How Many Miles Are 4000, 10000, And 6000 Steps? How Many Steps In A Mile?

How Many Miles Are 4000, 10000, And 6000 Steps? How Many Steps In A Mile?

How Many Miles Are 4000, 10000, And 6000 Steps? How Many Steps In A Mile?

The average person takes between 2,000-2,500 steps per mile by using a pedometer, phone motion sensor, or fitness band. While running you have a longer stride length that shows you may take steps between 1,000 to 2,000 steps per mile. A total of 10,000 steps will equal 4-5 miles. The number of steps per mile depends on the stride length a person has. 

Walking has many benefits related to your health. Walking can also burn your calories. According to research body starts to draw its energy from fat reserves after 30 minutes of walking. However, the more you walk the better it will for you. Using a step counter will give you the approximate value of your step counts. Trackers worn on your arm will be helpful to calculate your daily steps. 

Walking Steps In A Mile

According to research, a person’s average weight, height, and stride length are between 2.1 and 2.5 feet. It shows that a person takes around 2,000 walking steps in a mile. 

If you are shorter or taller the stride length will vary accordingly. You have to consider the speed of the run and walk. The stride length of a person who is a 7ft tall runner will always be greater than that of a 4ft tall person. So if you want to get accurate conversion of steps into miles, you have to take into account different variables – like height, gender, weight, and pace of running/walking. 

Furthermore, for the most accurate measurement, the best way is to measure your stride length. Your age also impacts your stride length over time. According to research, stride length will shorten by 0.33% with every passing year. 

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4000 Steps To Miles

4000 walking steps is equal to 2 miles. If you want to achieve accuracy in your calculations, you have to factor in step count. A female with an average height of 5ft 3in taking a fast walk will cover approximately 1.99 miles for 4000 steps. A male with an average height of 5ft 9in will walk approximately equals to 2.14 miles.

6000 Steps To Miles 

6,000 steps are equal to around 3 miles. To calculate the exact distance, your step count has to be included in the calculations. For a female of height 5ft 3in, 6,000 steps equal to 2.98 miles. For a male with an average height of 5ft, 9 in 6,000 steps is equal to around 3.17 miles

10,000 Steps To Miles

10,000 steps are equal to 5 miles. For accurate calculations, the step length of a person needs to consider. A female who has an average height of 5ft 3in, with a fast walk of 4mph taking in 10,000 steps will be equal to 4.97 miles. For a male who has an average height of 5ft 9in, a fast walk of 4mph of 10,000 steps is equal to around 5.28 miles. 

Calculate Steps In A Mile

You can use the following mile to steps calculator formula.

Distance / Stride Length = Steps 

  1. Convert mile to feet: 

1 mile = 5280 feet.

  1. Determine the stride length:

You can measure it or assume 2.2 ft if you are female, and if you are male it will be 2.5 ft. 

  1. Divide a mile by length of steps: 

5280 ft / 2.5 ft = 2,112. 

Accurate Step-To-Miles Calculations

The number of steps a person took varies at various speeds of running and walking. 

According to research:

On average, a person takes more steps during running a 1-minute mile as compared to walking a 15-minute mile (1951 steps vs 1935 steps respectively). Furthermore, this research related to the smaller distance between steps during jogging with a slower speed (12-minute mile) as compared to walking at a 15-minute per mile pace. Furthermore, the number of steps that women and men take during running was considerably different at the faster speed only because few women complete the faster 8- and 6- minutes per mile run. 

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Measure Your Steps

You can use a step-counting pedometer, you can use your mobile phone for this purpose or you can also count them in your head. In addition, the best method to count your average steps per mile is to count them many times over is distance and find your average. 

Track – To find measured mile, you can use a regulation quarter-mile search you will have to ask the coach to make sure that it is a quarter-mile track (1,320 feet) instead of a 400-meter track (1,308 feet). Moreover, it is preferable to go around four times to get a full mile on a quarter-mile track. In addition, for a 400-meter track, go around four times and then multiply it to your steps by 1.009. 

Football – A football ground is 300 feet from the goal line to the goal line. As you walk or run count your steps at your usual pace from goal line to goal line. In addition, multiply your walking steps by 17.6 to get your steps/mile.

App – You can also use a mobile app such as MapMyWalk that will count your steps and then measure a mile with the GPS of your phone at the same time. However, for better accuracy select a place to walk that is an open area with a clear view of the sky. Signals of GPS travel between phones and various satellites in orbit. However, they get confused by trees, buildings, and hillsides resulting in less accurate measurement of distance. 

Measured Mile – Another way is to use an online mapping site. This will give you a mile course in your local area, then walk with a pedometer or pedometer app. For the best accuracy, select a straight course without curves and turns. 


Step length varies depending on your activity, sport, pace, and height. So your walking steps in a mile depends on your stride length. However, you can measure your steps by pedometer and by any fitness band. Walking can give you many health benefits. Every step burns your calories. 

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