How Long Does a Steam Refund Take?

How Long Does a Steam Refund Take?

How Long Does a Steam Refund Take?

Approved refunds may take up to seven days to show up in your account; however, refunds for international payment methods could take longer. If your refund hasn’t been credited after seven days, contact your bank directly to inquire about any pending refunds to your accounts.

What Is A Steam Refund?

Steam Refunds is a rule that allows customers to return games bought on the Steam platform with the possibility of a refund. Steam refunds are intended to safeguard consumers by allowing them to claim their refund if they’re unhappy with the purchase. We will discuss the details of what Steam Refunds are, how they function, and some of the advantages and drawbacks of the program.

How Do Steam Refund Work?

The Steam Refund Policy permits users to return games bought on the Steam platform for reimbursement. The policy is valid for any game purchased through Steam, no matter the reason behind the return. The policy was designed to safeguard customers by allowing them to receive their money back if they were unhappy with the purchase.

For a Steam refund request, the user must visit the “Steam Support” page and choose “Purchases” from the dropdown menu. From there, they can choose the game they wish to return and select “I would like a refund.” Users then have to select the reason for returning and submit the request.

Steam refunds are generally completed within 24 hours, and the refund is made in the format of the original payment method. If the payment method used originally isn’t accessible, then the refund will be made in the form of Steam Wallet credit. The refunded game is deleted from the player’s Steam library, and all DLC or other in-game items are also removed.

Benefits of Steam Refunds

Steam refunds offer a variety of advantages for players. The policy lets players test out games without fear of losing money if they don’t enjoy them. This may encourage people to purchase games they would not have considered. This policy can also help game designers develop top-quality games that meet customers’ demands.

Steam refunds Refunds can also safeguard users from broken or fraudulent games. When a game has been discovered to be fraudulent or damaged, the user can request refunds and submit the problem to Steam. This will help stop other gamers from purchasing the same game and make developers accountable for creating top-quality games.

Limitations of Steam Refunds

While Steam refunds offer a variety of benefits, there are a few restrictions to the policy. It only allows users to cancel games 14 days after purchase and after playing for less than 2 hours. This makes it difficult for players to decide whether they are satisfied with this game in the specified time, particularly for longer games.

Furthermore, the policy only applies to games bought through Steam. Steam users cannot return games purchased from different retailers or platforms. This could restrict the scope of the policy for those who buy games on multiple platforms or at retail.

How Do I Request a Steam Refund?

Suppose you want a refund on the game you bought on Steam and are happy knowing that the procedure is quite simple. We’ll guide you through the steps to making the Steam refund and provide you with a thorough understanding of how to begin the process.

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Visit the Steam Support Page: To start the process of a refund, visit your Steam Support page. It is accessible by going to Steam’s official website. Once you’ve reached the page, select “Purchases” under the “Purchases” category in the Support section.

Locate the game in your purchase history: On the “Purchases” page, you’ll see a list of the latest games you’ve purchased. Search for the game you’d like to refund, then click it to continue. You can only ask for a refund on games you purchased in the last 14 days that have been used for less than two hours.

Choose the Reason for the Refund: Once you have selected the game you wish to return, Steam will present you with various options regarding the reasons for your request for a refund. This could be due to reasons such as “it’s not what I expected,” “I purchased this by accident,” or “technical issues.” Choose the explanation that is compatible with your particular situation.

Submit Your Refund Request: Once you’ve chosen the reason to request a refund, select “Refund Request” or the “I would like a refund” option. Steam will ask you to confirm your request. You should take a moment to go over the details and confirm that you’ve selected the correct game and purpose. If everything is correct, then submit your request for a refund.

Wait for the refund to be processed.: Once you have submitted your request for a refund, Steam will review it. The time for processing may differ. However, it typically takes about 24 hours to process the refund. At this point, Steam will assess the suitability of your request based on its policy on refunds.

Receive Your Refund: If your request for a refund is accepted, you will be refunded using the payment method you utilized to purchase the item. If the payment method you originally used isn’t available and the purchase was made using a payment method that isn’t refundable, then the refund will be made in the form of Steam Wallet credit.

It’s important to note that the game you’ve refunded can be removed completely from your Steam library. All associated downloadable content (DLC) or game-specific items will also be removed. Remember that the refund policy could differ slightly based on your location. Verifying your local refund policy is recommended to find out if there are any particular guidelines or restrictions.

When will I receive my refund?

If you’ve asked for a refund on games purchased through Steam, you may be thinking about when you can get your refund. The timeframe of Steam refunds can differ according to several variables, including the payment method used to pay for the purchase and the number of refund requests handled. We’ll look at the various factors that affect the timeframe of Steam refunds and give you an idea of the timeframe within which you should anticipate receiving your refund.

Factors Affecting Refund Processing Time

A variety of factors can impact the time frame for processing Steam refunds. One of the biggest aspects is the method of payment utilized to make the purchase. Refunds made through payment methods such as debit or credit cards and PayPal may take several days to process. However, refunds made through Steam Wallet credits are usually completed in minutes.

Another aspect that could influence the time it takes to process refunds is the number of refund requests handled by Steam. When there is a spike in demand, like with Steam sales or new games, the volume of refund requests may be significantly higher than normal, resulting in longer processing times.

The validity of the refund request could also affect the time it takes to process it. If Steam decides that a refund request is invalid, it could delay processing or be rejected completely. The reasons for this could be exceeding the playtime limit of two hours and the 14-day purchase limitation.

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Steam Refund Processing Time

Steam usually processes the request within 24 hours when a refund request is made. Sometimes, it may take longer, especially in times of high demand. Steam emails users after the refund is processed, notifying them about the refund status.

If the reimbursement is accepted and processed, the timeframe for the refund will vary based on the method used to pay to purchase the item. Refunds made using Steam Wallet credits are usually immediately processed, whereas refunds for payment methods such as credit card or PayPal may take several days to complete.

If the refund request is rejected, Steam will notify the customer of the reason behind the refusal. The user can either accept the denial or contest the decision. Should an appeal be made, the processing time for the refund could be extended.

Factors Affecting Refund Time

In the case of Steam refunds, the amount of time required to complete a refund could depend on various variables. Understanding these variables can allow users to set realistic expectations and better understand the refund process. We will examine the elements that affect Steam refund times, such as the payment method, the volume of requests for refunds, eligibility evaluation, and communication variables.

Payment Method

One of the main factors that influences Steam’s time to refund is the payment method used to make the initial purchase. Different payment methods come with different refund processing times. For instance, refunds made via payment methods such as credit card or PayPal can take a few days to show up on the user’s account. In contrast, those who receive refunds via Steam Wallet credits are typically processed immediately.

The number of refund requests handled by Steam can affect the time required to process each refund. Refund requests could dramatically increase when there is high demand, like for Steam sales or new games. In turn, the time required to process each refund could be a bit longer than normal.

Eligibility Assessment

Steam has a specific eligibility requirement for refunds, which includes the time limit for playtime and purchase dates. If a refund request is beyond these requirements, the request may need an additional review, which could delay the refund process. For instance, if the player has played a game for more than 2 hours or if your purchase occurred earlier than 14 days prior, the request for a refund could be referred to a second evaluation, possibly extending the time for processing.


The communication level between the client and Steam support could also affect the processing time of refunds. If further details or clarifications are required for the refund to be processed, it could take longer to get a response and to complete that refund. Also, the time it takes to respond to requests or questions from Steam support may slow the refund process.

External factors, like weekends, holidays, or unexpected technical issues, could also affect Steam refund processing time. During times of high demand, such as holidays, the time to process refunds could be longer due to increased staffing levels or lower staff availability. Furthermore, technical issues or system maintenance may also delay processing refunds.

Refund Policies for Different Countries

The policy on refunds at Steam will differ depending on the user’s country. Each region could have its own laws and regulations affecting the policies on refunds, which can result in variations in the policies of different countries. We will look at what refund policy applies to Steam for various countries, such as the United States, European Union, Australia, and Japan.

United States

If you’re in the United States, Steam offers an extensive refund policy, which allows users to ask for a refund for whatever reason within fourteen days after purchase, provided they’ve played for less than 2 hours. Refunds are issued due to the payment method used initially and Steam Wallet credit. This policy applies to all games purchased through Steam, including pre-purchases and DLC.

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European Union

The policy for Steam refunds in the European Union is in line with the EU Consumer Rights Directive. According to this policy, customers can request a refund for whatever reason within 14 days from the date of purchase, provided they haven’t been playing the game for more than 2 hours. Refunds are issued due to the initial payment method and the Steam Wallet credit. This policy applies to all games purchased through Steam, including pre-purchases and DLC.


In Australia, the Australian Consumer Law governs Steam’s refund policy. Following this policy, customers can request a refund for any reason within a “reasonable” amount of time after purchase, so long as the product is defective, not as advertised, or fails to perform in the manner it is advertised. The policy does not provide an exact period for refund requests. Instead, the decision is made based on the particular conditions of each. Refunds are available via the payment method used initially or Steam Wallet credit.


The game is available in Japan, and Steam offers a more restricted refund policy. Following this policy, players may request a refund within seven days of purchase, provided they haven’t been playing the game for longer than two hours. Refunds are available via the payment method used to make the purchase and Steam Wallet credit. However, the policy doesn’t apply to purchases made before purchase or DLC, and certain games are excluded completely from the policy.

Other Regions

The refund policy for Steam in other regions might differ based on local rules. For instance, in Russia, players can ask for reimbursement within fourteen days of purchasing the game, provided they haven’t played it for more than two hours. Refunds can be made via the initial payment method or Steam Wallet credit. However, purchases made before purchase, as well as DLC, aren’t acceptable for refunds.


Can Steam refund a game that has been played for two hours?

Steam will refund in-game purchases made within any Valve-designed games within 48 hours of purchase, as long as the game item is not altered, consumed, or transferred.

Why Is It That A Steam Reimbursement Request Takes This Long?

Refund requests made on Steam generally take between 7 and 10 days to be processed. But it could take longer, depending on the method of payment used or the particular circumstances of the request for a refund. It’s always good to contact Steam support to get updates on the refund request.

How long will Steam refunds last in 2023?

Steam typically declares that refund requests could take seven to seven days to be evaluated and processed. In certain instances, it could take longer, based on the number of refund requests and the complexity of the request.

How Long Does “Steam Pending” Take?

It usually takes them an hour or so to issue a refund. If the refund is still in limbo, the company is looking at you on a case-by-case basis since you’ve exceeded the normal limits of 2 hours of playtime or 14 days following purchase, and they have to decide using the information you’ve supplied.

Can Steam deny a refund request?

It is important to keep in mind that, despite Valve’s generally permissive policy on Steam refunds, the firm may nonetheless refuse your request for a game refund if it believes you are abusing the system. Therefore, refrain from repeatedly asking for refunds or attempting to use the system to speedrun games before asking for a refund.

How can I find out the status of my Steam refund?

You may find statistics on your game’s refunds on the Steam Sales & Activations Reports website, along with the notes that customers include when they ask for a refund.