How Many Fallen Angels Are There in The Bible?


How Many Fallen Angels Are There in The Bible?

There are four main types of angels that are specifically listed in The Bible. These angels are not cherubs that fling arrows at us. Instead, the Bible describes them as otherworldly creatures not to be worshiped. Unfortunately, some people even mistakenly worship them. The standard Protestant Bible provides names for three angels: “Michael the archangel,” the angel Gabriel, who is called “the man Gabriel” in Daniel 9:21, and the third “Abaddon”/”Apollyon” in Revelation 9:11.

How many Fallen Angels are there?

The fallen angels were once part of God’s divine hosts. They were distinct from Lucifer’s 1/3 angels. They did, however, communicate with one another at a certain point in the past. The fallen angels mentioned are the Watcher-class 200 divine angels who acted against God’s instructions. Following the creation of their offspring, known as the Nephilim, They were imprisoned in a Tartarus jail. They slept with humans to try and alter the human race. Many have thought the Tartarus prison was hidden within the Antarctica Ice Sheets. Many believe 200 Watchers remain alive today and are waiting for their redemption.

Breakdown The following will review the Scriptures in which we discuss the fallen watchers. They were thrown into a prison known as Tartarus. The prison of Tartarus has been mentioned in the 1 Book of Enoch and the Scriptures.

  1. 1 Enoch 18:1-16 Enoch was able to see seven mountains. Then was taken to the south and saw the sky burning both day and night. It could be referring to the summertime in Antarctica, where there were 24/7 hours.
  2. 1 Enoch 18:14 Defines the area [Antarctica] in terms of a prison where Heaven’s stars and the angels of Heaven are kept.
  3. 2. Peter 2:4-5 – The verse mentions fallen angels locked up by God before or even at the moment of the flood.
  4. Jude 1:6-8 Jude 1:6-8 – (angels who taught mankind) and had sexual relations with bizarre flesh representations similar to Sodom as well as Gomorrah are being kept in Tartarus until the day of their judgment.

Conclusions: As the days go by, more facts come to light, particularly about locations in the South of Antarctica. The prison of Tartarus may be beneath the ice sheet frozen over the Antarctic, which is undergoing rapid melting. The book of Enoch, discovered in the 1800s, referred to the prison of The Host of Heaven and The Stars of Heaven as being in the southern part of the earth. It could also refer to the Antarctic. The literal meaning is that Hell is frozen.

What Is A Fallen Angel?

An angel who has fallen is one who was removed from Heaven. A third of the angels of Heaven were involved in Satan’s revolt. They were all thrown down from Heaven to earth. They are the ones we call fallen angels in the present. So are fallen angels demons? Yes, they are. The Bible interchangeably employs the two terms.

What was the reason for Satan’s Demise?

The reason for this is described. The reason is explained in Revelations 12. Following Lucifer’s prideful thoughts and alliance with angels, who also desired to be worshiped, There was a conflict within Heaven, with Michael The Archangel and his angels along with Lucifer and his angels who had fallen. Lucifer was defeated, and there was no room for Lucifer and his rebellious group in Heaven for long. So they were thrown down to earth.

Satan’s fall started with his pride. The expression “Pride precedes falling’ may have had its source in Lucifer.

Who are The Seven Fallen Angels?

Satan is the principal; Satan is the fallen angel of God. However, of all the angels who were thrown down from Heaven alongside Lucifer, there are seven that many consider notable.

  1. Belphegor is a symbol of sloth or laziness
  2. Mammon is the embodiment of greed and the desire for money
  3. Asmodeus, the symbol of the lust
  4. Satan is a symbol of wrath.
  5. Lucifer, personifies pride
  6. Beelzebub is a personification of the gluttony
  7. Leviathan represents envy
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Was Hell created to serve Satan along with His Angels?

Matthew 25:41 states,

“Then the devil will tell those left behind, “Depart from you who are cursed and me. Go to the eternal fire prepared for the angels and devil.”

We can learn in this text that Hell was designed to be used by Satan as well as his demons. But their goal is to take all of humanity along with them. They are the ones that Jesus was talking about when He stood on His left, the wicked ones who were unable to get rid of the sins they committed. So they’ll also be thrown into Hell with them.

What does the Bible teach us about Satan?

Certain Scriptures aid us in understanding how to understand Satan and the sphere of the authority of Satan.

John 12:31, for instance, calls Satan “the supreme ruler of the world”. This means that he has power only over this world’s practices, which is in opposition to God.

2 Corinthians 4:4 calls Satan “the god of the world.” This means that he is the god of the people who live in this world, i.e., people who have rejected God and have a sinful lifestyle.

2 Corinthians 11:14 explains that Satan sometimes disguises himself by claiming to be an angel. Satan uses this to trick people who believe in God.

John 8:44 reveals that Satan was the one who created lies. The nature of Satan is to deceive. Satan tries to use this against believers, and he tries to lie and invent false facts to convince Christians. The ones who lie are the sons of Satan.

Revelations 12:9 refers to him as the dragon who is the one who leads the entire world in the wrong direction. That means he’s responsible for converting the people’s hearts to God and His methods.

Do Christians need to fear Demons?

The Bible says in 1 Pet 5:8 that we must be on guard since the devil searches for who to devour and devour; the fact that the devil hunts indicates that some cannot be eaten. They are Christians, those who believe in God in spirit and truth. His kingdom is restricted to those who are not believers and live in wickedness and sin.

There is a truth to it that Satan will try to make himself appear terrifying and important to create fear in the hearts of the Christians. But Colossians 2:15 tells us that Jesus, our Lord, has revealed himself as the face of Satan and demons. Christians are not required to be afraid of them. The authority over them was granted to those who believe in Jesus, and you should not worry about what you are in control over.

Bible Verses About Fallen Angels

The Revelation 12:9

“The big dragon was hurled down. It was that serpent of the past, the devil or Satan, who had led all the world away. He was hurled down to the earth along with his angels. him.”

2 Peter 2:4

“For it is true that God did not forgo angels from sin, and took them into hell and placed the angels in darkness, to be held to be judged;.”

Jude 1:16

“And those angels that refused to maintain their power, but instead abandoned their rightful residence–these he’s hidden in the darkness, bound by everlasting chains until the Day of Judgment.”

Matthew 10:18

“He responded, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”

Isaiah 14:12

“How you’ve fallen from the heavens morning star”, son of the dawn! You’ve been thrown down to earth, You who once set the world on fire!”

Ephesians 6:12

“For our fight is not with blood and flesh but to the rulers. Authority, and against the power of the dark world, and against the forces of the evil spirit that reside in the heavens.”

What are the names of lost angels?

The Book of Enoch mentions that 200 angels were lowered to earth on the mountain of Hermon during the time of Jared. But only 20 leaders (each having a team of 10s) are recognized in alphabetical order…

  • Arakiel (Earth of God)
  • Armaros (Cursed One)
  • Asbeel (Deserter from God) is the second of the five Satan ascended to the earth.
  • Azazel (scapegoat God) Azazel (scapegoat God)
  • Baraqiel (Lightning of the God)
  • Batariel (Valley of the Lord)
  • Chazaqiel (Cloud of the Lord)
  • Daniel (God has judged)
  • Gadreel (Wall of God) third of Satan’s who was ascended to the earth.
  • Kokabiel (Star of the Gods)
  • Penemue (The Inside) is the fourth of Satan’s fallen to earth.
  • Ramiel (Thunder of the Lord)
  • Sariel (Prince of God)
  • Sathariel (The part of God)
  • Shamsiel (Sun of the Lord)
  • Tamiel (Perfection from God) also known as Kasdaye (the Chaldean) the fifth Satan’s demon who was ascended to the earth.
  • Turiel (Mountain of God) (Mountain of)
  • Yequon (he will rise) is one of the 5 Satan that dropped to earth.
  • Yomiel (Day of the Lord)
  • Zaqiel (Purity God) God)
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The missing person, in this case, is the head of those Fallen saints who signed the pact on Mount Hermon and promised to go down to earth and take wives away from the Daughters of the sons of Man. He is known as Samyaza (he recognizes the name).

Some angels are also regarded as “fallen” and referenced in other apocrypha.

  • Mastema (hatred) is the first angel to bear a child for those daughters to Man. The angel is the first to receive the title “Satan” in the Bible of Jubilees.
  • Af (Anger) is one of the three angels that was made before there was anything
  • Hemah (Wrath) is also one of the first.
  • Samael (Blindness in the eyes of God) is the person who, according to most texts, is Satan, the Angel of Death, the angel who was created in darkness before anything. Samael is Af and Hemah tied to the wall of the 7th Heaven.
  • Beliel, also known as Belial (The Worthless one, or “Yokeless”), is mentioned on the scroll of war as an adversary of Michael.


Based on Lucifer’s tale, we can understand the reasons why it is important to be able to overcome pride as believers. The devil had a prominent spot in Heaven. Still, the devil was prideful of his appearance and was lusty for power and attempted to convert the other angels to God. This was the reason for his demise. Therefore, when God glorifies us, we must be humble and remain so with assistance from The Holy Spirit.

Christians must also put on the entire armor of God, as outlined in Ephesians 6:10-18, to be steadfast against the devil as well as the fallen angels and their sly lies. We already have victory over them through Jesus, So we battle from a position of victory.

Revelation 12:4

If the Bible were to be accurate, then the answer to the question, “How many fallen angels are there in Revelation twelve:4” would be 40,956. However, that number is higher than one might think. The third of the stars in verse four represents angels that rebelled against God. If all of them were fallen angels, then the number of rebellious angels would be more than one-third of the number of angels in Revelation.

While Scripture does not mention Satan’s original rebel sin before Genesis 3, it does mention that one-third of the angels in Heaven were cast out along with him. That means that he was cast down with his angels before humanity.

Revelation 12:9

Fallen angels are held in chains under the gloomy darkness until the great day of judgment. Some are caught up in immorality, while others are caught up in unnatural desire. Yet, despite their sinful nature, they can do a little good.

There are seven great personages described in Revelation. These seven are described in Revelation 12:1-14:20. The woman represents the nation of Israel. The red dragon represents Satan. The male child is the Lord Jesus. The harlot is the false religious system of the last days, which includes the apostate Christendom. Finally, the bride represents the true church, glorified by God and the nation of Israel.

The devil is the deceiver of the entire world. He operates through a network of deceiving spirits and demonic powers. In Revelation 12:9, Satan is called the “dragon who leads the world astray.” Ultimately, he will destroy mankind, which is why we must be ready for the second coming of Christ.

Revelation 12:14

In the Bible, there are two named angels – Michael and Gabriel. Michael is the angel of the nation of Israel in Dan. 10:13-21, and he is also the Archangel in Jude v. 9. The name Michael means “who is like God.” Some people view Michael as a different name for Christ. However, the Bible does not promote a dualistic view. Angels can overcome the evil one with God’s help, as does the redemptive work of Christ.

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The number of fallen angels in Revelation 12:14 is not known for certain. Many of them are actually human, which makes it impossible to tell exactly how many there are. However, the number of angels in this passage is relatively small. They are the same group as those in Revelation 5:9 and 7:4-8. The 144,000 is the same group as the NT saints and church.

Revelation 12:15

Suppose the number of fallen angels in Revelation 12:15 is true. In that case, Satan and his minions constitute a third of the angelic host. Considering that there are a total of 122,868 angels on earth, this implies that about 40,956 fallen angels make up each legation. However, it’s not certain, and the number of fallen angels may be greater.

Revelation doesn’t go back to the beginning, but it does go back. The end time is a time of judgment. In the end, God will separate the wicked from the Lamb, who will take His place on Mount Zion, the royal seat of God.

Revelation 12:17

The number of fallen angels in Revelation 12:17 varies depending on your interpretation of the Bible. The book describes a variety of angels, including the Archangel Michael. However, it does not mention how many fallen angels are in Heaven. In addition to Michael, other angelic powers, such as the four horsemen, are tasked with dealing with the devil.

There are seven types of fallen angels or fallen angels. The first is the one standing on the Mediterranean Sea’s sand. Then, in the next chapter, a dragon emerges from that same region.

Revelation 12:18

Many interpretations of the verse “the devil and his angels.” Most people assume that this verse refers to the devil himself, but it is possible that the phrase “the devil and his angels” refers to fallen angels. Regardless of the meaning, angels are powerful, destructive beings, and few people clearly understand what they do.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) believes that the Revelation 12:18 text refers to an actual event in man’s pre-mortal existence. This belief is supported by the fact that the Book of Moses, included in the LDS standard works canon, mentions the war in Heaven, the fall of Satan, and the third of all angels.

Revelation 12:19

The Bible has already clarified that Revelation 12 is about fallen angels and demons. The verse before says that God prepared four angels to be released. This verse does not specify an exact time, but it says they were prepared for release in the same year, day, and hour God had prepared them.

As we have learned in the past, Satan has a long history of persecuting God’s people. This persecution began in the first days of the New Testament Church. God even allowed a woman to flee into the wilderness.

Revelation 12:20

In Revelation 12, the fall of the angels is described. We are told that the first fall occurred in Heaven when Satan and his angels rebelled against God. As a result, they were cast down to earth. Revelation also mentions a third fall, when they were thrown into a bottomless pit for 1,000 years.

There are two distinct types of fallen angels. The first is the first one, and the second one is Satan. In the second fall, two-thirds of the angels remain faithful to God.

Revelation 12:21

We don’t know how many fallen angels there are, but the number is likely greater than 40,000. This number is based on Jacob’s dream, in which he sees angels climbing the ladder of Heaven. While this number is huge, it’s not the whole number of angels in Heaven. It’s about one-third of all angels, which could be enormous.

In this section of the book of Revelation, we meet a woman representing Christianity during WW3. She represents Christianity during the last days, as she fought for her right to worship God. This woman also represents the false religious system of the last days or apostate Christendom. Ultimately, the woman represents the true church, glorified, and the nation Israel.

Revelation 12:22

In the Bible, there are references to angels and their great wisdom. However, only three angels are given names. The Bible says that Michael is the Archangel with a name that means “like God.” So how many fallen angels are there in Revelation 12:22?

In the Fourth Seal judgment, the “pale” horseman caused the death of one-fourth of the earth’s population. By the sixth trumpet judgment, a third of the survivors are killed, making it possible for nearly half the world’s population to die. Eventually, this would lead to human extinction. Revelation 12:22 is full of such events, but they do not happen now.

The rest of Revelation 12 describes the fall of the fallen angels. They will be tormented for a timeless age when cast into the lake of fire and sulfur.