How old would Hitler be today? Is Putin modern world Hitler?

How old would Hitler be today? Is Putin modern world Hitler?

How old would Hitler be today? Is Putin modern world Hitler?

History has witnessed many cruel and polite leaders so far. Good leaders have always promoted peace. However, the cruel leaders have made this world hell for their enemies. Moreover, the bad leaders have always wanted to occupy the whole world. Hitler is someone history will never forget. However, Putin reminds us of Hitler in the modern age. Hitler would be 130 years old today if he was alive. Many people ask How old would Hitler be today, is Putin’s modern world Hitler? In this article, you will learn about this.  

Why Is Putin Being Compared to Hitler?

Hitler needs no introduction; he will remain alive in history forever. In addition, what Hitler did is unforgettable. Hitler is a hero for some and evil for many. Hitler tried to invade the whole world. He was a tough dictator. However, Hitler would be 130 years old, today. Media and politicians nowadays are comparing “Vladimir Putin” with “Adolf Hitler”. Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia at present. Moreover, the Russia and Ukraine tension is trending nowadays.

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th 1889 and died on 30th April 1945. However, Hitler would be 130 years old today. He remained the dictator of Germany from 1933 until 1945. He became the leader of the Nazi party and became chancellor in 1933. It is Hitler who had invaded World War 2 by invading Poland in September 1939. Also, he participated in military operations closely throughout the war.

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Adolf Hitler’s biography

Hitler was born in Austria. He moved to Germany in 1913. Moreover, he served the German Army in World War 1. Later, he became the leader of the Nazi party in 1921. Moreover, he attempted to seize governmental power in 1923 for which he had to go to jail for 5 years. After serving the sentence in jail, Hitler became popular among the nation. He gained popularity by attacking the treaty of Versailles and promoting Germanism, and Nazi propaganda.

Hitler and Jews

Hitler didn’t like the Jews at all. Moreover, Hitler aimed to kick off Jews from Germany. Anti-Semitism was a big part of Hitler’s thinking and also in the Nazi ideology. Hitler did not accept the Jews in Germany. He believed that the Jews should not stay in Germany. Because he believed that the Jews are minorities and they should not work in Germany. In addition, the Jews who became Christians were still different because of their bloodline. Hitler was a follower of two Austrian politicians Georg Ritter and Viennese Mavor Karl. Because they both were against the Jews. Moreover, many historians believe that Hitler was a nationalist.

Why is Putin’s modern world, Hitler?

Vladimir Putin is the Russian president. Moreover, many people are comparing Putin with Adolf Hitler nowadays. Because Hitler invaded Poland besides he was a strict dictator with fewer emotions. However, Putin is trying to invade Ukraine. Recently he has attacked Ukraine. Moreover, he is proving to be the Hitler of the 21st century.

Mr. Vardakas remarks

Mr.Varadkar is the deputy premier Leo of Ireland. He said, “we all know that Putin is a danger and bad man.” “But we didn’t expect that Putin would be the Hitler of 21st century.” He also said that he has never seen something like this after the 1930s.

What does Putin have in common with Hitler?

We are always curious against comparing present political events with those causing Second World War. One can also see the risk of slander and hyperbole. Putin doesn’t have a soft corner for especially Ukraine. Moreover, he criticized the bad decisions of Soviet leadership in the 1920s and 1930s. That had caused serious damage to the immunity of the state. Putin is showing anger similar to Hitler’s as he had invaded to help Germans in Danzig. In addition, Putin has produced his extreme version of history, just like Hitler. However, the democratic west did not take it seriously. In addition, Putin is not like Adolf Hitler. Although, Putin is using the same excuses to justify his wars as Hitler’s. Moreover, his coercive diplomacy, a toolbox of threats, and Russian military force are far too similar to Hitler’s policies.

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Why Vladimir Putin is not today’s Hitler?

Hitler was very dangerous and cruel. At present, no one can be even near to Hitler. Hitler was ruthless of all times. Moreover, he made a plan to create his ideal master race by terminating Slavs, Jews, gypsies, political opponents, and homosexuals by forcefully sending them to camps for dying. A survey shows that the Nazis killed more than 11 million people under Hitler’s rule. On the other hand, Putin is less dangerous than Hitler. Even the cruelest and worst dictators of the post-war are no way near to Hitler. However, Putin has applied policies similar to Hitler, to invade Ukraine. Also, Putin wants to alter the European status quo by singing coercive diplomacy, a toolbox of threats, occasionally seduction, and military force.

However, Hitler wanted to cancel the treaty of Versailles, which caused shame to Germany and tore off important chunks of its territory. On the other hand, Putin wants to change the overall balance of power that was merged after the collapse of communism in1991. Putin wants to return Russia to its golden days like Soviet Union days and reestablish it as a superpower. Putin has reversed the trend. Moreover, Putin started systematically to merge his powers and personality cults, to rebuild the economy, and stabilize the nation. However, he has succeeded by sending his opponents and political rivals to jail or killing them with poison.

Nowadays, Russia and Ukraine are fighting against each other. Russian President Putin wants to invade Ukraine. However, Ukraine’s president has called Putin Adolf Hitler. But Hitler and Putin are not the same, Hitler was more brutal.


Hitter and Putin are not the same. Hitler was brutal while Putin is hard but not ruthless. Moreover, Hitler did genocide but Putin thinks differently. However, Hitler would be 103 years old today. Hitler wanted to occupy the whole world while Putin doesn’t think like that.

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