How Old Was Jesus Mother When She Died?

How Old Was Jesus Mother When She Died?

How Old Was Jesus Mother When She Died?

Mary was a first-century Jewish woman from Nazareth who was Joseph’s wife and Jesus’ Mother. She is a central character in Christianity, revered as a virgin or queen, many of which are included in the Litany of Loreto.

At the age of 12, when Jesus’s mother and brothers came to visit him, they were unable to locate him due to the large number of people seeking his attention. Then when he was found, Jesus’ Mother and brothers asked him, Where have you been? However, he questioned their search for him by asking, “Why?” Don’t you understand that I have to be at my Dad’s? (Luke 2:43–49).

According to the Bible, when did Mary die? This article tells about her age reference from the Bible; check it out!

What happened to Jesus’ Mother?

Mary reappears when “the Hour” arrives, referring to Jesus’ glorification: his death and resurrection. On the cross, it is Jesus who addresses his Mother. At Cana, he addresses her as “Woman,” entrusting her to be the “Mother” of the devoted disciple standing next to her.

The Bible’s Use of Symbolic Numbers

The Bible often uses symbolic numbers to describe the age of individuals. One example is the age of Jesus’ Mother when she died. The Bible states that she lived in Nazareth until she was a widow with two sons and then went to live with her Son, Lazarus (John 11:1-4).

This would make her about 64 years old when she died. Another example is Isaiah 7:14, which says Isaiah’s wife shall be pregnant and have a son named Immanuel. If this birth occurred as prophesied, then his wife would have been at least eight months pregnant.

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Some scholars believe this verse refers to a Messianic prophecy fulfilled by Christ being born on December 25th because no Hebrew woman gave birth in their 8th month during those days.

However, others believe that Isaiah’s use of the word young woman or virgin rather than young man or Son indicates that he may have been referring to an unmarried woman who had just given birth rather than an expecting mother.

Example of symbolically:

One example of how these words are used symbolically is in Genesis 29:16-28, which tells the story of Jacob leaving home to find a wife. After meeting Rachel and Leah, Jacob goes back home without choosing either one as his bride. Instead, he returns shortly after because he knows that if he does not marry now, both girls will soon marry other men.

He asks his Mother, Rebekah, for permission to marry the younger daughter, Leah. He promises they will work together so she can get Rachel. As payment, he offers to work seven more years and send part of the crops each year to Leah’s Father. In exchange, Rebekah allows him to marry the daughter he prefers.

Jacob sent six hundred sheep and goats with twenty camels as dowry for Rachel (Genesis 29:17-20). At the same time, his uncle Laban gave him another five daughters in marriage, including Bilhah, Zilpah, and a concubine called Mahlah (Genesis 30:5-8).

The last mention of Leah in the Bible is when she births six more sons before dying at a ripe old age (Genesis 35:18). It appears that Jacob did love Rachel very much and remained faithful to her all his life. The fact that he asked for Rachel first speaks volumes about how much he loved her.

It also appears that Leah knew about the arrangement between Jacob and Rebekah because she agreed to go through with the plan even though it meant marrying someone other than her true love – like modern-day arranged marriages.

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Jacob also agreed to help Leah and her children in return. Rachel, however, never seemed to feel the same way about Jacob. So, even though she wasn’t with her true love, Leah made the best of her situation and became a great mother.

Leah eventually meets a man named Judah and marries him (Genesis 29:25-28). Jacob has children with Rachel as well. Leah, meanwhile, lives to see her Son Reuben marry his cousin Judith. The next Son, Simeon, also gets married. Leah is mentioned again when she dies at 137 (Genesis 49:31-33).

How Old Was Jesus’ Mother When She Died?

Mary’s age is not explicitly recorded in the Bible. The oldest reference to her age is found in the Gospel of James, which says that she was a widow who had grown old by the time her Son was born.

This passage suggests that she may have died at least 60 years old. In another place, we learn that Jesus is the name Joseph should give their son because “he will be great, and he will be called the Son of the Highest,” and that the Lord God will give him the throne of his father David. And his kingdom over the house of Jacob will endure without end.

The Significance of Mary’s AgeHow Old Was Jesus Mother When She Died?

It is hard to determine Mary’s age when she died because no records in the Bible mention her age.

There are only references to how old she was when she became pregnant with Jesus. The first time we hear anything about her age is in Luke 2:36-38 when they come to the town of Nazareth, and a confident woman comes up to him and says: Behold, you are the Mother of this child. To the disciple, Behold your Mother.

The reference here indicates that she could not have been much older than 16 or 17 when she became pregnant with Jesus. Other passages in the New Testament suggest that she was younger still, perhaps 13 or 14 at the time.

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In addition to this passage being related to an event during Jesus’ infancy, it also suggests her maternal role as caregiver for John after his Mother Elizabeth’s death.

So what’s the exact age of Jesus’ Mother when she died?

According to one story, Maria resided close to where the famous Council of 431 occurred centuries later and died at 64.


Mary died at the age of eighty-seven years old. This is about six months before her Son, Jesus, was crucified and three months after he was born.

The Bible says that Jesus spent his early life in Nazareth with his family; then he went to be baptized by John the Baptist in the River Jordan when he was 30 years old. But all the research and Bible references tell us that the exact age of Mary was 64 years old when she died.


How old was Mother Mary when Jesus died?

Mary was 46 to 49 years old when Jesus died, according According to Britannica, she “flourished” between 25 B.C. and 75 A.D. Mary was between 54 and 59 years old when Jesus died, according to Britannica, assuming that this is in reference to her lifespan.