Far Will a 308 Bullet Travel?

How Far Will a 308 Bullet Travel?

A 308 can fire effectively for 1000 yards. However, it will only imply that it will travel that far. Depending on the bullet weight, powder load, meteorological conditions, and how exactly horizontally it is fired, it may travel up to 5600 yards.

Whether you’re buying a new rifle or are looking for some great tips for your current weapon, one of the first questions you will want to ask is, how far will a 308 bullet travel? After all, there is no point in spending your hard-earned money on a gun if it can’t reach its intended target.

6.5 Creedmoor vs. 308 Winchester

6.5 Creedmoor is a newer rifle cartridge. It was developed in partnership with Hornady and was designed to be chambered in short-action rifles. However, the round has become increasingly popular with long-range hunters and has even found its way into the military for specific applications.

6.5 Creedmoor has an impressive muzzle velocity of 2,360-foot-pounds. It also has a flatter trajectory than the 300 WinMag.

6.5 Creedmoor is a much better choice for long-range target shooting. This is because it maintains its energy as it travels. The bullets in the 6.5 Creedmoor can be loaded to a longer length than the 300 Win Mag.

6.5 Creedmoor is also known for its relatively low recoil. This is a benefit that is largely overlooked but is essential to long-range hunters. This means you can shoot at more targets and more accurately in the field. The lower recoil also helps you to make shots in awkward positions.How Far Will a 308 Bullet Travel?

The 6.5 Creedmoor is a great round to start with if you consider buying your next hunting rifle. It has become a popular choice among long-range hunters and target shooters and is now used by many manufacturers.

180 grain PowerPoint

Even though the 308 round is considered the most popular round for hunting and sniping, many other cartridge options are still available. Some of these are better suited for hunting bigger game and defense.

If you are looking for a round that can penetrate the skin of a vehicle, you may want to consider a more powerful cartridge. For example, the 308 Winchester cartridge is an excellent choice for hunting deer and Elk. It is also effective for tactical training and long-range target shooting.

Another reason why the 308 round is popular is the fact that it is a battle-proven round. It has been used by US Military, NATO allies, and civilian shooters for over 60 years.

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The 308 round is used by the US Marine Corps for long-range sniping. It is practical for a distance of 1000 yards. But it is a heavy round and will cause more recoil than the lighter 556 round.How Far Will a 308 Bullet Travel?

A heavier bullet will have better expansion on impact and better penetration. It also will travel faster and more accurately.

The 308 round will drift 5 to 10 inches at 300 yards. At 500 yards, it will drift 40 to 60 inches. The bullet will drift up to 9 inches further at 1,000 yards. This is due to the weight and construction of the bullet.

155 and 168gr Tactical Application Police (TAP)

Several manufacturers offer 155 and 168gr Tactical Application Police (TAP) bullets. Depending on the manufacturer, these bullets will travel a certain distance. However, they will differ in terms of their effectiveness. Let’s take a look at each one.

The Federal Gold Medal cartridge has been the preferred police marksman cartridge for many years. This cartridge is convenient to mass produce and has been a reliable performer. It typically yields sub-MOA performance from precision rifles. It also comes loaded with a 168gr MatchKing bullet. It is a good choice for the lighter medium game in open country.

The Sierra Match King bullet is also a worthy contender and should be considered when planning a shot. It’s a match-grade bullet designed for sniper engagements with human targets. However, it has a relatively poor terminal performance. It can fragment while exiting the target and sometimes turns in weird directions.

Another worthy contender is the Federal 150gr Ballistic Tip. It’s a stouter bullet than PowerPoint, and it’s also a better design. It delivers a decent punch down to 2900fps (70 yards). It’s also got a low-BC rating, a plus for the budget conscious.

180 grain Silvertip

Depending on the animal’s weight and body shape, the 180-grain Silvertip 308 bullet travels various distances. It can be used for hunting deer, moose, and coyotes. It is effective on large and medium-bodied games weighing 90-320kg. It is a practical choice for a game that needs to be killed quickly.

The 180-grain Silvertip’s aluminum tip provides excellent energy transfer and explosive expansion. The tip also gives good penetration and excellent wounding. It is best used at close to moderate ranges.

The 180-grain A-Frame has a heavier profile than the Silvertip. It produces wide and fierce wounds on medium and large games. However, it has less expansion than the Silvertip.

The 200-grain Hotcor is an economical and high-performing bullet that can be used in woods and close-range hunting. It has a reasonably tough jacket and expands quickly. It retains around 70% of its weight. It could be more efficient on exit wounds on bovines but is effective on lean and heavy game.

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The 165-grain InterBond is an excellent bullet for mid-weight game species. It has a reasonably fast expanding rate and can produce wide wounding at low velocities. It is ideal for games weighing 90-150kg. It works well on a game up to the size of Elk.

125 and 135-grain Sierra

125 and 135-grain Sierra 308 bullets travel far and are clean, killing on light game. These bullets are also ideal for light recoiling loads. Additionally, these bullets are suitable for wood ranges and other open country hunting.

165 and 168-grain bullets are generally preferred by long-range hunters. These bullets are frangible and perform well on various body sizes and weights. They also have the benefit of being able to handle lower velocities. They are usually used in the game that weighs above 90kg. These bullets are also popular with police sharpshooters.

The 150-grain Remington Core-Lokt is an excellent all-around bullet, especially for light to medium-bodied games. The bullet is very brittle but can lose its ability to generate hydrostatic shock at impact velocities below 2600fps. It can also be used with SST load. It has an extremely low BC and wide wound channels for clean killing.

The 180-grain Hotcor is ideal for moderate-range work but is not appropriate for full cross-body penetration on bovines or exit wounds on Grizzly bears. It has a fairly tough jacket and high SD.

The 150-grain TBBC can perform well on more giant games, especially pigs. It is not as brittle as the PowerPoint and cannot generate hydrostatic shock at impact velocity below 2600fps. It also has the disadvantage of leaving fragments on the offside skin of a giant game.

Federal/Partition loads

Compared to a standard 165-grain Hornady XC or Sierra Pro Hunter, the Nosler Partition is a more aerodynamic bullet and a little more efficient. The Nosler Partition bullet is the most efficient 165-grain bullet available on the market today. It is designed to expand across a range of impact velocities and can penetrate several hundred yards.

The Nosler Partition is a dual-core bullet, with the front core aimed at rapid expansion. The rear core is aimed at deep penetration, and an internal partition separates the two cores. This allows for more weight to be retained for deep penetration.

There are many different Nosler Partitions available, ranging in weight from 165 to 180 grains, in calibers ranging from.308 to.338. The company has also branched out into target bullets, and the newest addition to the lineup is the AccuBond bullet. The AccuBond bullet is designed with a polymer tip and a more aerodynamic shape than the Partition and shoots flatter. It is loaded by the Nosler AccuBond loader.

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The Nosler Partition isn’t the sexiest bullet but it has many perks. It was designed to be the best possible moose bullet, and it should be the best elk bullet as well.

SMK bullets

Military snipers use SMK 308 bullets for hunting at long ranges. A typical round has a rimless casing with a 7.62mm bullet and a 51mm length. Its range is considered adequate by the US Army at 875 yards and the US Marine Corps at 1000 yards. It is known for its tight groups at long range.

SMK bullets are relatively inexpensive and have been used worldwide for decades. They are chambered in both semi-automatics and bolt guns. This makes them popular with military shooters, but civilians also prefer this type of bullet. SMKs also have less windage and drop than other bullets.

In addition, SMK bullets are stable because they do not require high twist rates. Many military rifles still chamber with a twist rate of either 1:11” or 1:12”.

The weight of the bullet also affects its maximum range. A lighter bullet will hold together better than a heavier bullet, and a heavier bullet can be pushed at a lower velocity. A heavier bullet also has more power to carry out its mission.

A 308-round does lose some power at 500 yards, but it is still lethal. It loses about 5 to 10 inches of bullet drop at this range.

Is a 308 effective at long range?

When chosen and applied correctly, the 308 round is quite effective. The round can take down the big game at a distance regarding the accuracy, trajectory, and wind resistance. The. 308 is ideal out to 500 yards or less.


What is the maximum range for a 308?

Buffalo hunter Billy Dixon’s 1538 Yard shot at the Battle of Adobe Walls was the longest kill shot ever fired by anyone before Carlos Hathcock’s Browning M2 kill.

How accurate of a.308 is it?

Beyond 500 yards, you’ll need to show me a bullet that will perform effectively at that range. A. 308 cartridge is appropriate. Yes, I know that a. 308 has served our military admirably as the standard sniper rifle cartridge for many years.

Do snipers use 308?

The 308 Winchester is now the most widely used short-action, big-game hunting round on the planet. In addition, hunting, target shooting, metallic silhouette, bench rest target shooting, Palma shooting, metal matches, military sniping, and police sharpshooting are other activities that frequently include firearms.

Will 308 pass a brick?

However, if your house is brick, there is good news. The men at Rounds Down Range fired several shots at brick walls, and masonry is surprisingly effective at deflecting projectiles. The brick stopped all pistol shots, armor-piercing 5.56 NATO rounds,308 rounds, and even a shotgun slug.