How long does it take to walk 10000 steps in a day? Has anyone lost weight like this?

How long does it take to walk 10000 steps in a day? Has anyone lost weight like this?

How long does it take to walk 10000 steps in a day? Has anyone lost weight like this?

You have already heard that 10000 steps in a day are very important for your health and fitness. Do you have any idea where this concept originated? It first originated in Japan. This target was set by the Japanese during the Olympic games to sell the device that counts the steps. At that time there was no medical evidence to prove this fact. Recently, various studies reported that it is beneficial to complete 10000 steps in a day to make you physically fit and active. It takes about 30-40 minutes and 5-8 miles to walk 10000 steps depending upon your weight, height, stride length, speed of motion and the calories you want to burn.  

Health benefits

Do you need some extra inspiration to accomplish this target? Then the health benefits of taking 10000 steps will impress you in this regard. Several medical studies showed that this target helps to reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type 2, some cancers and osteoporosis. It also helps to build up your muscles and your bones get stronger. It helps to alleviate depression, obesity and high blood pressure. It not only gives you a healthy life but also has a strong impact on your mental health and the way you think. You feel more confident, productive and self-esteem. 

How does it take to complete 10000 steps /day?

An average person completes 2000 steps/miles in 10 minutes.  It means it will take 30 minutes and 5 miles to complete 10000 steps. Ten thousand steps look like a magical number to achieve.  It is not the same for every individual but varies depending upon various factors. It is not necessary to complete this exercise in a continuous manner. If you are still starting, try to break your walk into smaller chunks. start with 1500-2000 steps per mile and don’t overstress your body. You have to know about your stride length and pace. It will aid you to achieve your objective. To count your steps also use a pedometer and the smartphone app.  

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The world health organization (WHO) suggests that an adult should do moderate-intensity physical activity for 150 minutes/week. And if your body allows you to try vigorous physical activity for 75 minutes/week to improve your health. A study reported that a person who sits for more than 8 hours has a 59% higher risk of death in comparison to a person who sits only for 4-5 hours per day. 4000-5000 steps per day also help to metabolize the fat more efficiently. 

Try to achieve this goal every little step of yours has value. It is better to do something instead of doing nothing.

How many calories 10000 walk can burn

If a person of 150 pounds walks for a mile he can approximately burn about 60-80 calories. However, if a person of 180 pounds runs he will burn 80-140 calories. How many calories a person can burn depends on how fast he is moving and his body weight. Heavier people burn more calories per mile as compared to thin people. It proves very beneficial for the person who wants to lose weight. 

There are several pedometers available that not only count the number of steps but also calculate the average calories you burn per mile. 

How to reach 10000 steps/mile goal

We all know the health benefits of the walk. But how to keep yourself motivated and achieve this goal is a real task. The simple recommendations will help you to achieve your desired goal. 

Choose your goal

The first and foremost step to keep yourself encouraged is to set a goal. In the first few days, notice your pace and speed of motion. If it is difficult for you to achieve the 10000 steps, start with small walks. Listen to your body, it is not necessary to accomplish this target within a day. Keep making efforts and believe in yourself that you can do it. Once you have a direction, making little effort, don’t worry you are near to achieving your goal.

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Find an activity tracker

Pedometer and smartphone apps and other advanced gadgets are available to calculate your total steps. When you see yourself improving each day it will boost your energy and make you feel more confident to reach your target.

You may accompany a friend, family member, or dog

It seems difficult to cover the long-distance alone. Try to encourage your family and friends to join you during the walk. This healthy and friendly competition pushes you further and keeps you inspired. 

Provide opportunities to remain more active:

During 24 hours you have plenty of time to give yourself enough opportunities to remain active. If you are at work or home just try to find those opportunities during your busy routine life. 

  • Use stairs instead of elevators. 
  • Walk to the nearby spot by yourself
  • Avoid excessive use of vehicles.
  • When making a phone call, keep walking while talking.
  • Park the car far from your destined area.
  • Do your household chores.
  • In the office don’t use your phone and go to your colleague yourself. 
  • Go for a walk during lunch break.
  • Choose the cafe farther from your working area. 
  • Avoid using vehicles for grocery shopping at your nearby places. 
  • Keep walking while waiting for a meeting.

Summing up:

If I ask you how far will you go today? It all depends upon your struggle, motivation, desired target and the efforts you put to reach your goal. If you want to increase your steps daily just try to add more than 500-1000 steps each day. Try to build a fitness habit that will ultimately lead to achieving the 10000 steps target. To burn your calories it is not enough to complete the 10000steps/mile but also a balanced diet is also very important.