How to choose camps for a child in Singapore?

How to choose camps for a child in Singapore?

How to choose camps for a child in Singapore?

How to choose summer camps for a child to avoid disappointments? Certainly reasonable. 6 tips based on thousands of conversations with parents and our several years of experience should help you avoid the most common mistakes when choosing a holiday trip for your child.

We are not discovering America; we are just reminding you of a few fundamental principles when choosing summer camps for your child. Unfortunately, over several years, we have learned many times that still too many parents forget about them too quickly.

If the following advice seems evident to you, we are delighted.

Talk to your child about the trip itself.

If your child doesn’t want to go camping, don’t force them. Talk to him beforehand about it, show pictures, and explain how fun it will be. She can’t wait to leave, not you, who is leaving from maternity duties.

Choose an interesting camp

Especially if it’s your first colony, with a lot of activity, the child does not have time to get bored and misses home as little as possible. Remember that the rule that the price works wonders does not apply to colonies. A suspiciously cheap camp usually means poor staff and a boring program. It’s straightforward to alienate a child from another trip… One of the most popular options among modern parents is the children’s camp at

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But let him choose a profile according to his interests

The choice of theme camps for children is enormous. There are art camps, dance, film, vocal, and journalism camps. At the other extreme, you will find several proposals including paintball, quads, climbing, diving, and sailing. Let your kids have fun with the offers. You will learn a lot about his interests 😉

Don’t choose just for yourself; just for your child

Parents’ most common mistake is choosing a camp they would like to go to alone. Contrary to appearances, very often, there are situations when dad – an avid angler – convinces a child who looks longingly at the guitar camp to change the instrument into a fishing rod. Instead of telling your child – I couldn’t go to such a camp at your age – send him to a guitar camp, and use his free time to go to the lake. Then you and your child will be able to pursue their passions

When choosing a colony for your child, assess his abilities realistically

The fact that you want to show your child that there is a world without a phone or computer is excellent. But if a child loves computer fights, it does not necessarily mean that he will find himself at a judo camp that requires intense physical exercises… It is more likely that you will hear after the first days of staying on the phone – get me out of here. 

The most popular destinations for summer camps or camps

The choice of holidays can start from the direction and its specificity or subject matter in line with the interests of our children. For fans of the first option, we have a few travel tips.

Camps by the sea, lake, or river

Towns located by the water are desirable locations for both children and educators. They provide many opportunities to spend free time and organize interesting activities. When browsing through individual offers, pay attention to the proposed activities and trips. Mostly chillout by the sea, swimming in the lake or maybe learning to swim, dive or sail? Also remember that the level of advancement of the classes should be adequate to your child’s skills.

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Sports camps are often organized by the sea, during which participants train for several hours a day, and between training sessions, they can relax on the beach.

Camp in the mountains

Mountain destinations are usually the best choice for people who like hiking. Children who feel good during long walks and climbs, and at the same time can appreciate beautiful views. Additional entertainment planned by the organizers is, therefore, the icing on the cake of a given trip.

Rafting camps

You can go horseback riding if you prefer more minor changes in altitude and lots of contact with animals. Holidays are a great time to acquire new skills; equestrian camps are often offer a varied level of learning.  The stable in the orchard has a choice of 7 and 14-day camps available for 7-year-olds.

Foreign camp

Trips outside the country are good for older children and teenagers. Often these are language camps that, apart from discovering new places and communing with a completely different culture, allow participants to immerse themselves in a foreign language. They combine pleasantly with functionality.

What do you need to remember when choosing a camp or summer camp for your child?

First, you should focus on the experience and reputation of the organizer. Therefore, the best choice will be travel agencies specializing in youth tourism for many years. Extensive experience means that travel programs are refined, proven staff regularly cooperates with the office, and any problems are resolved quickly. Travel agencies organizing youth camps for years will cope with this task much better than agencies specializing in tourism for adults or new companies just learning how to organize holidays during the summer.

Of course, we don’t have to believe everything the organizer writes in colorful folders. We can look for information about travel agencies and specific trips on our own – on discussion forums and Facebook groups as well as in conversations with friends, parents, and their children. Typically, satisfied customers are happy to recommend trips, and next year they choose proven ones in which they have complete confidence.

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For a younger child, consider the distance from home. The first trips can be challenging and you always have to bear in mind the risk of a sudden call. It is worth considering the company of someone you know, a sibling, friend, or colleague with whom the toddler feels good and safe.

Be sure to read the exact offer of the organizer before booking. What is included, are the children staying at the resort or in tents? What is the food?