7 Fallen Angel’s Names and Meanings


7 Fallen Angel’s Names and Meanings

Have you ever wondered what the names of fallen angels mean? If so, this article will give you some insight into the archangel Michael, Jophiel, Dumah, Gadreel, and Balam. You’ll also discover interesting information about these angels’ personalities and abilities.

Archangel Michael

The name Michael can mean various things, from a mighty warrior to a protective angel. Many believe that Michael was a pre-incarnate Christ and that his mission was to protect the people of Israel. However, this idea is controversial. While many believe that God is one with Michael, others believe they are separate entities.

The fallen angels’ story is much older than the New Testament of Christ. It dates back to the Bronze Age First Temple period, roughly the 10th century BCE. During this time, King Solomon’s temple was constructed in Jerusalem. Other ancient cultures recorded similar tales.

Michael is the patron saint of the military, police, and firefighters. He is also a protector of the dead. He is also a patron saint of artists and those who work in dangerous circumstances. Michael is also considered one of the most powerful angels. Unlike Lucifer, Michael is held in high esteem by many angels.

Michael is one of the most important archangels in Christianity. He led the heavenly forces that expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Despite his importance, Michael is also considered a gender-neutral name. He is also associated with free will and growth.

The first mention of Michael occurs in the book of Daniel. Daniel, who has the name Michael, sees an angel. The angel tells him not to fear and begins giving a message. The angel tells him of a great war in the coming days where kings will battle one another and rebel against God. A great prince named Michael is also mentioned in this book.

Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel and fallen angel name meanings are similar. Both are angels who represent the forces of justice and mercy. Their powers may be enhanced or unlocked through love. Jophiel is also associated with the highest form of beauty, infinite beauty, which is higher than any other form of beauty. Jophiel can use people to get what she wants.

Archangel Jophiel is an angel from Heaven. He resides in the heavens and rules over Wednesday. He is often associated with the fallen angels, but his name also means friend of God. He oversees other angels and passes judgment on transgressions. His name also refers to his role as a guardian of Heaven because he carried Enoch to Heaven.

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Archangel Jophiel is a powerful, guiding angel that can help you refocus on the good aspects of your life. He can help you find answers to your deepest passions in life. He is also a powerful teacher and inspires unconditional love. His symbol is a dolphin, a symbol of intelligence and playfulness. Archangel Ariel, meanwhile, is another guiding angel that can provide strong, positive energy to those in need.

Archangel Michael is one of the most popular archangels. He has been revered and featured in many sacred texts. His appearance in the artwork is usually muscular and athletic, with his sword poised over the demon, signifying his primary purpose of slaying fear and ego. His presence reassures us that we are loved and protected by God.

Archangel Jophiel and fallen angel name meanings vary. The names of these angels are a combination of ancient and modern meanings. These angels are known to bring us great inspiration.

Archangel Dumah

Archangel Dumah is a powerful angel and the patron of Egypt. He is also the prince of the death angels. God commanded him to kill the firstborn Egyptians. Dumah disobeyed the command and became attached to the Egyptian people. He viewed God’s command to slaughter the firstborn as immoral. He convinced other angels under his command to rebel against the Heavens.

The names and meanings of the fallen angels vary. Dumah is also known as Douma and Duma. His name means “silence” in Aramaic, which makes him the angel of death and stillness. His main role in the afterlife is to ensure punishment for sinners. He has many duties and responsibilities and is often called the “Prince of Hell.”

Dumah is another fallen angel, but Christians more commonly use his name. He is one of the four ruling Seraphim. His name is also used to refer to the angel of destruction. Another name for him is Simkiel. He is an angel of punishing wicked people.

Archangel Dumah is another fallen angel’s name. He is a punishment angel and is the prince of the sixth hour. He was named a prince after defeating Satan. He is also responsible for training guardian angels. And finally, there’s Gabriel, who means “Strength of God.” He is God’s main envoy and the main messenger. As for Shamsiel, he is the ruler of the fourth Heaven.

Dumah has a dark side – he can manipulate people and is also associated with perversion. As a result, he was a fallen angel with an angelic name derived from the Greek goddess Artemis. Ariel is another fallen angel, but he is a fallen angel who is responsible for hail storms. Several other fallen angels also have names, but a few have specific traits.

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Archangel Gadreel

Gadreel was one of God’s most trusted angels. He was responsible for guarding the Garden of Eden. Unfortunately, his mission was unsuccessful as he failed to prevent evil from entering the Garden. After this failed mission, he was punished by being locked up in Heaven’s most ominous dungeon for thousands of years.

According to Jewish tradition, angels were created before man. They are members of the divine council. They are messengers between divinity and humanity. In Christianity, angels perform many tasks, including introducing a child’s soul to parents. In Judaism, angels collect the souls of the dead.

According to the Bible, Gadreel was a fallen angel. He was the third of five “Satans” (fallen angels) who rebelled against God. He also had relationships with human women. He also helped to bring the lunar calendar to humanity.

Gadreel was the leader of the Grigori before being banished. He was cruel and merciless. However, his followers believed he taught man how to fight. He is also regarded as the third of the Five Satans. They led the Angels to copulate with humans and create the giant-like Nephilim. His wingspan is seven feet.

The story goes that Gadreel meets Metatron in a bar where he reads angel tablets. When Metatron asks him why he betrayed his fellow angels, he tells him he is in charge of the task. He also tells him that Sam is safely locked up in his mind. Metatron also orders him to kill Alexander Sarver and stop questioning him.

Archangel Gadreel’s name is often confused with another fallen angel. Yomiel, for instance, has a meaning of “cursed.” He is the first angel to follow Lucifer, responsible for swaying the angels away from God’s way. Another angel with a similar meaning is Kesabel, who incarnates in a woman. Her role in propagating sin was to lure men through seduction. Because of this, Gadreel was banished from Heaven.

Archangel Kushiel

The name Archangel Kushiel means “guardian of angels,” and the meaning is similar to that of an angel. Angels manifest God, and their wings are different from human wings. Typically, angels are messengers of God. The word “angel” is derived from the Greek word for messenger. As a result, we often see the “God is Good/God is Evil” dilemma, where angels seem to be confused between God’s good and evil.

Angels are created before men and are considered to be children of God. They serve God and are members of the divine council. Their primary tasks are to introduce the soul of a newborn child to God, collect souls from the dead, and communicate with humans and other angels.

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The names of fallen angels vary from the traditional Archangel Kushiel. A fallen angel called Asmodeus has been adopted into Hebrew mythology. He has been mentioned in history for at least three thousand years. A fallen angel named Balam, who has a serpent tail, is a descendant of Asmodeus.

The Archangel Kushiel has been portrayed as a persona in a series of fantasy novels by Jacqueline Carey. He is one of the Seven Angels of Punishment. His purpose is to cleanse the Earth of sinners who have abandoned God. He employs the power of rumors to do so. In the novel “The Whisperers,” Kushiel is named the Collector. The book also includes references to him by his full name. In “The Unquiet” by John Connolly, Kushiel also appears only once.

Another fallen angel is Kunopegos, who looks like a sea monster. He can sink ships. Other fallen angels are Lahash and Lerajie. Lahash, like Satan, is an angel of evil. He is often confused with the god Belial. The name is also often used to refer to a fallen angel.


A Demonic duke who knows everything about gemstones and herbs and commands 30 demon legions. He has a snake’s tail. Bathin was an angel, but it was unclear whose choir he belonged to. He most likely belonged to the Dominion order of angels due to his powerful looks. He was made a duke of Hell, in charge of thirty legions of demons, after he fell from favor when he rebelled against Heaven alongside Lucifer.

He is a close friend of Stolas, who is also knowledgeable about precious stones and herbs because he is familiar with their benefits. According to legend, Bathin and Stolas would accompany Mammon in delivering stones or other materials with particular qualities that the Lord of Greed could employ for his ends.


A monster-like sea creature with Jewish legend that lives there. Leviathan is a well-known sea snake from myth and theology. It is mentioned in several passages of the Hebrew Bible, including Psalms, the Books of Job, Isaiah, Amos, and, in some translations, the Book of Jonah. Additionally, it appears in the Book of Enoch. It is believed that the allusions in the Old Testament to the enormous sea monster Leviathan (Hebrew: Liwythn) derive from an old narrative in which the god Baal slays a sea monster with many heads. Leviathan is a sea serpent that God kills in the Book of Psalms and then gives to animals in the desert as sustenance. It is also mentioned in the Book of Job. Its name is now applied to “anything monstrous or huge in size.”