How Many Games Has Mahomes Lost?

How Many Games Has Mahomes Lost?

How Many Games Has Mahomes Lost?

Patrick Mahomes has lost a total of 16 games in his NFL career. He has played in 80 games, so his win percentage is 77.5%. He has only lost more than one possession three times. Mahomes is one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history. He has won a Super Bowl, been named to the Pro Bowl five times, and been named NFL MVP twice. He is still in his prime, so it is likely that he will lose even fewer games in the future.

How Many Games Has Patrick Mahomes Won And Lost?

Before we dig into the specifics of Patrick Mahomes’ wins and losses, let’s take a brief look at his journey in the National Football League. Drafted as the 10th overall pick by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 NFL Draft, Mahomes showed immense promise from the outset. After initially sitting behind Alex Smith in his rookie season, he was named the starting quarterback in 2018.

Analyzing Patrick Mahomes’ Wins

Patrick Mahomes’ winning record is an essential aspect that defines his prowess as a quarterback. As of the latest available data, Mahomes has secured numerous victories throughout his NFL career. From his debut as the starting quarterback to his most recent games, he has consistently showcased his ability to lead his team to triumph.

Throughout his career, Mahomes has exhibited remarkable consistency in securing wins. His ability to read the defense, make lightning-fast decisions, and deliver accurate throws under pressure has been the key to his success on the field. Whether it’s a crucial playoff game or a regular-season matchup, Mahomes has proven time and again that he has what it takes to secure a victory for his team.

Unraveling Patrick Mahomes’ Losses

As with any athlete, Patrick Mahomes has also experienced losses in his NFL career. However, it is important to note that losses are a natural part of the game, and they do not overshadow the greatness and skill he brings to the field.

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Mahomes’ losses can often be attributed to various factors, such as strong opposing defenses, injuries to key players on the team, or even unfavorable weather conditions. Despite these setbacks, Mahomes has consistently displayed resilience and the ability to bounce back from defeat, making him an even more formidable force on the field.

Comparing Wins and Losses

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Patrick Mahomes’ performance, we need to compare his wins and losses. This analysis allows us to identify patterns, strengths, and areas for improvement in his gameplay. It is crucial to remember that individual success in football is significantly influenced by the performance of the entire team.

While wins highlight Mahomes’ ability to lead his team to victory, losses serve as opportunities for growth and refinement. Each game provides valuable insights that players and teams can use to hone their strategies and enhance their overall performance.

Key Moments and Milestones

Throughout Patrick Mahomes’ NFL career, there have been several standout moments and milestones that have shaped his legacy. From incredible comebacks to record-breaking performances, Mahomes has left an indelible mark on the sport of football.

One of the most memorable moments in Mahomes’ career came during Super Bowl LIV, where he led the Chiefs to a historic comeback victory against the San Francisco 49ers. This remarkable performance earned him the Super Bowl MVP title, solidifying his status as one of the most exceptional quarterbacks of his generation.

The Impact of Patrick Mahomes

Beyond his individual achievements on the field, Patrick Mahomes has had a profound impact on the game of football as a whole. His unique playing style, characterized by no-look passes, deep bombs, and incredible improvisation, has inspired a new generation of quarterbacks and football enthusiasts.

Mahomes’ jersey sales have skyrocketed, and his influence extends far beyond the field. He has become a cultural icon, making appearances in commercials and even collaborating with major brands. His magnetic personality and exceptional talent have made him a beloved figure both on and off the field.

The Future of Patrick Mahomes

As Patrick Mahomes continues to excel on the football field, fans and analysts eagerly anticipate the trajectory of his career. At just [insert age], he has already accomplished feats that some players can only dream of achieving throughout their entire careers. His dedication to continuous improvement and his relentless pursuit of greatness make the future incredibly promising for this young quarterback.

How Many Losses Does Mahomes Have In His Career?

Patrick Mahomes, born on September 17, 1995, in Tyler, Texas, displayed exceptional athletic prowess from an early age. His father, Pat Mahomes Sr., was a former Major League Baseball pitcher, undoubtedly influencing young Patrick’s passion for sports. Mahomes attended Whitehouse High School, where he excelled not only in football but also in basketball and baseball.

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After a successful high school career, Mahomes committed to Texas Tech University, where he played college football for the Red Raiders. His time at Texas Tech showcased his prodigious talent, as he broke several records and earned numerous accolades, including the Sammy Baugh Trophy for the nation’s top collegiate passer.

Drafted by the Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes declared for the 2017 NFL Draft and was selected as the 10th overall pick by the Kansas City Chiefs. This decision would prove transformative for both the Chiefs franchise and Mahomes himself. Under the guidance of head coach Andy Reid, Mahomes flourished and quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

An Impressive NFL Debut

Mahomes’ rookie season offered a glimpse of his immense potential. He made his NFL debut during the 2017 season, starting the final game against the Denver Broncos. Despite it being his first professional start, Mahomes displayed remarkable poise and skills on the field, impressing both fans and critics alike.

A Stellar 2018 Season

In the 2018 season, Mahomes truly shone, taking the NFL by storm with his exceptional play. He delivered an awe-inspiring performance, setting multiple records and leading the Chiefs to a 12-4 record in the regular season. Mahomes’ remarkable statistics earned him the prestigious title of NFL Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the 2018 season.

Patrick Mahomes’ Losses: A Closer Look

Despite his undeniable talent, it is essential to acknowledge that no athlete can be completely impervious to defeat. Over the course of his career, Patrick Mahomes has faced some losses. However, it is crucial to remember that, in sports, losses are an inevitable part of the journey and can contribute to an athlete’s growth and resilience.

The Impact of Losses on Mahomes’ Career

Each loss experienced by Patrick Mahomes has provided him with invaluable learning opportunities. As a highly competitive athlete, he channels these setbacks into opportunities for improvement. Mahomes’ dedication to his craft and unwavering work ethic have enabled him to bounce back from defeats, proving his mettle as a true champion.

Mahomes’ Exceptional Comebacks

One of the defining traits of a great athlete is their ability to stage remarkable comebacks. Patrick Mahomes has exhibited this quality time and again, demonstrating his leadership and determination on the field. When faced with adversity, he has consistently risen to the occasion, inspiring his teammates and fans alike.

A Team Player

While Mahomes’ individual brilliance is undeniable, he is also known for being a true team player. He attributes his success not just to his personal achievements but also to the collective efforts of his teammates and coaching staff. Mahomes’ humility and camaraderie make him not only a cherished player but also an exceptional leader.

Mahomes’ Impact Beyond the Field

Patrick Mahomes’ influence extends far beyond the football field. His philanthropic endeavors and commitment to making a positive impact on society have earned him widespread admiration. Through his charitable foundation, he has supported various causes, empowering communities and inspiring change.

What Is Patrick Mahomes Winning Percentage?

Patrick Mahomes is an American football quarterback. He was born on September 17, 1995, in Tyler, Texas. He rose to prominence in the NFL (National Football League) after being selected as the 10th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. From the outset of his career, Mahomes displayed exceptional talent, garnering attention with his powerful arm, accuracy, and ability to make split-second decisions under pressure.

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The Road to Success

Since his debut, Patrick Mahomes has continuously impressed both fans and analysts with his remarkable performances. Let’s explore the journey that has led to his extraordinary winning percentage:

Exceptional Skillset

Mahomes possesses a unique combination of skills that sets him apart from his peers. His arm strength allows him to make jaw-dropping throws, launching the football deep down the field with ease. Additionally, his accuracy and ability to read defenses enable him to consistently capitalize on scoring opportunities.

Leadership and Composure

As the leader of the Kansas City Chiefs, Mahomes exudes confidence and composure on the field. Even in high-stakes situations, he remains unfazed, guiding his team with a calm demeanor and earning the respect of his teammates.

Adaptability and Versatility

Another factor contributing to Mahomes’ winning percentage is his adaptability. He can adjust his gameplay based on the opposing team’s defensive strategies, ensuring that the Chiefs remain competitive in various game scenarios.

Coaching and Support

Patrick Mahomes’ success is not solely attributed to his individual brilliance. The coaching staff and his teammates play a crucial role in creating an environment that fosters growth and success. The synergy between Mahomes and his supporting cast enhances the team’s overall performance.

The Winning Percentage Breakdown

Now, let’s dive into the numbers that define Patrick Mahomes’ winning percentage:

In the regular season, Mahomes has consistently achieved an impressive winning percentage of approximately 70%. This astounding statistic highlights his ability to lead the Chiefs to victory consistently.

Moreover, in the postseason, where the pressure intensifies, Mahomes has demonstrated his clutch performance abilities, achieving an even higher winning percentage of around 75%. This remarkable achievement underscores his ability to elevate his game when it matters most, a characteristic that sets him apart as a truly exceptional quarterback.

Comparing Mahomes’ Winning Percentage to NFL Greats

To truly appreciate the magnitude of Mahomes’ accomplishments, let’s compare his winning percentage to some of the NFL’s all-time great quarterbacks:

Tom Brady

Tom Brady, widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, boasts an impressive career winning percentage of approximately 77% in the regular season. In the postseason, he elevates his game further, maintaining an astonishing winning percentage of about 73%.

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning, another legendary quarterback, holds a regular-season winning percentage of approximately 66%. In the postseason, he achieved a commendable winning percentage of around 50%.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, known for his precision passing, has a regular-season winning percentage of roughly 68%. In the postseason, he has maintained a winning percentage of approximately 65%.


How many games has Patrick Mahomes lost in his NFL career?

As of my last update in September 2021, Patrick Mahomes had lost a total of 8 regular-season games in his NFL career.

What is Patrick Mahomes’ win-loss record in playoff games?

As of September 2021, Patrick Mahomes had a playoff record of 6 wins and 2 losses.

How many games did Patrick Mahomes lose during the 2020 NFL season?

In the 2020 NFL season, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs lost a total of 2 regular-season games.

Has Patrick Mahomes ever lost a Super Bowl game?

Yes, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs lost Super Bowl LV to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, making it his first Super Bowl defeat.

What is Patrick Mahomes’ overall winning percentage in the NFL?

As of my last update in September 2021, Patrick Mahomes had an impressive overall winning percentage of approximately 75% in the regular season.

How does Patrick Mahomes’ loss record compare to other NFL quarterbacks?

As of September 2021, Patrick Mahomes had one of the best win-loss records among active NFL quarterbacks, reflecting his exceptional talent and success on the field.