Why does a child need a vacation in the camp?

Why does a child need a vacation in the camp?

Why does a child need a vacation in the camp?

The long-awaited summer holidays are ahead and many parents are already thinking about how to make their child’s vacation useful and interesting.

Most parents send their children to camp with a dose of fear and doubt. But on the other hand, summer holidays with interesting pastimes among peers will help to “tear off” your beloved child from gadgets, a son or daughter, and meet new friends. The best option is a holiday camp in Singapore, there are only qualified and experienced teachers, an excellent environment, and developing and fun activity programs that you can familiarize yourself with and consult with your child of their choice. 

Summer camps just correspond to all the factors of the kids. There is always noise and fun, a variety of programs, exciting excursions, and much more.

Naturally, it is necessary to choose a camp in which children will be under the supervision of qualified specialists. So, what is the use of the camp for the child and what interesting things can he learn during the holidays?

It is not enough to choose a place where there will be only favorable climatic conditions, and entertainment is not provided according to the age of your child. If for a kid it is enough to have a playground and an inflatable pool at the resort, then for schoolchildren some kind of sports or intellectual entertainment is needed.

Rest in a camp has a lot of positive aspects:

  1. A modern camp is a comfortable stay with a lot of entertainment.
  2. The shift programs are organized in terms of psychological development, and age.
  3. There is a wonderful opportunity to communicate with peers, which is so often lacking in recent years for children.
  4. The summer camp not only organizes recreation, but it also gives children the opportunity to change the situation, feel in a different environment, and stock up on impressions for the year ahead.
  5. Temporary release from parental care will allow the child to develop independence, responsibility, and a sense of self.
  6. Being in a temporary children’s team will teach you to work in a team, to show your leadership and creative abilities.
  7. During the stay of the child in the camp, you can do what you have long dreamed of, and you will feel rested by the time the child returns home.
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Profile children’s camps

  • Sanatorium camps. In such institutions, schoolchildren undergo medical procedures and observe their sleep and nutrition regimens. As a rule, they are sent to such camps on the recommendation of a doctor. Suitable for children with poor health and chronic diseases.
  • Sports camps. Some specialize in specific sports, but most focus on developing general fitness. Suitable for active children who like to play sports.
  • language camps. They can be located both in Russia and abroad. It is assumed that all activities and communication take place in the studied foreign language. Suitable for students who are fond of languages ​​and need conversational practice.
  • Training camps. They are aimed at deepening knowledge in a specific subject or direction, for example, in the natural sciences or physics and mathematics.


When thinking about which children’s camp to choose, make sure that the institution’s documents are in order. Thematic and some specialized children’s camps may operate without a license. But if the organization provides health-improving or educational services, a license for the relevant activity is required.


When choosing a children’s camp, consider its location. Children under 11 are not recommended to be sent far from home. It is better to choose a camp nearby – so you can visit your son or daughter if necessary. Knowing that mom and dad are nearby will help the child adapt to new conditions. A child over 11 years old can be sent to a camp in another city or country, but only if he is psychologically ready to live on his own for a couple of weeks, without parents.


Specify whether counselors, teachers, and educators have the appropriate qualifications and education. Remember that even student counselors must attend a special school or training course before being hired.

Climate influence

For a healthy child, and climate is not dangerous, you just need to follow the rules of behavior in areas where the sun is scorching mercilessly. For some children, the pediatrician may recommend a more temperate climate for the summer holidays.

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Children’s hobbies

It’s good when a child has a hobby. This makes it possible to somehow determine the place of rest. The athlete needs playgrounds for outdoor games, where tournaments and competitions will be organized. Clubs with experienced instructors and the issuance of equipment are also suitable. For an athlete, a vacation in a sports camp is ideal.

Children who are fond of any kind of creativity will be happy to go to places where competitions for young talents and festivals of vocalists and dancers are held. Intellectuals will be happy with quizzes and erudite contests.

When and how to buy a ticket

If you start searching a month before the expected departure, most likely, the most interesting options will be sold out. To send the child to the camp in the summer, it is recommended to start dealing with the issue in February-March. As a rule, sales are already open during this period, often with early booking discounts.

Recommendations for choosing a summer camp

Each place of rest is individual and has certain specifics, so its choice is not an easy task, in which children should participate together with their parents. You should not impose your point of view on your daughter or son! Study the orientation and program of the camp in English, and specify all the conditions of your stay!

A great option is to relax with a friend or a group of friends. So it will be easier for children to adapt, and there will always be a person who will listen and support them.

Important! Many parents fear that far from home, the baby will be offended or taught “bad”. To avoid such situations, it is better to choose a vacation spot with a rich developmental program, which usually attracts developed and well-mannered children.

Try to create a great summer vacation for the baby in the camp, so that he likes everything, and he wishes to spend time like this as often as possible.

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