How Tall Is Tamaki Amajiki? When Is His Birthday?

How Tall Is Tamaki Amajiki? When Is His Birthday?

How Tall Is Tamaki Amajiki? When Is His Birthday?

Tamaki Amajiki’s height is 175cm (5’9″), According to his official character profile. As an avid user of Quirk, Tamaki can show the traits of any food he consumes. As for his birthday, the birth date of Tamaki Amajiki is not been officially announced.

Tamaki Amajiki is a character from the popular anime and manga series “My Hero Academia.” He is an undergraduate at U.A. High School and part of Class 3A. Tamaki Amajiki is well-known for his reserved and shy personality and the unique Quirk that allows him to express the traits of the food he consumes.

How Tall Is Tamaki Amajiki, And When Is His Birthday?

A common and frequently-asked question regarding Tamaki Amajiki’s height is what the actor is. According to official sources, Tamaki Amajiki is 176 centimeters (5’9″) high. That’s the height of a typical Japanese male. But it’s important to remember that his height may vary according to the sources. For example, certain pictures from Tamaki Amajiki show him as slightly shorter or taller than his height, as stated in his official biography.

Another question frequently asked about Tamaki Amajiki is where his birthday falls. Tamaki Amajiki’s birthday is on March 4th. This means that he is a Pisces according to the astrological system.

Tamaki Amajiki’s reserved and shy persona makes him a most loved character by My Hero Academia fans. Despite his anxiety about social situations, Tamaki is a remarkably skilled hero with a distinct and multi-faceted quirk. His ability to manifest the qualities of any food he consumes can make him an extremely formidable opponent in a fight. In addition, the Quirk can be used to protect himself from injury, build weapons from his body, and emulate the abilities of other Quirks.

In addition to his amazing Quirk, Tamaki Amajiki is an expert hand-to-hand fighter. He has been through intensive training in martial arts and can hold his own in fights even without his Quirk.

Despite his many talents, Tamaki Amajiki has anxiety and self-esteem issues. As a result, Tamaki Amajiki often doubts his abilities and cannot assert himself in social settings. However, his peers and acquaintances recognize his talents and help him believe in himself.

Ultimately, Tamaki Amajiki is a popular and complex character within the My Hero Academia universe. His distinctive Quirk, impressive combat abilities and likable character make him loved by readers and viewers alike.

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Tamaki Amajiki’s Characteristics


Tamaki is portrayed as introverted, shy, and depressed. He is “intimidating” and introverted, particularly around crowds. Tamaki very easy to gets anxious or scared when speaking to people.

If his fear of being judged is a problem for Tamaki, he’ll often look away and lean against an object to conceal his face from people. This is also the case when Tamaki feels a negative feeling or is sad for himself, or is upset.

Despite his timid nature, Tamaki can show flashes of bravery. Although he’s been an introverted and shy boy, Tamaki was able to develop his talents and rise through the ranks to become one in the U.S.As Big 3. Mirio Togata is an important influencer for Tamaki, and their friendship in their daily lives has been instrumental in allowing Tamaki to develop the foundation of his set of firm values that he’ll stand by and express.

Tamaki believes that no one should take advantage of another’s efforts. Tamaki noticed that Class 1-A did not comprehend how much effort Mirio had put into gaining his abilities and even showed his face to express disapproval of the matter. Mirio often motivates Tamaki to take action even when experiencing anxiety. Inspired by Mirio’s courage in the yakuza raid, Suneater displays courage and steps into battling three criminals by himself to help the others succeed in their mission.


Tamaki is an imposing young man who has pale skin. Their ears are shaped in the same way as an elf’s. He has dirty indigo hair hanging out of his head, and thin eyes, partly covered by his bangs, even though they’re supposed to be separated to protect the vision. His shoulders tend to be sprawled, and he is not keen on looking at people.

In his uniform to school, Tamaki casually wears his outfit. The tie isn’t snagged completely, and his shirt doesn’t seem to be pulled up as it ought to be, making it appear like he doesn’t invest the effort in his appearance.

Tamaki’s superhero costume is an all-black outfit with gold plating on the shoulders and arms. Tamaki wears a white tunic, hood, and cape, with more gold plating at the hood’s top. The cape is attached to a scarf-like collar adorned with a silver mask at the front. The wearer also has an eye mask of purple over his face and an appropriate carrier vest with red straps. In addition, he wears a face mask over his eyes and is wearing completely barefoot, giving the user more freedom when playing with his Quirk.

Powers And Abilities

Tamaki is one of the U.A. High School’s most formidable students, along with Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado, and Nejire Hado, collectively called The Big 3. Tamaki is believed to possess skills and capabilities far superior to most Pro Heroes.

Tamaki has learned to master his Quirk Manifest through intensive training. Tamaki can control the size of features, feature selection, and simultaneous manifestations. Tamaki’s style of fighting has an amazing variety and is unpredictable. Tamaki is adamant about eating lots of Takoyaki and Clams daily since he believes they’re excellent for offense and defense. He frequently uses his tentacle fingers to hold to his opponents and defends himself with the Clamshell husk. Tamaki can use a range of different combinations that are powerful as well, such as the use of chicken paw, which is strengthened by the muscles of octopus, or tentacle fingers that are reinforced through crab shells. Fat Gum strongly believes Tamaki’s abilities are far superior to his own, and a whole team of Pro champions and students that comprised Tamaki’s Big Three, Ryukyu, EraserHead, and Rock Lock.

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Tamaki has demonstrated his power repeatedly. He was able to swiftly defeat villains who were dangerous before having his Quirk temporarily removed. Tamaki’s skill was evident in the fight against Toya Setsuno Yu Hojo and Soramitsu Tabe of the Eight Bullets in a 3-on-1 battle. He was confident Tamaki could defeat the Yakuza three on his own.


Tamaki’s Quirk gives him the power to show the physical attributes of any food he eats. For instance, when he consumes Takoyaki, he can turn his hands into the tentacles of an octopus. The more of a particular substance Tamaki takes in, the more intense his manifestation. Furthermore, everything he manifests is much more powerful than the normal manifestations, such as when his claws from crabs are capable of crushing weapons made of metal. Following a rigorous course in the U.A., Tamaki is adept at utilizing several manifestations simultaneously, controlling the manifestation’s dimensions, and selecting the most beneficial features of what is consumed to meet the needs of any scenario.

Super Moves

  • Chimera Kraken

Tamaki’s arms transform into huge tentacles coated with suction cups. He uses banging around in an enormous area, slamming several opponents.

  • Chimera Centaur

Tamaki transforms his lower body into the lower part of a horse. He then grows horns, and then his hands turn into vines that hold various hard fruits on top of them. Finally, he uses them to attack several enemies at once.


The transformation is controlled by the quantity of the particular item within Tamaki’s system. If Tamaki’s body were to become depleted, this could cause him to not show any of the characteristics. Therefore, Tamaki must replenish his resources by eating certain meals each day.

Lifestyle Of Tamaki AmajikiLifestyle Of Tamaki Amajiki

Tamaki Amajiki is a fictional character from the popular manga and anime show “My Hero Academia.” He is an undergraduate at U.A. High School, where he’s learning to become a hero in the professional world. Tamaki Amajiki is famous for his unique talent, allowing him to change any body part to his recently eaten food. In this article, we’ll discuss Tamaki Amajiki’s weight and lifestyle and how these aspects influence his ability to be a hero.

Tamaki Amajiki’s Weight: How It Affects His Quirk

Tamaki Amajiki is famous for their unique ability that lets him transform his body into the food he’s recently consumed. Although this may sound bizarre, it’s extremely effective. Tamaki’s Quirk lets him increase the capabilities of the food he’s eaten. For instance, if he consumes an octopus, he will gain the capacity to move his legs as an Octopus. If he consumes chicken, flying at a short distance is possible.

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However, Tamaki’s Quirk has its drawbacks. One of the limitations is that he can change a small portion of his body at one time. Furthermore, the extent of his transformations is limited by the recently consumed food. That means that when Tamaki feels hungry, dehydrated, or malnourished, he may not be able to utilize his Quirk to its maximum potential.

In manga and anime shows, Tamaki Amajiki has been depicted as thin and slim. This is probably because the hero of his story is in training and must maintain some degree of fitness to cope with his work requirements. In addition, his ability to transform food into food implies that he will require a greater quantity of food than the typical person to utilize his unique ability effectively.

Tamaki Amajiki’s Lifestyle: How It Affects His Training

Tamaki Amajiki’s personal life also plays an important role in his ability to be a hero as a student at U.A. High School; Tamaki has to take part in intense combat exercises. To meet the demands of these training exercises, Tamaki must maintain an active lifestyle.

In the manga and anime shows, Tamaki can be seen as a slightly introverted and shy character. In addition, Tamaki is frequently eaten by himself and is believed to be very vulnerable and easily scared. But, despite these characteristics, Tamaki is also a committed and hard-working individual dedicated to his work. He constantly pushes himself to enhance his capabilities and become a better superhero.

Regarding his way of life, Tamaki appears to be very well-organized. Tamaki is often seen working out independently at the beginning of the day. In addition, he is frequently seen eating nutritious, healthy food items like fresh fruits, vegetables, and even a few fruits. He also seems adamant about getting enough rest to maintain well-being and mental clarity.


Tamaki Amajiki from My Hero Academia is how tall?

177cm (5’9″) is the reported height of Tamaki Amajiki.

How tall is Tamaki Amajiki in comparison to other My Hero Academia characters?

Tamaki Amajiki is a male character from the My Hero Academia series, and he is about normal height.

When was Tamaki Amajiki born?

March 4th is Tamaki Amajiki’s birthday.

What is Tamaki Amajiki’s age?

Tamaki Amajiki is believed to be between 18 and 19 years old, however his age is not officially known.

Does Tamaki Amajiki’s height alter as the series progresses?

No, Tamaki Amajiki’s height has not changed during the course of the series.

Comparing Tamaki Amajiki to other students in his class, how tall is he?

Tamaki Amajiki is somewhat taller than some of his male peers, including Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui, but a little shorter than others, like Izuku Midoriya and Eijiro Kirishima.