How Many Levels In Super Mario Bros?

How Many Levels In Super Mario Bros?

How Many Levels In Super Mario Bros?

The main game has 32 levels across eight worlds and five bonus worlds. A hidden World 9 is accessible if the player does not use a warp zone. Bonus worlds A through D are accessible when the player plays through the game eight times, for a total of 52 levels.

Is There A Level 9 In Super Mario Bros.?Is There A Level 9 In Super Mario Bros.?

Super Mario Bros., developed by Nintendo in 1985, is a video game that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. It stars Mario, the mustachioed plumber, who embarks on a thrilling adventure to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of the notorious villain Bowser. With its side-scrolling gameplay and creative level design, Super Mario Bros. revolutionized the gaming industry.

Unveiling the Mystery of Level 9

Rumors have circulated for years about the elusive “Level 9” in Super Mario Bros. Some claim it exists, while others dismiss it as a mere urban legend. Let’s dig deeper to determine the truth.

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Exploring the Allegations

Level 9 is said to be an incredibly challenging secret level, hidden beyond conventional gameplay. Players have speculated that it holds untold riches, power-ups, and even an alternative ending. However, it’s crucial to approach these claims with a critical eye, as many hoaxes and misconceptions surround the topic.

Developer’s Insights

To uncover the truth, we reached out to the developers behind Super Mario Bros. According to their official statements, there is no canonical Level 9 in the game. While they wanted to maintain an air of mystery, they confirmed that players might have misinterpreted certain elements within the game as clues to this mythical level.

Community Theories

Despite the lack of an official Level 9, the gaming community is known for its dedication and ingenuity. Some players have created custom ROM hacks that introduce their interpretations of Level 9. These fan-made levels offer a glimpse into what an elusive Level 9 could have been like, and they showcase the passion that Mario enthusiasts possess.

Mastering Super Mario Bros

Now that we’ve addressed the mystery of Level 9, let’s focus on tips and tricks to excel at Super Mario Bros.

Embrace the Basics

Before diving into advanced techniques, it’s essential to master the fundamentals. Practice running, jumping, and stomping enemies to gain confidence in your abilities.

Learn Level Layouts

Each level in Super Mario Bros. has a unique layout with various obstacles and enemies. Take time to study these layouts and devise a strategy for each level.

Utilize Power-Ups Wisely

Power-ups like Super Mushrooms and Fire Flowers provide temporary advantages. Use them strategically to overcome challenging sections.

Discover Warp Zones

Warp Zones are hidden shortcuts that can teleport you to later levels in the game. Unravel their secrets to skip particularly difficult stages.

Patience and Persistence

Super Mario Bros. demands patience and persistence. Don’t get discouraged by failures; keep practicing, and you’ll see improvement over time.

What Is The Highest Level In Mario?What Is The Highest Level In Mario?

Since his debut in the 1980s, Mario has undergone numerous transformations and iterations. Each game installment has brought forth innovative level designs, captivating storylines, and exciting gameplay mechanics. The levels in Mario games are carefully crafted to offer a perfect balance of difficulty and enjoyment, ensuring players remain engaged throughout their journey.

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The Pinnacle of Mario’s Journey: Super Mario Odyssey

Out of all the Mario games released over the years, one title stands out as a true masterpiece in level design and creativity: Super Mario Odyssey. Released for the Nintendo Switch, this game takes players on a globe-trotting adventure like no other. The captivating and visually stunning worlds in Super Mario Odyssey have earned it a spot as one of the highest-rated games in the franchise.

New Donk City: A Modern Metropolis

One of the standout levels in Super Mario Odyssey is New Donk City, a bustling metropolis filled with skyscrapers, neon lights, and bustling crowds. The level design brilliantly merges the traditional Mario platforming elements with an urban landscape, allowing players to explore the cityscape like never before. The attention to detail in New Donk City is truly remarkable, with every building and alleyway feeling alive and full of secrets to discover.

Cascade Kingdom: Prehistoric Adventure

In stark contrast to New Donk City, the Cascade Kingdom takes players back to prehistoric times, complete with towering waterfalls and lush greenery. This level offers a refreshing change of pace with its exploration-based gameplay. Players can possess creatures using Mario’s trusty hat, Cappy, and solve puzzles unique to this kingdom.

Luncheon Kingdom: A Fiery Gastronomic Delight

Imagine a world made entirely of food—that’s the Luncheon Kingdom for you! This level features a unique culinary theme with a volcano that spews lava made of cheese and meaty structures. It’s a feast for the eyes and offers delightful challenges that test the player’s platforming skills.

The Moon Kingdom: An Epic Finale

As players progress through various kingdoms, they eventually reach the awe-inspiring Moon Kingdom. This ethereal and mysterious level is the pinnacle of Mario’s journey. It is here that players face the final showdown with Bowser and embark on an epic battle to save Princess Peach. The Moon Kingdom’s gravity-defying mechanics and breathtaking visuals make it a true masterpiece in the world of gaming.

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What Sets Super Mario Odyssey Apart?

Super Mario Odyssey’s incredible success can be attributed to several factors that make it an exceptional gaming experience:

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

Super Mario Odyssey introduces the groundbreaking “capture” mechanic, where Mario can possess enemies and objects using his magical hat, Cappy. This mechanic adds a new layer of strategy and creativity to gameplay, allowing players to tackle challenges in imaginative ways.

Vibrant and Immersive Worlds

The level design in Super Mario Odyssey is a testament to the creativity and talent of the game developers. Each kingdom feels distinct and alive, immersing players in vibrant landscapes with unique themes.

Seamless Exploration

The game offers a seamless exploration experience, allowing players to roam freely and discover hidden secrets in each kingdom. This open-world approach encourages curiosity and rewards players for their keen observation.

Nostalgic References

Super Mario Odyssey pays homage to the franchise’s rich history by incorporating nostalgic elements from previous games. Longtime fans will find joy in spotting familiar characters and references scattered throughout the game.

How Long Is Super Mario Bros.?How Long Is Super Mario Bros.?

The original Super Mario Bros. can be completed in about 2 hours if you focus on the main objectives. If you want to see all aspects of the game, such as finding all the hidden levels and collecting all the power-ups, it will take you about 2.5 hours. The Super Mario Bros. movie has a runtime of 92 minutes.


How many levels are there in the original Super Mario Bros game?

The original Super Mario Bros game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) consists of a total of 32 levels, divided into eight worlds with four levels in each world.

Are there any secret levels in Super Mario Bros that are not included in the main count?

Yes, there is a secret warp zone that allows players to skip levels and access later worlds directly. By using warp pipes in Worlds 1-2, 4-2, and 4-2, players can reach Worlds 2, 3, and 5 respectively, effectively bypassing some levels.

How many levels does each world in Super Mario Bros have?

Each world in Super Mario Bros contains four levels, bringing the total to 32 levels in the game.

Do the levels get progressively more challenging as you advance through the game?

Yes, as you progress through the worlds, the levels generally become more challenging, with increased difficulty in enemy placement, level design, and obstacles. The difficulty gradually increases to provide players with a satisfying and engaging gameplay experience.

Can I save my progress and continue from where I left off in Super Mario Bros?

In the original NES version of Super Mario Bros, there is no built-in save feature. Players have to complete the game in one sitting, and there are no checkpoints within levels. However, in later re-releases and remakes of the game, saving and checkpoint features might be available.

Are there any differences in the number of levels between the NES version and later remakes of Super Mario Bros?

In most cases, the number of levels remains the same in later remakes of Super Mario Bros. The core game’s structure and level count are generally preserved, though some remakes may include additional bonus levels or extras. Always check the specific version you’re playing for any unique content.