How many steps in a mile for women to lose 1 pound?

How many steps in a mile for women to lose 1 pound?

How many steps in a mile for women to lose 1 pound?

If you want to be healthy, physically fit then you will be amazed to know the total number of steps in a mile walk. An average walker covers around 2000 steps in a mile. This number varies from walker to walker depending on his/her gender, weight, height, stride length, speed, overall wellness and age. Females are very conscious about their health and weight and beauty. If you are a woman and you are physically smart and fit it not only enhances your beauty but also prevents you from various diseases. Regular exercise is one of the important components you should add to your daily routine.

How many steps in a mile to lose 1 pound?

Is your goal to lose one pound a week? So what is an achievable healthy goal? According to many experts, you need to burn 500 calories a day. That signifies you must aim for atleast 10,000 steps a day. It is the equivalent of five miles.”

Suppose this number seems intimidating, think that it contains everything that you do all day, like walking around your neibourhood or the evening stroll in the park.

Variety is the key to keep your body in weightloss mode. Therefore, it is advisable to make a workout plan which will help you switch up your walking every day and thereby avoid hitting a plateau. Many experts suggest adding weights or throwing in lunges, or even increasing your miles to take it up a notch.

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How to define mile:

A mile is a distance that can be measured with an imperial system; it is equal to 1760 or 5280 feet. Miles can be used instead of kilometers. A kilometer is a smaller unit than a mile. 1km is equal to 0.6 miles and 1 mile is equal to 1.6km. 

The difference in steps during walking or running:

During walking the stride length is different from when running. When a woman runs the stride length is higher because she takes steps rapidly than from walking. During walking an average steps count is equal to 1700-2400 which is greater than the total steps during running equal to 1000. 

It’s not only dependent on the stride length but also upon gender and height. If a woman of height 5’ walks for 20 minutes she will cover 1 mile in approximately 2370 steps. On the other hand, if a man walks he takes only 1750 steps in 14 minutes to cover a mile. The distance is the same however the number of steps and the time is different for both genders. 

Importance of walk:

Eating a healthy diet gives you immunity and at the same time if you start regular exercise it will be icing on the cake to boost your health. It is important to brace your muscles and make your bones strong. These also prove beneficial to prevent various diseases such as obesity, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s diseases, anxiety, high cholesterol, osteoporosis and depression.  

5 easy methods to measure steps in a mile:

There are various methods to count the total steps in a mile.

  • Use a track for the one-mile walk.   
  • Run in a good field to complete your walk. A football field covers almost 300 feet.
  • Use a pedometer to calculate the total steps of your walk
  • In case you don’t have a pedometer, use a smartphone app to calculate the total steps.

What do I have to do to hit my goal?

Ladies! Are you trying to complete your 10000 step challenge in a day? If yes, this information will help you from start to end. To walk 10000 steps in a day is a gold standard and nearly all women are struggling to achieve this goal. 

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Walking is important for your physical and mental health. If you want to hit your goal there are certain things that can help you to achieve the gold standard.

Set a goal:

Before going to walk you should have a goal in mind. When you know exactly what you are struggling for, then it’s easy to focus on that particular point. Women want to keep themselves physically fit. Walking daily is one of the best tips you can use to burn your calories. Suppose taking 10000 steps daily is your main goal. If you are not habitual of walking or running, always start with a quarter-mile walk. With time walking will become your daily habit, at this point taking 10000 a day is not an unbeatable challenge for you. 

Walk with a friend:

The study showed that if women have someone to discuss their goal there are 65% chances they will complete these challenges. Meeting your best friend daily will make you excited and you happily go for a walk. When you have a companion you can walk a mile extra while walking alone will make you tired to some extent. Your friend on a walk keeps you motivated and encourages you to attain your target.

Notice your pace:

Don’t push yourself too hard to attain your target overnight. It will cause unexpected harm to your body. 

Start slowly by walking slowly and steadily. There are 95% chances to accomplish your set goal. Notice your pace and improve it day by day. Walking within your pace not only makes you physically fit but also boosts your immune system. 

Walk to your favorite places:

Nature gives you joy in amazing ways. Walking is beneficial however how amazing it is to go for a walk with someone special at your favorite place. It will give you joy and mental peace that keep you active the whole day. Find the most enjoyable places for yourself to make this activity more delightful. 

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Walk or run faster

If you are expecting more calories in minimum days, make an effort to walk and run faster. Different studies reported that walking can burn 80 calories per mile while running can burn up to 100 calories. The decision is always whether you want to walk more or make a little effort to run faster to burn your undesired calories. 

Another tip that will be beneficial for you is that you can not run without any break. Divide your walk-in little chunks. You can adopt this practice at your workplace as well. 


The number of steps a person takes daily varies depending on various factors such as age, gender and height. There are different methods and apparatus available to count your total steps. Women take more steps than men because they are shorter in length and have smaller stride lengths. Most women have specific goals like physical fitness and weight loss. There are several tips and tricks available in these guidelines that will help you to start your journey and complete the 10000 step gold standard.