How old is Killua and in what episode he betray Gon? Hunter X Hunter

How old is Killua and in what episode he betray Gon?

What episode does Killua betray Gon? Why did he do that? How old is Killua and Gon?

What episode does Killua betray? For some reason, I’ve always had a hard time answering this question. In the first place, I know nothing about this character, and only found out about his involvement through the second episode. Could this be a coincidence? Maybe, but at the same time, I think it is something else in Hunter X Hunter.

Before we get into the answer, let’s have a look at why he betrayed Moeka in the first place. It seems that Killua was unhappy with some actions Moeka had taken, such as not informing him about the presence of a new subordinate, before she departs the Island. Moeka also seemingly has an vendetta against everyone on the Island, which she started when she kills her own father. Now, Killua’s reasons for betraying Moeka were based purely on self-preservation. This could be because he realised that Moeka would stop at nothing to keep her from ascending the throne, whatever it takes.

Now, in the third episode, ‘Stoney Creek’, we see Killua’s motivations slightly change. He is asked to go back to St. John’s Rock, where his parents were buried. Although he initially goes back to try and convince his father to leave the Island, he ends up visiting them, only to find that they have already been buried. What does this have to do with Moeka?

How old is Gon?

Age 11 (debut)
12+ (currently)
14-15 (as per Timeline)
Birthday 5 May (Taurus, Children’s Day)

How old is Killua?

In the manga, Killua is “almost 12” in the hunter test. Does this happen as the one in the animated version? If yes, it will make him 13 by the time it is over, as the second exam was conducted at the beginning of January next year. The Election of the arc began in August of that same year. In the present time of the comic, Killua is 14 if you were born before August 18.

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I’m going to address this question in three scenarios.

If we’re going by the character in the show, it’s the age of 14.

If we’re going to our Earth time, the age of 34 is 34. (hxh began in 1999, and killua was 12 years old, which means if you take all through 1999 until 2020 and add 12 to it, it will make him 34.)

If we go by the assumption that HunterxHunter continues to air, as it’s currently on suspension, it will make Killua 20. ( since the last time hxh aired in 2014, it would be six years and 14 years = 20)

Are the children playing Hunter X Hunter way too robust in their twenties?

Let’s take a look at our two principal characters: Gon and Killua. We will start with GON.


Gon could create afterimages during his battle against Hisoka. It means he was traveling around 150,000 to 200,000 speeds. Gon is a relative of Killua who may be at 500mph. Gon could smash Neferpitou. In all, I’d suggest that Gon is around 4000-mph.

Attack Potency

Fully loaded Rock was a City-level attack at the very top. It’s a one-shot for anyone within the HXH chapter; however, it isn’t all that effective.

Let’s now take a look at Killua at his young age.


As I mentioned previously, Killua is related to lightning. Killua is around 500mph or so. Killua isn’t equipped with any destructive abilities. He fights mainly as an assassin. With his quick, calm attacks, and is exceptionally skilled in combat. However, he does not have any AP abilities, so I’ll be generous and say that he is at or near Multi-City Block Level.

You can see that these two aren’t very strong compared to real-world humans. They’re not very weak. However, compared to your typical shonen MC, they’re pretty weak. Even new MCs such as Asta and Deku could manage these two with ease.

What episode does killua betray Gon?

In episode 147. Koala admits to Kite at a lonely rural home that the girl he shot had red hair much like her. We then see a flashback of him shooting the girl while he explains that he did it to protect her from the scumbags pursuing her, and that after his rebirth as an ant, he realised he was doing the same thing as before, and that his job was to kill people, and that he only pulled the trigger when he was told to, and that the rest of his time was spent yelling at people.

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It was a simple task that anyone could complete. He wanted her to break free from this absurd loop, which continued even after rebirth, but he had no idea how it worked. But he believed that if he allowed them to kidnap, torture, and murder her, the cycle would repeat itself. A monotonous existence in the middle of nowhere, but one lived in peace and quiet until it was snuffed out by senseless violence.

With a prayer that she would be able to break free from the pattern, he squeezed the trigger. Regardless of his activities, the Queen ate hundreds of people, only a few of them could recall their previous lives, and it is likely that the majority of human souls managed to flee safely, but he wanted to do something different, he wanted to feel as if he was assisting them in their escape. And that if he’s inside her body, she’s probably gotten away, and he hasn’t come across an ant that claims he murdered them in a past life. Maybe they were all able to flee.

Before his rebirth:

He didn’t believe in souls, believing that humans were no more valuable than flies and that they just lived and died. That the ego was nothing more than a byproduct of a more complicated brain. There was no such thing as life after death.

Bodies just decay, turning to dust and scattering into small particles with no discernible function. But now, despite his new appearance, he is repeating the cycle by doing the same idiotic things he did before, leading him to believe he is a fool, but he will not deny what he now knows or dismiss what he doesn’t understand.

He died and his body was shattered into tiny bits, but that wasn’t the end; the fragments, which he thought were too little to have any importance, had a power he could never have imagined. Pollen-sized particles have enough energy to influence our health tens or hundreds of millions of years later, and DNA is even smaller, containing the massive quantities of information that make up each of us in a double helix.

The beginning of the cosmos necessitated that infinitesimally small size; yet, just because something is little does not mean it creates less energy. The soul is most likely little, but it has sufficient energy to complete the cycle. He’s not sure if he was reincarnated to keep the cycle going, and he’s not sure what the future holds. He speculates that something inside of him told him not to do the same things over and over again, and that he was forced to repeat life because he failed to provide his soul with something it needed while he was alive, and that the body moves more slowly without the soul’s encouragement, and that he was always driven by the thought that he couldn’t let things stay the way they were, which he knows isn’t right.

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He’ll continue the loop, certain that he needs to make changes since he made the incorrect decision. It wasn’t the girl who should have been his objective, but the one who was chasing her. Which is no big deal and means he is the biggest scumbag of all and that the price for cleansing a tainted soul was too high for him to pay, so he avoided it while selfishly praying that her soul would escape. He was desperate to avoid being hurt himself, so he shot her to protect himself, and now he is trying to save himself again by confessing his sins to Kite, who inherited her appearance.

What does this mean for the future?

Well, Moeka’s vision puts the whole blame on Killua, as he is the only one who has been with her during all these years. This is a very important detail in the show, because we see how much strain Moeka has placed on her mind. She could have easily caused herself to die during childbirth if she had been holding out for Killua. It could be that she had already planned her own death many years ago, which is why she keeps putting Killua into situations that could kill him.

That being said, it would still be incredibly surprising if this scene did happen in the show. One of the most powerful scenes in the show belongs to a character we have yet to meet. It’s possible that some day we will learn more about Moeka and her motivations. The show has been amazing since its first episode, and I expect it to stay with us for a long time.