How to Access a Clipboard on an iPhone?

How to Access a Clipboard on an iPhone?

How to Access a Clipboard on an iPhone?

In iPhone, there is no feature for the clipboard. The clipboard is the place where your data is temporarily stored when you copy it from one site to paste into another place. The iPhone’s internal function provides features like cutting, copying, and pasting. It isn’t easy to find the clipboard on iPhone. This article will discuss all methods and ways to access the clipboard on iPhone.

What about a clipboard on iPhone?

Clipboard on iPhone is the temporary storage place. Clipboard is very helpful for the users. The reason is that it saves the users time and energy. Suppose the user wants to move a part of the same data from one file to another. Clipboard assists the users in this regard. It has many features like cutting, copying, and pasting. You can easily copy data and paste it into your desired file.

Suppose you copy one item and paste it; it is effortless. You do not feel any difficulty doing these copy items only once. On the other hand, if you want to check the history of copy items from the clipboard on iPhone. Your search to find out the clipboard will not become successful. The reason is that iPhone has no built-in function of a clipboard.

Different ways to find out the clipboard on iPhone

Generally, there is no proper app or built-in function for a clipboard on iPhone. But here, we will discuss all tricks and methods of accessing the iPhone’s clipboard. There are three different ways to take access to the clipboard on iPhone.

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Use of note app

Note app is the by default app almost available on all devices. The use of notes in the place of the clipboard is the best and easiest way to check the history of the copy-paste as in the clipboard. All android phones, including iPhones, have the notes app. The users use this app for writing purposes. Some use them to write a diary, while others use them for other valuable purposes. 

The most significant benefit of notes in the iPhone is that it is used for a clipboard purpose. The method of using notes is not tricky. Open the note app from iPhone. You want to save the content in the history copy from the file. For a copy, hold it for some time until the options appear on the top of the text. There are four options, cut, copy, paste, and search for google.

Suppose you want to copy, select this option. Your content is copied. Open the notes app. Hold it for some time for pasting the date on your desired place. Paste option appears. Select it, and your content is saved into the notes for the future. Your desired content is saved in notes. Suppose you want to check the multiple copy-paste history. Open the note app and check the history for further use, like a clipboard. 

Download Apps from App Store

Different apps are present on the App store, and they are also used for clipboard purposes. These apps are easily downloaded from the App store. The steps of downloading these apps are simple. Go to the App store. Write your desired app in the search bar. The drop-down list opens containing many results related to your search. Select the result that is closer to your search. When you click on the app, the option appears to install.

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Click on the install option to download the app. After some loading and browsing, it is installed. You can successfully open the software and use them for clipboard ‘purposes .’ Different software is available on the play store for storage purposes. The software works like a clipboard on iPhone.

Clip+ app

This app is present on the App Store of the iPhone. Search this app and download. After downloading, copy the desired item. Open this app and paste the data. The data is saved for later use. Clip+ app has more advanced features, such as it recognizes the content’s type automatically.

Suppose you paste the phone number. It identifies it as the phone number and saves it. When you want to call anyone from this phone number, click on the phone number for a call. Moreover, the Gmail id and website URL address are pasted as links. It exists in the active form. Click on the link and get your desired result. The Clip+ app is superior to the copy and pastes app.

Any buffer

It is an app more advanced than the clip+. It is not present in free versions. The person who does not worry about the app’s subscription can enjoy its features by installing it. You can save any data like text, document, file, images, phone numbers, links, Gmail id, URL address, and many more. 

The most striking feature is the presence of different shelves for the different data types. The recognizable quality of this app is almost similar to the clip+. If you want to enjoy distinct features, then download the keyboard of the Any buffer to get access to different shelves of documents saved in the Any buffer.


It is the software of storing copying data as data is stored on the clipboard. It is present in both free and paid versions. In Free trial versions, you can use it for seven days. After passing seven days, you have to buy it one time in life to take advantage of its features long time.

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An internet connection is not essential for this software. Moreover, there is no need to open the app because it is accessible everywhere you want. This app also records the location where you have created the date. The facility of the inbox and archive is also present.

Final words

To sum up, the clipboard is not a built-in option in iPhone. Only one copy item is present on it. The history of copy items on the clipboard can not access easily. To access the clipboard on the iPhone, use the default notes app in the iPhone. Moreover, some other apps like Any buffer, Snipnotes, clip+, and many other apps are available on the play store to access the clipboard on the iPhone.