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How tall is Wall Maria

Attack on Titan | How tall is Wall Maria in feet and meters? 

Wall Maria was the outermost Wall of the Human Kingdom. Wall Maria, like the other Walls, was roughly 50m high. It was broken by the Colossus Titan, Armored Titan, in 845. The Titans then take over its territory. Fifty meters equals 164 feet.

The tragic event known as the Fall of Wall Maria occurred when Shiganshina District was attacked by the Colossus and Armored Titans.


Twenty years ago, Marley, the nation, began to think about the necessity of claiming Paradis Island’s immense fossil fuels. That is where most of Eldia’s remnants lived in the Walls Maria, Rose and Sheena.

King Karl Fritz issued an ultimatum to Marley over eighty years ago to end the Great Titan War. If Marley made any aggressive move against the Eldians on Paradis Island, the King would use his Founding Titan to free the many Colossus Titans within the Walls. The Marleyans created a Warrior program to capture Paradis Island. This program would see low-class Eldian citizens in Marley offer their children aged 5 to 7 years to the Marleyan military. They would then train to become the best cadets to inherit the seven Titans that Marleyan possessed, which they had obtained during the Great Titan War.

Six of Marley’s Titans were inherited a decade later by the top Warriors: Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan, Reiner Braun’s Armored Titan, Zeke Yeager’s Female Titan, Annie Leonhart’s Female Titan, Marcel Galliard’s Jaw Titan, and Pieck Finger’s Cart Titan. Four of the six Warriors were selected to be sent from Marley to attack Paradis Island. They were Bertolt Reiner, Annie and Marcel. Zeke and Pieck would stay behind in Marley to protect against other nations’ conflicts.

Commander Magath led the four Warriors to the borderline on Paradis Island. He informed them about Marley’s arrival at that borderline at the full Moon of each month. Reiner nearly was eaten by a Titan as they travelled from Paradis Island’s borderline to the Walls. Marcel gave his life to save Reiner. Reiner watched in horror as Reiner was eaten. The Titan absorbed the power from the Jaw Titan and then returned to human form as Ymir. That was an Eldian girl who had been transformed into a Titan sixty years ago. Ymir was able to regain her humanity and made her way to Walls to start a new life.

After Marcel’s death, tensions developed between the surviving Warriors. Some even considered returning to the borderline in defeat. After some disagreement, they decided to continue their mission to rescue the Founder to ensure their lives would not be lost upon their return to Marley. Annie transformed into her Female Titan and used its screams to draw the Titans of Paradis Island to the Walls. That was to be a double effort by Annie and Marcel. Annie was tested to her limits.

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The morning before the fall Commander Keith Shadis, commander of the Expedition beyond Wall Maria, returned to Shiganshina District with less than twenty survivors from a force that had been over one hundred. Commander Shadis was humiliated and defeated, so he handed his position over to Squad Leader Erwin Smith. The Survey Corps’ severely reduced numbers made the Walls more vulnerable to the Titans.

Grisha Yeager from Shiganshina was a Titan power holder for the past 13 years. He made plans to travel to Shiganshina on an appointment. Before he left his home, Eren Yeager promised to return to reveal the secret he kept in the basement. He received a vision of Wall Maria’s falling shortly after his departure from home through the Attack Titan. He could not delay his goal any longer and travelled to the Reiss Chapel to retrieve the Founding Titan from The Reiss family, who are the true royals of the Walls.

The fall

Shiganshina District

The attack on the Walls began in the afternoon after the defeat of the Survey Corps. Reiner transformed into an Armored Titan and led Bertolt towards the Wall Maria’s outer gate. Bertolt, the Colossus Titan, appeared beyond the Shiganshina District south gate, breaking down the gate and destroying Wall Maria with a single kick. The Garrison put up an immediate defence while civilians fled in panic as the Titans entered the district. Bertolt, Annie and Annie were taken by the Armored Titan to Wall Maria. He then made his way to the inner gate.

Carla’s death

After the massacre, Mikasa and Eren Yeager ran back to their house to discover that their mother, Carla, was still trapped in the debris. The children tried desperately to rescue her but were unsuccessful.

Carla begged them to save their lives when Hannes, a Garrison soldier and a close friend, ran to their rescue. Hannes was confident he could defeat an incoming Titan. However, he soon found himself in front of the Titan. Unbeknownst to the group, Dina Fritz, Grisha Yuager’s first wife, had been transformed into a Titan thirteen years ago. Hannes, frightened and losing his will to fight, saved Eren, Mikasa, and the entire family. Carla was then eaten by Dina’s Titan, as Eren watched.

The Garrison could not stop the invading Titans, so they evacuated all survivors to the gate and loaded them onto ferries to transport them to Wall Rose. Fugo commanded a small group of soldiers who assigned cannons to guard the entrance and stop the advancing Titans. The soldiers discussed closing the gate. That would have prevented the Titans’ advance and resulted in the death of civilians who hadn’t evacuated. Reiner’s Armored Titan, a Reiner’s Armored Titan, charged the north gate at Shiganshina. Garrison cannon firing proved ineffective against him. The Armored Titan broke through the north gate and fell with Wall Maria.

The Reiss family massacre

Grisha Yeager, an interior investigator, arrived at the Reiss Chapel, where her family had gathered to address the crisis. Grisha approached Frieda, the queen of Walls, and asked her to use her power as the Founding Titan to end the Titan threat to her people. Frieda was overcome by Karl Fritz’s will and refused Grisha’s pleas. Frieda insisted that Eldia must be utterly destroyed to bring peace to the world and the Subjects of Ymir who live outside Paradis Island. Grisha was able to see the Attack Titan’s clairvoyant memories and knew that Frieda would not be able to act because of Karl Fritz’s will. He decided to take power from the Founder, but he found it difficult to perform. Grisha hesitated and received Eren Yeager’s will in the distant future, requesting that he act to fulfil his duty.

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Grisha gave in to Eren’s will and transformed into Frieda’s Founding titan. She was quickly defeated. After eating Frieda’s Titan’s nape, Grisha stole the Founding Titan and then slaughtered all the Reiss family members underground in the chapel. Only Rod Reiss managed to escape the slaughter. Grisha was furious at his actions after he destroyed the Reiss Chapel. Grisha saw his firstborn son Zeke Yeager, and he apologised for his treatment. He confessed that he had seen through Attack Titan the terrible events that would occur to his son Eren in the distant future.

Grisha then made his way southward to the Shiganshina District refugee camp. After the Wall Maria refugees entered Wall Rose’s safety, Grisha arrived on the scene to look for his family. Grisha met Mikasa, Eren and was told by the latter about his mother’s passing. Keith Shadis, an ex-commander, was also nearby and was upset by the news. Grisha took Keith into a nearby forest and urged him not to get involved.

Grisha, a forester, urged Eren that he return to Shiganshina at some point in the future to uncover the secrets in their basement. The Reiss family’s Titan serum made Eren a Titan. Eren’s Titan consumed Grisha, and Grisha received his Titan power. Keith Shadis located Eren shortly after that and brought him back to the refugee centre.

Rod Reiss began to search for his illegitimate daughter Historia Reiss after he felt the Founding Titan needed to be reclaimed by another royal-blooded person. [25][26]


Humanity faced a severe food crisis due to the influx of refugees into Wall Rose’s territory. To alleviate the imminent shortages, refugees were assigned to work the Wall Rose farmlands. The Royal Government announced plans to reclaim Wall Maria to relieve food shortages. Although the operation would have a public purpose to reclaim human territory lost to humanity, its true purpose was to reduce the population of Walls Roses and Sheena so they could continue to provide the necessary food and supplies.

Bertolt and Reiner, the three remaining Warriors who caused the fall of Wall Maria, were Annie, Bertolt and Reiner. They took advantage of the chaos to disguise themselves as average refugees to enter Wall Rose. They would enlist in 104th Training Corps to be placed in the top ten corps. It would allow them to join the Military Police Brigade and easy access to the interior, where the royal family lived.

What happened to the other outer districts after The Titans took Wall Maria and Shinganshia?

The Quinta District was overthrown during the evacuation in the story Attack on Titan. It was abandoned by half its population and became a sovereign dictatorship controlled by the Garrison for six months. It was overthrown by the Titans, who killed all remaining inhabitants.

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The anime narration stated that outlying areas were abandoned as “lost causes”, which could have meant similar things in the other two districts. The northernmost district, which is yet unnamed, evacuate the most quickly, despite not receiving the latest news. They have the advantage of small villages and homes in the countryside between them and the breach and the large population behind the inner walls to lore giants up to the wall Rose.

Did the Wall Maria districts become abandoned?

They were evacuated. They are not self-sustaining. The wall was broken, and the Garrison/Survey Corps likely helped stop the Titans’ spread. They died most likely later during the Maria reclamation expedition.

It doesn’t appear that any of these districts is self-sustaining. They are essentially cities that depend on imports. The evidence I have seen so far is Trost, Shinganshina and Karanese. It seems that the area between the walls is used for farming.

Is Eren going to retake Wall Maria?

Bertolt, Reiner and Wall Maria wait in unidentified locations as Eren leaps over the hole in Wall Maria. Eren seals the Wall Maria holeDespite his Titan powers. It seemed that everything was just too easy.

What is the reason why Attack on Titans has walls named Sina, Rose, Maria?

They were named Sina, Rose, and Maria because they are the names of the three daughters of Ymir, who were responsible for creating all the annoying, huge giants called “titans”. The Wall Titans built the walls, which were more likely Colossal Titans. But, take note that the Wall Titans are not mindless, and no humans have control over them. Maria, Sina and Rose were named after three goddesses who were predicted to have built the walls that protected humanity from the titans centuries or decades ago. Wall followers, who have religious beliefs based on this legend, worship the walls as though the goddesses built them to protect them.


What is the height of Wall Maria in feet and meters? Wall Maria, like the other Walls, was roughly 50m high. That’s 164 feet. Simple mathemetical calculation says Fifty meters equals 164 feet. A Titans fan calculates the size of the walls using geography. Based on Shingeki no Kyojin by Hajime Itayama, the animated series was the first broadcast in 2013. Paradis, a country isolated by humans, is the story’s central theme. They live in fear of being consumed by monstrous titans on the other side of the wall. Unusual titans destroy one of the walls and many people inside. One of the young survivors, Eren Jaeger, vows to strike back and exterminate all titans.

Once thought to be indestructible, the walls are now an essential aspect of Attack on Titan. The Wall Maria, which was the outermost area of human residence, was first destroyed by Titans. It forced survivors to retreat behind Wall Rose, the second wall. Overcrowding and congestion caused many socio-political themes in Attack on Titan to be born out of the newfound scarcity and competition for scarce resources and the privileges of the ruling class hiding behind Wall Sina, the last and innermost wall. The Redditor began with the widely accepted theory that Paradis, the show’s central nation, is an inverted representation of the real-life country of Madagascar. He then created several detailed maps, diagrams and formulas to support this hypothesis. They reach the end of a 287 km (178 miles) circumference of Wall Sina, an 841 km (522 mi), and a 1603km (996 mi) circumference of Wall Rose.