How Many Levels Are In Super Mario Odyssey?

How Many Levels Are In Super Mario Odyssey?

How Many Levels Are In Super Mario Odyssey?

Super Mario Odyssey’s worlds don’t seem all that big in the beginning, but each one holds dozens of Power Moons, some easy to collect, others not so easy. All in all there are 14 regular worlds and two special worlds in Super Mario Odyssey.

What Is The Hardest Level In Super Mario Odyssey?What Is The Hardest Level In Super Mario Odyssey?

 We delve into the thrilling world of Super Mario Odyssey, one of the most beloved and iconic video games of all time. As avid gamers ourselves, we understand the excitement and challenge that come with conquering each level in this masterpiece. Among the many levels scattered throughout the game, some stand out as truly daunting, pushing even the most skilled players to their limits. In this piece, we will explore the hardest level in Super Mario Odyssey, which has posed a significant challenge for players worldwide.

Unraveling the Secrets of the Darker Side

Without a doubt, the hardest level in Super Mario Odyssey is the infamous “Darker Side”. Tucked away as a hidden post-game challenge, this level presents the ultimate test of skill, precision, and determination. To even access this level, players must have collected an impressive 500 Power Moons and successfully defeated the main storyline. It is no wonder that very few gamers have dared to venture into this realm of extreme difficulty.

A Gauntlet of Challenges

“The Darker Side” is aptly named, as it takes players on a journey that combines elements from various previous levels. It is essentially a gauntlet of challenges that put players’ abilities to the test. Expect to encounter treacherous platforming sections, complex puzzles, and enemies that demand expert timing and strategy to defeat.

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Perseverance is Key

Unlike most other levels in Super Mario Odyssey, which offer a few checkpoints along the way, “The Darker Side” offers none. A single mistake can send you back to the beginning, forcing players to showcase unwavering perseverance. The level demands a profound understanding of Mario’s moveset as well as an ability to adapt to unforeseen obstacles.

A Nostalgic Homage

One aspect that sets “The Darker Side” apart from the rest is its nostalgic homage to past Mario games. As you progress through the level, you’ll come across iconic elements from the franchise’s history. This not only adds sentimental value to the experience but also a layer of complexity as you interact with familiar yet challenging mechanics.

Mastering the Most Difficult Jump

Within “The Darker Side,” there exists one particular jump that has become infamous among players. Dubbed the “Jaxi Skip”, this jump requires pixel-perfect precision and timing to execute. Many have spent countless hours attempting to master this leap, making it a significant hurdle for those aiming to complete the level.

The Reward of Triumph

While “The Darker Side” is undoubtedly a formidable challenge, the satisfaction of completing it is immeasurable. Players who conquer this level are rewarded with a unique and heartwarming cutscene, making all the trials and tribulations worth it.

Tips for Conquering “The Darker Side”

We understand that taking on “The Darker Side” can be a daunting task, but fear not, as we have some valuable tips to aid you in your journey:

Practice Makes Perfect

Before embarking on “The Darker Side,” it is essential to hone your skills in the various Kingdoms. Master Mario’s jumps, dive maneuvers, and Cappy’s throws to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.

Study the Level

Take some time to explore “The Darker Side” without attempting any high-risk moves. Familiarize yourself with the layout, traps, and enemy placements to plan your strategy.

Stay Calm and Composed

Patience is paramount in conquering this level. Resist the urge to rush through sections and maintain composure, especially during intense platforming sequences.

Jaxi Skips Practice

The infamous “Jaxi Skip” requires exceptional precision. Dedicate time to practicing this jump in isolation until you can consistently nail it before attempting it within the level.

Mario’s Final LevelMario's Final Level

The final level of Super Mario Odyssey is called Long Journey’s End. It is located in the Darker Side of the Moon kingdom, which is unlocked after collecting 500 Power Moons.

The level is a long and challenging obstacle course that tests Mario’s platforming skills to the limit. It features a variety of different challenges, including:

  • Long jumps
  • Wall jumps
  • Grappling hook swings
  • Bullet bill dodging
  • Lava surfing
  • Quick-time events
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The level is also littered with traps and enemies, which can easily kill Mario if he’s not careful. At the end of the level, Mario faces off against a giant Goomba named Mega Goomba. This is the toughest enemy in the game, and it takes a lot of skill to defeat him. Once Mega Goomba is defeated, Mario completes the level and earns the final Power Moon. Long Journey’s End is a difficult level, but it is also a very rewarding one. It is a test of Mario’s platforming skills, and it is a satisfying feeling to finally complete it.

How Many Kingdoms Are There In Super Mario Odyssey?How Many Kingdoms Are There In Super Mario Odyssey?

If you are a fan of the beloved Super Mario franchise, you must have heard of “Super Mario Odyssey.” This critically acclaimed video game, developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, took the gaming world by storm upon its release. One of the fascinating aspects of Super Mario Odyssey is its vast and diverse world, divided into various realms known as “kingdoms.” We will explore the wonderous world of Super Mario Odyssey and answer the question, “How many kingdoms are there in Super Mario Odyssey?”

The Cap Kingdom

Mario’s journey begins in the Cap Kingdom, an eerie and mysterious place shrouded in darkness. This gloomy kingdom is ruled by Cappy, Mario’s new companion, who has the unique ability to possess various objects and enemies throughout the game. The Cap Kingdom serves as an excellent starting point for players to get accustomed to the game mechanics and the captivating adventures that lie ahead.

The Cascade Kingdom

From the somber atmosphere of the Cap Kingdom, Mario ventures into the Cascade Kingdom, a picturesque land filled with cascading waterfalls and lush greenery. It is inhabited by the adorable Tostarenans, who welcome Mario with warmth and hospitality. In this kingdom, players can explore the stunning Fossil Falls and embark on thrilling dinosaur-themed adventures.

The Sand Kingdom

As Mario’s odyssey progresses, he finds himself in the scorching Sand Kingdom, a vast desert realm filled with ancient ruins and sandy landscapes. Here, players will encounter the crafty Broodals, a group of wedding planners with mischievous intentions. The bustling town of Tostarena in the Sand Kingdom offers various challenges and captivating sights for players to enjoy.

The Lake Kingdom

The next stop in Mario’s journey leads him to the serene Lake Kingdom, a stunning underwater wonderland. Amidst the tranquil waters, players will uncover secrets and face unique challenges. This kingdom features breathtaking architecture and fascinating marine life, making it a standout destination in Super Mario Odyssey.

The Wooded Kingdom

In the Wooded Kingdom, Mario finds himself amidst towering trees and mechanical wonders. This steampunk-inspired realm is inhabited by the Steam Gardeners, and players will encounter the powerful Broodals once again. The unique blend of nature and machinery in the Wooded Kingdom provides an exciting gameplay experience.

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The Cloud Kingdom

The Cloud Kingdom offers a short but sweet interlude in Mario’s adventure. High above the clouds, players will face a unique challenge before moving on to more substantial realms. While brief, the Cloud Kingdom’s floating islands and ethereal aesthetics leave a lasting impression.

The Lost Kingdom

Prepare for an expedition into the mysterious and exotic Lost Kingdom, hidden away in a thick jungle. This secluded realm is home to a forgotten civilization and various hidden secrets. Uncover the mysteries of the Lost Kingdom and restore its glory with Mario’s help.

The Metro Kingdom

As Mario’s odyssey continues, he arrives at the bustling Metro Kingdom, a vibrant urban landscape inspired by real-world cities. Here, players will encounter Mayor Pauline, Mario’s old friend from the original Donkey Kong game. The Metro Kingdom’s bustling streets and skyscrapers offer a refreshing change of pace in the game.

The Snow Kingdom

From the busy streets of the Metro Kingdom, Mario travels to the frozen wonderland of the Snow Kingdom. This icy realm is filled with charming snowmen and frigid challenges. Traverse the frosty peaks and uncover the secrets buried beneath the snow.

The Seaside Kingdom

A tropical paradise awaits in the Seaside Kingdom, where sandy shores and crystal-clear waters beckon. Players can take on various seaside challenges and explore the underwater depths in this delightful kingdom.

The Luncheon Kingdom

The Luncheon Kingdom serves up a feast for the eyes with its vibrant colors and culinary delights. This fiery realm is ruled by the eccentric Cookatiel, and players will need to navigate through boiling lava and unique food-themed challenges.

The Ruined Kingdom

Venture into the hauntingly beautiful Ruined Kingdom, a desolate land with crumbling ruins and a mysterious dragon. This kingdom is relatively small but offers a memorable and atmospheric experience.

Bowser’s Kingdom

As Mario draws closer to rescuing Princess Peach, he faces the formidable Bowser’s Kingdom, a Japanese-inspired realm filled with samurai and ninja enemies. In this challenging kingdom, players must overcome various obstacles to reach Bowser’s castle and confront the villainous Bowser.

The Moon Kingdom

The climax of Mario’s adventure takes place in the ethereal Moon Kingdom, a breathtaking setting among the stars. This kingdom is unique and mystical, offering players an otherworldly experience like never before.

The Mushroom Kingdom

After completing the main story, players can unlock the classic Mushroom Kingdom, a nostalgic trip back to Mario’s roots. This kingdom pays homage to the franchise’s iconic past and features familiar locations and characters.


How many levels are there in Super Mario Odyssey?

Super Mario Odyssey features a total of 17 main kingdoms or levels that players can explore.

Are there any additional levels beyond the 17 main kingdoms?

Yes, there is a special level known as the “Mushroom Kingdom,” which pays homage to the classic Mario games.

Can players revisit the levels after completing them?

Absolutely! Once a kingdom is unlocked, players can revisit it at any time to explore further, complete challenges, or find hidden Power Moons.

Do the levels have different themes and environments?

Yes, each kingdom has its unique theme and environment, offering diverse settings ranging from lush forests to bustling cities and even fantastical locations.

How do players progress through the levels in Super Mario Odyssey?

Players must collect Power Moons to power up Mario’s airship, the Odyssey. As they gather more Power Moons, they can access new kingdoms and progress through the game.

Are there any post-game levels or challenges?

Yes, after completing the main story, players unlock additional challenges and special levels, providing extended gameplay and more rewarding experiences.