How To Be Happy and Healthy As A Family: 13 Ways To Make Your Family Laugh

How To Be Happy and Healthy As A Family

How To Be Happy and Healthy As A Family: 13 Ways To Make Your Family Laugh

You must’ve already heard the idiom “laughter is the best medicine,” but in reality, how many of us actually believe that?  

According to scientific research, there is a vital link between laughter and health. Studies found that hearty laughter raises the oxygen level in the body and stimulates the heart, lungs, and muscles of the body. Not just that, it boosts the production of endorphin, which is also known as the body’s natural painkiller. 

There are many other benefits of laughter backed by evidence that clearly points towards the importance of laughing for adults and children. Looking at all these benefits, it can be concluded that families that laugh together tend to be more happy and healthy. 

If you also want to bring laughter and happiness to your family but don’t know where to start. Keep reading this post.

Here are some easy and simple ways to add laughter to your family:

#1: Be humorous:

Cracking jokes around your child is essential to create a friendly home environment and encourage your child. You can use one liner jokes to make your kids laugh. 

#2: Read comic books together: 

Children love to hear stories. And what could be the better way to bring laughter than reading a comic book together as a family that contains hilarious jokes. It’s a great family activity to share love and make your relationship strong.

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#3: Act silly around kids:

Acting silly or making exaggerated mistakes in front of kids to be correct by them is a great way to lighten the home atmosphere. It also boosts the children’s confidence and makes them active. 

#4: Watch a funny movie: 

Watching a kids’ comedy movie together along with some snacks is a great way to add laughter to your family. 

#5: Ask your phone to tell you a joke: 

Sit with your kids and ask Google Assistant or Siri to tell you a joke. Or you can use your phone browser to search for one-liner jokes for kids. It’s a good way to make your kid happy using unadulterated laughter. 

#6: Invent your own jokes and silly stories:

Kids really enjoy listening to silly stories from parents. You can take routine life situations and turn them into a silly story to make them laugh. 

#7: Perform fun activities with your pet:

If you have a cat or dog in your house, you can play with the pets along with the kids and perform fun activities to create a happy environment in your home.

#8: Create your own funny dance moves:

It is a very cool activity to bring out the laughter in a family. All you need to do is invent some silly and weird dancing moves that look incredibly funny. Gather everyone and start dancing. 

#9: Pull some harmless pranks:

Pull pranks on your kids and let them prank you in your day-to-day life. This exchange of friends can be an essential way to build healthy relationships with your kids and become a healthy family.

#10: Play hide-and-seek: 

Playing hide and seek with your kids in your home is also a very good activity. This also encourages activeness in kids and brings out laughter in the home. 

#11: Go camping: 

Life has become way busier than it ever was. However, it shouldn’t impact your family life. So take some time out and go camping with your family. Have a nice bonfire and outdoor lunch with lots of humor involved. These little activities can make big differences in terms of building a happy family. 

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#12: Create funny content:

Creating funny videos with the involvement of all family members is a great way to make memories and bring out the laughter. It improves the relationship among family members and adds humor to the home’s environment. Also, who knows, you become trending on social media or YouTube through these videos. 

#13: Try laughter exercise: 

As mentioned above, laughter is the best medicine that can heal your body and provide strength to your mental health. You can have a laughter yoga session once a week where all the family members, including grandparents, kids, and everyone, practice laughing exercises together. 

Closing thoughts:

A peal of good laughter and humor is essential for a happy and healthy family. It improves the relationship and keeps everyone close. So, never miss any chance to incorporate laughter into your daily life. We hope tips will help you to bring happiness to your home.