How To Fix The Last Jedi?

How To Fix The Last Jedi?

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How To Fix The Last Jedi?

Making a movie as complex as “The Last Jedi” requires various approaches. One approach to improve the film is to address the problems in its pacing and storytelling. The film is a mess of divergent subplots that don’t have a clear direction, leaving viewers confused and disengaged. To address this issue, the film could benefit from a more streamlined script that streamlines the many plots and creates a more coherent narrative structure. In addition, the film could benefit from more character development to get the audience invested in the protagonists and their stories. Particularly the character arcs of Luke Skywalker and Rey could be more fleshed-out and give them more emotional impact and resonance.

Additionally, improving the humor and tone of the film is an alternative to improving it. The film’s comedy often seems off-putting and incompatible with deeper themes and events. By reducing the comedy and more thoughtfully integrating it into the narrative, the film can better blend its comedic and dramatic elements. Additionally, the film can benefit from improved editing and cinematography. This will create a vivid and breathtaking experience for the viewers.

Overall, the fix for “The Last Jedi” requires an attentive re-examination of the film’s storytelling, pacing, and the development of characters, their tone, and visual style. Addressing these issues will create a more enjoyable and coherent story that is more in tune with the audience.

Why Did The Last Jedi Fail?

The Last Jedi, the eighth film in The Last Jedi, the eighth installment in the Star Wars franchise, was one of the most anticipated films of 2017. Unfortunately, despite a huge advertising campaign and a loyal fan base, The film did not meet expectations commercially and critically. This piece will explore why The Last Jedi failed and what lessons we can draw from its flaws.

The Last Jedi Deviated Too Much From The Star Wars formula.

One of the primary reasons The Last Jedi failed was that it strayed too far from the standard Star Wars formula. While many fans were thrilled to see a new spin on the series, others were concerned that the movie had initially discarded certain of the fundamental factors that had made Star Wars so successful.

For instance, The Last Jedi introduced various brand-new characters and subplots, which did not contribute much to the plot. In addition, the tone was more cynical and subversive than previous Star Wars movies, which was not a favorite with certain fans. Because it strayed too far from the established formula, The Last Jedi risked losing its fan base and failed to draw new audiences.

The Last Jedi Suffered From Poor Timing And Storytelling.

Another reason The Last Jedi failed was the fact that it had slow pacing and poor storytelling. The film was brimming with divergent subplots that lacked clarity of its direction, which left audiences in confusion and disengaged. In addition, the film’s pacing was inconsistent, with some scenes running for too long while others seemed rushed and undeveloped.

One instance of poor writing was the storyline about Finn and Rose’s journey to the planet of casinos in Canto Bight. Although this subplot has the potential to enhance the film’s themes of class and wealth, however, it ended up being an unrelated plot point to the main plot and didn’t do much to further the plot. In failing to tie together the various subplots and themes, The Last Jedi failed to make a compelling and cohesive story.

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The Last Jedi’s Comedy Was Tone-Defyingly Inconsistent.

Another reason for The Last Jedi’s failure was the inconsistent tone of its humor. Although Star Wars movies have always included a few humorous moments, The Last Jedi took things to a different level by introducing frequent humorous quips and slapstick sequences. While some people enjoyed the humor, some felt it distracted from the most serious plot and scenes.

For instance, the moment in which Luke throws his lightsaber on his shoulder was intended to be funny, but it is uncharacteristic of Luke and throws off the sanity of the scene. Likewise, the scene in which Poe pokes fun at General Hux was more like something from a Marvel film than a Star Wars movie. The film failed to balance drama and humor; The Last Jedi failed to establish a coherent and entertaining style.

The Treatment Of The Last Jedi Of Legacy Characters Caused ontroversy.

The most debatable element that drew controversy in The Last Jedi was its treatment of characters from the past, like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. Some people felt that the film didn’t give justice to these characters and that their stories were not satisfying or even offensive.

For instance, many fans were dissatisfied with Luke’s characterization. In. The Last Jedi differed greatly from the Luke they grew up with and loved in the previous trilogy. In the same way, many fans believed Leia’s use of Force to stay alive within space was a concocted and unneeded plot device. In failing to honor the tradition of this character, The Last Jedi risked losing its fan base and failing to draw in new viewers.

How Should The Last Jedi Have An End?

One of the films with the most controversy within the Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi, has earned appreciation and criticism from both the public and critics. While it’s impossible to satisfy everyone, there are ways the film could have ended that would be more pleasing to a larger audience. This article will discuss possible ways The Last Jedi could have been concluded and how they could have improved the quality of the film.

Luke Skywalker May Have Survived And Played A Greater Role.

A controversial element in The Last Jedi was how the character Luke Skywalker was portrayed. Many fans were dissatisfied with the way the hero of the film was reduced to a quiet recluse who was unable to assist his family and friends. Also, Luke’s demise at the end of the film seemed like a missed opportunity to flesh out his character and to allow him to take on an important part of the story.

If Luke had been alive in the battle, he might have become more involved in the battle to defeat the First Order. He could have taught Rey more thoroughly the methods in the Force and helped her know what she is doing in this universe. Furthermore, Luke could have played an integral role in the final fight with The First Order, perhaps even willing to sacrifice himself to save the Resistance.

The Resistance Could Have Gotten An Even More Decisive Victory.

Another problem that was problem with The Last Jedi was the way that the victory of the Resistance felt empty and unimportant. Although they were able to take down The First Order’s massive dreadnought and get away from their pursuers, their overall situation had not improved much by the time they concluded the film. They were still in a tense battle and outgunned, but with no clear direction for the future.

If the Resistance had gained an even more decisive victory, it would have been a feeling that their struggle was worth the effort. Maybe it was possible to have destroyed a crucial First Order base or stolen crucial information that would give them a tactical advantage. In addition, they could have enlisted more supporters to support their causes and made clear that they weren’t the only ones in the fight against the rule of tyranny.

Kylo Ren Could Be Redeemed More Satisfyingly.

Kylo Ren was among the fascinating characters from The Last Jedi, but his final fate caused many fans to be disappointed. Although he turned against the Supreme Leader Snoke and helped overcome his Praetorian Guards, Kylo Ren eventually did not join the forces of Rey. Instead, he remained firm on his adherence to the dark side.

If Kylo had been redeemed more satisfyingly, this could have added more emotional impact to the film’s conclusion. Maybe he could have saved Rey’s life or offered himself to protect the Resistance in a way that showed that he had goodness within his character. Perhaps he could also have rebelled against his former allies in the First Order completely, launching an uprising against old comrades and helping beat them once and for all.

The Film May Have Finished On A More Optimistic Note.

One of the most criticized aspects of The Last Jedi was its dark and negative tone. Although the Star Wars franchise has always been a victim of tragedy and loss, some fans felt that the film was too dark and devoid of optimism. If the film had concluded on a positive note, it might have left viewers feeling more content and optimistic regarding the direction of this Star Wars franchise.

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Maybe the Resistance might receive a message of encouragement from other planets to show that they aren’t alone in the fight. In addition, Rey could have discovered the new Jedi temple or lost artifact, which could have turned the tide of conflict. The film ended in an optimistic tone; The Last Jedi could have made fans happy and looking forward to the next movie in the series.

What Are The Best Ways To Solve Luke Skywalker In The Last Jedi?

Luke Skywalker is one of the most famous characters from The Star Wars franchise, so it’s not a surprise that his appearance of Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi generated significant controversy. Many people felt that the film was a detriment to Luke’s character, presenting the character as a lonely recluse unwilling to assist his family and friends. We’ll look at how Luke may have improved his character to be more appealing in The Last Jedi to make his character more enjoyable for viewers.

Continue To Follow Luke’s Adventures Between Return Of The Jedi And The Last Jedi.

One of the major problems with Luke’s character In The Last Jedi is the absence of context for how he became the disillusioned hermit we see in the film. While the film refers to Luke’s failure in preventing Kylo Ren’s transformation towards the darkness, we don’t get enough of his journey through the time between the Return of the Jedi and The Last Jedi to understand his path get to where he is now.

If the film showed more of Luke’s journey through life, it might have made Luke’s character more relatable and believable. For example, we may have seen more of Luke’s efforts to restore his relationship with the Jedi Order and his struggles with the dark side. In addition, showing more of Luke’s relationships with his parents and friends like Leia and Han may have helped to make his inability to assist them in the film clearer.

Create Luke To Be A More Active Character In The Tale.

Another problem with Luke’s character of Luke in The Last Jedi was his lack of involvement in the narrative. Although he plays an important part in the film’s finale, however, his role in the film is insignificant. It was disappointing for many of the movie’s fans, hoping to have Luke take an active part in the battle to defeat his enemies, the First Order.

If Luke was a more involved actor in the plot, it might make his character more interesting and thrilling. For example, maybe he was the one who led the Resistance in the fight to defeat the First Order, using his Jedi abilities to destroy their troops and ships. Also, providing Luke with more interaction in other roles, like Rey and Kylo Ren, would add more emotional weight to the narrative and interest to his character.

Give A Better Explanation Of Luke’s Decision To Disconnect Himself From The Force.

A major and debated aspect in The Last Jedi was Luke’s decision to segregate himself from the Force and isolate himself on Ahch-To. While the film explains the decision, it wasn’t completely satisfying to many fans.

If the film had offered a more specific explanation for Luke’s actions, it would make his character more relatable and sympathetic. For example, Luke might have explained why he felt scared of his power and didn’t believe in his ability to be a good use of Force. Furthermore, examining the deeper aspects of Luke’s mental health and emotional turmoil might make his decision to be a lone wolf more logical and realistic.

Give Luke An Even Greater Sense Of Accomplishment And A Satisfying Conclusion.

The most controversial scene in The Last Jedi was Luke’s death after the film. Although it was an unforgettable moment for Luke, it also felt like an unexplored opportunity to develop the character more deeply and let him play a more prominent part in the story.

Suppose Luke was given a more powerful and satisfying conclusion that might have made fans feel more content with the story’s character development. Maybe he would have made it through the film and continued to be more involved in the battle to defeat the First Order. Or, he could make a more meaningful and important sacrifice, for example, helping save the Resistance from certain death or beating Kylo Ren with a one-on-1 lightsaber fight.

How To Fix Rose In Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Rose Tico was a new character that was introduced as a character in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. While certain fans appreciated her character and the message she conveyed, However, many felt she was unnecessary and dragged from the story. We’ll look at ways Rose might have been improved within The Last Jedi to make her more engaging and essential to the film.

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Give Rose An Elaborate Background And Motivation.

One of the problems that Rose’s character had in the film The Last Jedi was that we knew very little about her before being introduced. So while we learn about her family’s history and the loss of her sister, we don’t get an idea of why she’s so enthusiastic about the Resistance and fighting The First Order.

If the film had offered an in-depth background and motivations for Rose, the film could make the character more relatable and interesting. Maybe we could have seen more of her experiences as a mechanic and her experiences under The First Order’s oppression. Also, investigating more of her interactions and other people, like Finn or Poe, might have given an emotional dimension to her characters.

Give Rose An Active Part In The Story.

A different issue with the character of Rose In The Last Jedi was that she didn’t have a distinct role in the overall story. While she’s to a location with Finn to shut down The First Order’s tracker device, the subplot seems disconnected from the main story and has little influence on the story overall.

If Rose was involved more in the story, it might make her more central to the story. For example, perhaps she was the first to spot weaknesses in The First Order’s defenses or develop a strategy to take them down. Also, providing Rose the chance to interact with characters like Rey or Leia might have given an additional dimension to her character and made her feel more being a part of the bigger story.

Allow Rose To Build A Deeper Connection With Finn.

One of the best parts of The Last Jedi was the relationship between Finn and Rose. However, some fans found their love story to be forced and unneeded. If the film had offered Rose and Finn an authentic relationship, it would make their characters more intriguing and interesting.

We may have seen the more intimate interactions between them before when they began their mission and building the bonds of friendship and trust in one another. In addition, learning more about their differing views regarding the Resistance and their struggle for freedom against The First Order could have added greater depth to their relationship.

Be Careful Not To Make Rose Into A “Hero” At The Expense Of Other Characters.

The most controversial scene of The Last Jedi was when Rose stopped Finn from giving himself up to defeat his battering ram, the First Orders. Although this scene was intended to highlight Rose’s bravery and compassion, some viewers believed it weakened Finn’s character and story in the film.

Suppose the film had stayed clear of creating Rose as a hero at the disadvantage of the different characters. Instead, it might make her character more appealing and relatable. Maybe she could have discovered another method of preventing the First Order’s attacks without losing Finn or her friends, or perhaps she collaborated with Finn to develop the best strategy.


What is “The Last Jedi”?

The Star Wars film series’ eighth installment, “The Last Jedi,” was released in 2017. It tells the story of Rey and her quest to understand her place in the galaxy and the Force.

For what reason do a few fans feel that “The Last Jedi” needs fixing?

“The Last Jedi,” according to some fans, departs too significantly from the established Star Wars mythology and character development. They also criticize the film’s tone and pacing, as well as how certain characters and plotlines are handled.

Is there a way to fix “The Last Jedi”?

There is a wide range of opinion regarding whether “The Last Jedi” can be fixed. A few fans accept that it would be feasible to make changes to the film through altering or reshoots, while others accept that any progressions wouldn’t work on the film and might really exacerbate it.

What can be done to fix “The Last Jedi”?

Because different fans have different ideas about what would make “The Last Jedi” better, there is no one way to fix the movie. The film’s tone and pacing could be altered, certain plotlines or characters could be eliminated, and more backstory and exposition could be added.

Who would be in charge of making “The Last Jedi” work again?

The studio and the filmmakers would be in charge of fixing “The Last Jedi.” However, because it would require a significant amount of time, effort, and resources, it is highly unlikely that the movie would undergo any significant modifications after its initial release.

Is it possible to agree on a solution for “The Last Jedi”?

No, there is no consensus regarding “The Last Jedi’s” solution. There is no one solution that will please everyone because fans have different ideas about what would improve the movie.